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"Transgender Bill" H1728 public hearing July 14, 2009

Part 3. Powerful pro-family testimony debunks transgender bill

July 29, 2009  

The Committee didn't just hear from the homosexual and transgender groups. MassResistance submitted graphic testimony about what this bill will do to citizens -- and what's already happening that will get worse!

Others testified on how this bill will stifle religious freedom, exacerbate health and psychological problems, cause havoc in public schools, create legal chaos, challenge common sense, and much more. Health club executives feared how the bill will affect the use of locker rooms and showers in health clubs.

Brian Camenker and Dr. Scott Lively were the first of three MassResistance panels. Camenker talked about what the transgender movement is doing now to kids and in public places. Dr. Lively talked about the assault on religion and God's law that this bill represents.  [Length: 8:22.  Video by ComFlm]

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MassResistance testimony submitted in to committee by Brian Camenker:    (CAUTION: Some of this is very graphic in nature.)

    * Cover letter
    * Transgender' women marching shirtless in public
    * Drag queen at state-supported youth event
    * Transgender "prom" in Boston City Hall
    * Interview with Boston doctor who does sex-changes on children
    * "Gender Identity Disorder" information

Other outstanding pro-family testimony

Legal and religious issues. At left, lawyer from Alliance Defense Fund talked about how religious freedom would be squashed with this bill. At right, local attorney Philip Moran talked about other legal problems it will cause.


Catholic priest gives strong testimony.

Fr. John Harrington, a Catholic priest, stepped up to the plate and gave a stirring testimony about religious faith, God's truth, and the First Amendment.

On left , Sally Naumann warned the committee about the medical and psychological aspects of "transgender" behavior.


Families speak out. These two fathers told the committee -- fairly bluntly -- that they didn't want their children and other children to have to fear going into public restrooms.


Mental health issues. Local practicing psychiatrist (left) is willing to ignore "political correctness" and described the self-distructive nature of "gender identity disorder" -- particularly how it affects the personality and emotional state -- and how this law would make the problem worse. Man at right, a licensed therapist, added more information about cross-dressing that most lawmakers don't know (or don't want to know).


High school madness. Woman at left is a 15-year North Reading School Committee member, man is former North Reading high school principal. Both talked about how this bill would cause havoc and confusion in public schools, particularly regarding locker rooms and rest rooms -- and the "reasonable rights to privacy to students using the shower rooms."


Telling it like it is. This man started out by quoting John Adams and then got right to the point: "We must speak the truth... Is it reasonable to force the imposition of deviant behavior on an unsuspecting and very unwilling public? I say no!"  (We wish everybody were this clear and direct -- things would be a lot easier.)


Health club executives tell their fears.  These four women are health club executives. They said that they personally supported the concept of the bill. But they testified that the transgender bill would be a privacy disaster for locker rooms, bathrooms, and showers in health clubs. It would violate traditional standards of privacy, they said. People would get very concerned and uncomfortable, cancel memberships, and even stop going to health clubs in general. "Anatomic males" undressing and showering in women's facilities, they added, would even cause them to keep their own daughters out of health clubs.

In addition, one woman speculated that people could use the law to exploit their ability to use clubs' trial memberships to just go into the opposite sex locker rooms and showers.


And yes . . . we passed out some pro-family stickers for people to wear at the hearing!