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"Transgender Bill" H1728 public hearing July 14, 2009

Part 2. Cross-dressers, transgender activists flood hall to sway committee

The political propaganda machine blitzes the State House

July 29, 2009

The homosexual lobby is serious about changing society by force of law.

You never really get used to men being called "her". But that was just the beginning of a long day of an upside-down world where normalcy is abnormal.  This is what the GLBT movement has in store for you and your children.

At the State House hearing . . .



The photos above and to the left are all of men. The photo below is of two women who came as a couple.

Men trying to be women. Women trying to be men. There's something tragically wrong inside when people feel the need to do this to themselves. These people need help, not an absurd law to encourage them to continue their destructive behaviors -- and to punish those who criticize them.

Well-crafted strategy by homosexual lobby

It seemed clear that the presence of the people in the photos above was also part of a strategy by the homosexual lobby to normalize that behavior in the eyes of the politicians. In fact, the entire day was fairly well crafted by the homosexual lobbyists for maximum political and psychological effect.

The homosexual / transgender lobby was there in full force and brought out dozens of people, including waves of panels, to testify.  Below is an overview of what the committee heard.

Lining up to testify . Lesbian lobbyist Arline Isaacson (left) did a masterful job of bringing in various characters to testify. Here, a new batch is waiting their turn as the day wears on.

Here's what the transgender activists were wearing -- and passing out. Look at it carefully. It's a bizarre concept. But if enough people push it enough places, it begins to be taken seriously.

Public officials testify

Even though it was a busy day, the hardcore base of the homosexual movement's supporters took the time to be there.

First testifier. Pro-gay water carrier Attorney General Martha Coakley was able to get in line in front of everyone. She's very important and it was her birthday that day. She gave the usual Civil Rights nonsense.


Hall of shame. These legislators lined up to show their public support for public cross-dressing. Seated, Sponsor Rep. Carl Sciortino (D-Medford) grimaces as he looks at our camera, next to Sen. Benjamin Downing (D-Pittsfield).  Standing behind them are (from left) Rep. Sean Garballey (D-Arlington), Rep. Sarah Peake (D-Provincetown), two unidentified people--possibly aides, Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz (D-Boston), Sen. Jamie Eldridge (D-Acton), Rep. Stephen Kulik, (D-Worthington), Rep. Liz Malia (D-Boston), Rep. Jason Lewis (D-Winchester), Rep. Denise Provost (D-Somerville), Rep. Alice Wolf (D-Cambridge), Rep. Jonathon Hecht (D-Watertown), Rep. Cory Atkins, D-Concord.

TV time. When the reps stepped up, the TV cameras started rolling.

This freshman state rep, Jason Lewis (D-Winchester), really doesn't quite get it. After testifying for the transgender bill, he talked in opposition to a pro-family bill that wasn't even on the day's agenda.

Hardcore transgender activists

They didn't trot out as many of them as they did last year -- for fairly obvious reasons. 

Every parent's nightmare. At left is a woman with a beard. At right is a man wearing women's clothes. These two "transgender activists" are official members of the Mass. Commmission for GLBT Youth and go into public schools across the state and "counsel" vulnerable kids.

"I am a transgender lesbian woman living in Massachusetts." This man started out by telling that to the committee (in a fairly deep voice). He complained that he's discriminated against and has been "harassed on the streets" because of "transphobic and homophobic" public, and has been "denied jobs based on my gender."  And looking for an apartment: "When landlords find out that I'm transsexual they no longer respond to my phone calls."  Plus banks wouldn't give him credit, he said, "because they said they could not verify my gender." (Thus, they say this bill is needed to force people and businesses into compliance. )

More activists: Cross-dressing and "transitioning" at work

Dealing with the natural reaction to men "becoming" women at the workplace. And stories of how some "progressive" companies wholeheartedly support it! (The men definitely sound like men, even if they're dressed as females.)

Man at left is programmer at Microsoft. Told how company embraced his transgenderism. "They asked, 'How can we assist you?' and told him "This is a medical issue. The company is supportive of your transition plans." (What a great place to work Microsoft must be . . . )

Man at right is a Mass. GLBT Youth Commissioner (going into schools, counseling kids, etc.) and is a fireman. Also a military veteran. Why 'become' a woman? "I didn't want to live a lie," he said.


Man at left has "sensitive military" job at Raytheon.  Raytheon has a strong "gender identity and expression" policy, and "embraces the diversity of employees" so -- he says -- his transgenderism is never a problem at Ratheon. (Raytheon has a "100%" corporate rating by the homosexual Human Rights Campaign.)

Man at right works for State Street Corp., and went from Michael to Michelle, he says. "They've been incredibly supportive of my transition so I can survive and blossom."  He added, "State Street allowed me to be who I need to be."


Man on right told story about "transitioning" from man to woman while a student at MIT and complained that his lab supervisor told him to act and dress "normal". He also said he "attracted the attention of drunken men" at bars.  (What a surprise!)

Man at left was told by boss at work to act and dress "normal" -- but he got the Cambridge Human Rights Commission to threaten to sue the company if they persisted.

Legal and political activist groups

No surprise here.

Giving legal advice to committee. Lesbian lawyer Jennifer Levi (representing the "transgender rights project" of Gay Lesbian Advocates and Defenders) talked for about 40 minutes because the Judiciary Committee members asked her numerous questions about the legal aspects of the bill, and how it would affect citizens, etc. No problems, she said! (Maybe the Committee ought to try reading it themselves!)


Woman at right represents the Women's Bar Association of Massachusetts. (What a nutty organization!) She talked about achieving "a just society" for transgenders and that their lawyers will use this bill as a hammer to go after "employers, landlords, places of [public] accommodation, public education" and more with legal force. (Just what we're warning people about!)

Woman at left, lobbyist for National Organization of Women, basically read their press release from the day before.

Labor Unions

We've known for years that the homosexual movement is well represented in the upper ranks of unions. As a result, unions push the homosexual agenda everywhere they can. It would be nice if the rank and file stood up once in a while.

Vice-president of Massachusetts AFL-CIO and board member of the Greater Boston Labor Council. "I'm proud to support this bill today!"


Man at left is political director of Service Employees International Union (SEIU) of Massachusetts and executive director of the Mass. SEIU State Council, representing 85,000 workers.  "We urge you to support H1728. It is an essential cornerstone for our mission as a union. . ."

Man at right is Chairman of the National SEIU Lavender Caucus. "I'm a 30-year gay activist and labor activist."


Man at right is president of UAW Local 2322. "I'm a 53-year-old gay man," he said. This bill is needed because of "people guided by ignorance, fear, and hate."

Man at left is treasurer of Communication Workers of America Local 1400. He believes the transgender bill is necessary: "In 1991 I was attacked by neo-Nazi skinheads because I was gay . . . I don't want to force people to believe what I believe. It's just about civil rights."

Trotting out parents of "transgenders"

They all made a point to talk about their "son" or "daughter" - and then you notice it's really the opposite sex they're talking about.

These two seem to show up a lot. Man at right is a Waltham fireman, whose daughter, tragically, tried to "become" a man and apparently in her ensuing trauma died of a drug overdose. The father has become a pro-transgender activist, joined Mass. GLBT Youth Commission that "counsels" kids. He appears to be quite angry at pro-family people. 

Man at left has a daughter who has "become" a male and the father has also, according to his testimony, become an enthusiastic. pro-homosexual/transgender activist.


More parents of transgendered kids that the gay lobby is trotting out. This is what they do best: The personal stories seem to be quite well rehearsed to be as emotional as possible.  These two had, essentially, more of the same.

And more and more . . .

There were a lot more transgender activists / parents/ social workers, etc., as the night wore on. We were all hearing the same stories over and over again.

How boring was it?  After a while, even the reporter (left) and photographer (right) from the homosexual newspaper Bay Windows started to nod off!


Cameo appearance. Transgender activist Trevor Wright who, has viciously attacked pro-family parents on his blog, didn't testify but kept a watchful eye on the proceedings.