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"Transgender Bill" H1728 public hearing July 14, 2009

Part 4. Hostile TV coverage by local FOX News & other media

July 29, 2009

Predictably, the left-wing Boston media shamelessly supports the transgender bill. The morning of the public hearing started out with the Boston Globe publishing a splashy pro-transgender article . And it went on from there.

But the real zinger was the TV coverage by Fox.

Anatomy of a biased "news" report -- by Fox TV in Boston

Don't believe for a minute that the local Fox TV affiliate in Boston is any more "conservative" than any of the others.  If you live in Massachusetts you know better. When Fox in Boston covered the transgender hearing, they sent a pro-gay reporter, Jim Armstrong do to a hatchet job.

We're used to getting unflattering coverage on TV. But we've never seen anything quite like this.

It started outside the State House. Armstrong and his cameraman approached the MassResistance volunteers and asked if he could ask some questions.  When the camera started rolling, the questions were hostile and rude.


Then he approached these two men wearing women's clothes (yes these two are MEN!) and asked easy leading questions.

He pointed to us and said to them that we "aren't too pleased with your existence."  (Of course, we never said anything remotely like that.)


Armstrong continued the friendly interview with the two cross-dressers, continuing to make hostile comments about us and asking them to respond. 

You could tell that this wasn't just a news story for Armstrong, it was clearly an emotional issue. He really despised the pro-family position.

Here's what was broadcast by Fox that evening -- and posted on their website the next day. . .

On TV Armstrong made several blatantly false and misleading statements. He misrepresented what the bill says. He said that we don't "stick to the truth". He presented his skewed own version of the pro-family position, rather than let us say it for ourselves. He rudely brushed off the issue of the fines and jail terms which we described and tried to give the impression that we were just making that up. It's hard to imagine worse TV "journalism."


After talking to us, Armstrong went inside the hearing to meet the other transgender activists he included (nicely, of course) in the interview.

More about Jim Armstrong HERE

We tried to contact his bosses at the station, but nobody would take our calls or return them. (TRY CONTACTING THEM YOURSELF - maybe you'll have better luck!)  But we've learned that the general attitude that TV executives have -- even Fox -- toward people with traditional values is very condescending.

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