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2012 Election - Masachusetts

Congress, Legislature, Ballot Questions, Governor's Council

** Massachusetts 2012 Voter Guide: RESULTS **
Congress, Legislature, Ballot Questions, Governor's Council


Joseph Kennedy III, running for Congress in Mass. 4th District,

marches in Boston Gay Pride Parade in June [MassResistance photo]


Pro-life groups endorsing pro-choice, pro-homosexual politicians
Unbelievable: Major "pro-life" groups shamelessly caving in. (11/5/12)

Candidate would impose anti-family litmus test for judges in Massachusetts.
Leftist former Springfield mayor vs Republican Mike Franco. (11/3/12)

Tisei: Turncoat Republican who stopped people's right to vote on "gay marriage" constitutional amendment in Mass. still being supported by RINOs and GOP establishment. (11/3/12)

A race to watch: Pro-abortion, pro-homosexual Mass. Senate President likely to lose to conservative challenger Tom Keyes, say polls and political pundits. (10/31/12)

Battle against "Assisted Suicide" ballot question in Mass. goes into high gear. TV spots, forums, and more! (10/26/12)

More big $$: National homosexual movement teams up with "conservative" GOP groups to elect Tisei!

National GOP gives $1m to gay activist candidate Richard Tisei for Congress in Mass. Has long record of outrageous activity. Is this a warning where the Republican Party will go in the next few years?


Advertising in the Boston "Gay Pride Week" official program in 2010, while running for Lt. Governor


MassResistance forms ballot committee to stop Physician-Assisted Suicide referendum in Massachusetts (Question 2)

Death activists demonstrating for "End of Life Liberty."


My dinner with Todd Akin. His current struggle -- and what it means to you. (9/3/12)
There's more to this than you probably know about. By Brian Camenker.