Outrageous: Canadian activist Bill Whatcott endured abuse in jail because of his pro-family stand.

Denied food for 24 hours. Deprived of needed medicine. Finally out on bail but facing absurd criminal charges. Later fired from job after LGBT pressure. And more.

All for simply passing out flyers at “gay pride” parade!

ALSO: Exclusive interview with Whatcott just before he turned himself in.

June 30, 2018
ALT TEXT Bill Whatcott is led away by Calgary police after turning himself in -- for absurd criminal "hate crime" charges. Little did he know what was in store for him over the next 3 1/2 days. [MassResistance photo]

Make no mistake: What is happening in Canada and to Bill Whatcott is a preview of what will eventually happen to anyone who disagrees with the radical LGBT agenda. For the slightest infraction, the full force of the government will come down against you and attempt to destroy you ... unless we act to stop this insanity.

Our exclusive interview with Bill Whatcott just before he turned himself in

About an hour before Bill turned himself in to the Calgary police, he gave this exclusive interview to Amy Contrada of MassResistance. Bill covers a wide range of subjects, including his activism, the state of the pro-family movement in Canada, and what we all need to be doing.


At Bill's side. Below from left: Pastor Art Pawlowski of Calgary, Bill Whatcott, and Amy Contrada of MassResistance, shortly before Bill turned himself in to the police. Note that Bill is holding the MassResistance Health Hazards of Homosexuality book and our infamous "NOPE" sticker. Also note their version of a rainbow T-shirt: "God's Promise Not Man's Pride."

ALT TEXT [MassResistance photo]

Bill turns himself in at Calgary Police Station

As we reported earlier, the Canadian government recently issued a national criminal arrest warrant against pro-family activist Bill Whatcott – for the “crime” of passing out flyers at the Toronto Gay Pride -- two years ago! The flyers included Gospel messages and medical information about LGBT behavior.

On June 22, Bill turned himself in at the Calgary Police Station. The Toronto Police “Hate Crimes Unit” had already flown to Calgary to take Bill there for a court hearing.

While in custody the police and jailers went out of their way make sure that as a “hate criminal" he would feel their wrath.

Bill talked to Brian Camenker at MassResistance about what happened:

In the police station interview room

Shortly after turning himself in, he was taken into a locked “interview room” by two police officers from the Toronto Police Hate Crimes Unit. For an hour they probed his motives for entering the Toronto 2016 Gay Pride Parade, to get him to acknowledge he was the mastermind of the operation, and to extract from him the names of the other activists with him. He refused to divulge any names or discuss any details about his involvement, as his lawyer advised him.

Holding cell and bail hearing

Then they drove him to the local court holding facility to await a bail hearing. They also bought him a chicken sandwich and coffee from a local fast food restaurant – the only real meal he would get for the next three days.

Close to midnight, he was brought before a Justice of the Peace in Calgary for a bail hearing. Should he be released until his trial? His lawyer, a friend and local Christian attorney, argued for that. But the Justice of the Peace said no – he must be extradited to Toronto.

Bill goes to the hospital!

Earlier that afternoon, Bill had developed a case of pinkeye and his right leg had become badly inflamed. A few hours after the bail hearing, two Calgary police officers came to take Bill to a local hospital. One of the officers immediately became verbally abusive, accusing Bill of being “full of STDs” and saying “you look full of infection.” When Bill appealed to the other officer, he was told to “shut up.”

When they got to the hospital, the police officer openly told the medical staff that Bill was a “hate criminal.” While waiting, Bill started to doze off and the officer shouted at him, “Wake up! I’m not allowed to sleep so neither can you.”

Nevertheless, the doctor at the hospital treated Bill very professionally. He diagnosed Bill with pinkeye, phlebitis, and superficial thrombosis. The doctor gave him eye drops and a prescription for anti-inflammatories. But the police never filled the prescription. Later, Bill was simply told “You’re not getting it.” (Thankfully, it looks like it’s just clearing up on its own.)

At the Calgary jail

From the hospital, Bill was then taken to the Calgary jail. They put Bill in various cells with extremely disturbed drug addicts. Some were still high and occasionally threatened violence against Bill. Some screamed all night.

Saturday morning Bill was given a cheese sandwich -- his last food for over 24 hours, until Sunday morning. When asked when there would be some food, response from the jail guard was, “Just suck a c--k and get your protein that way.”

Since Friday morning the guards and police even refused to give Bill a toothbrush and toothpaste, though all the other prisoners were allowed to have them.

Sunday morning Bill was taken to the airport for the flight to Toronto. Finally at the Calgary airport, the “hate crime unit” police agreed to give Bill some almonds and a banana.

In Toronto, the harassment continues

When they got off the airplane in Toronto, they were met by sergeant in the Hate Crimes Unit named Henry Dyck. Sgt. Dyck was clearly a homosexual, and was wearing a “homosexual pride” decal, rainbow stripes on both his shoulders, and a pride bracelet. There was no other uniformed cop dressed like that at the airport or at the police station. It seemed obvious that Sgt. Dyck put those on just for transporting Bill, as some kind of psychological tactic. “It seemed meant to show me that the whole power of the state was up against me,” Bill said.

ALT TEXT Bill recognized Sgt. Henry Dyck (right) seen in this photo from the Toronto Gay Pride Parade.

The same day Bill arrived in Toronto, the Toronto Police published a news release about Bill and their charges against him.

At the Toronto police station, they put Bill in a cell with concrete slabs for a bed for another two days. (Usually, those kinds of cells are for holding people for just a few hours.) They fed him only a cheese sandwich every 12 hours. “That was pretty grinding,” Bill told us.

Over the next day and a half they kept Bill in a cell among crazy, smelly, and violent inmates, who would sometimes talk, scream, and spit unpredictably, sometimes directed at Bill. Bill prayed for them, and sang gospel songs to keep his spirits up.

Second bail hearing in Toronto

On Monday afternoon, Bill was allowed to see his lawyer, a local Christian attorney. He told Bill that there was a “bail offer” for him from the court. A bail hearing for any minor crime is usually just a simple matter. But in this case, it suddenly became a big deal.

Bill was informed that the court was demanding that he agree to nine conditions, or else he would simply remain in jail until his trial.

The bail conditions they stated were:

  1. Notify the officer in charge within 24 hours after your release.
  2. Notify the officer in charge of any change of address within 24 hours.
  3. Remain in Canada. (This is an unusual requirement.)
  4. Surrender your passport to the authorities.
  5. Do not contact by any way, directly or indirectly, by any means, with any of the people suing you for $104 million over the Toronto parade issue. (In theory, these people should have nothing to do with this charge. One can see there is possible collusion here.)
  6. Do not be within the “Gay Village” district of Toronto. (Bill wouldn’t think of going there anyway.)
  7. Do not be within 500 meters of any Pride Parade.
  8. Do not publicly speak or write electronically or otherwise on the topic of homosexuality.
  9. Remove the pamphlet at issue from his website. (However, it is still available on the MassResistance website!)

Bill told his lawyer that condition #8 was a big problem. It would mean he couldn’t even talk about his own court case – even though the LGBT lobby could talk about it all they want. Thus they could demonize him and his activism and he couldn’t defend himself. He also couldn’t share the Gospel on the homosexual issue – all this just to get out of jail.

Bill prayed about it. He told his lawyer that he would not accept condition #8. He realized that it would probably mean he’d be in these disgusting cells, sleeping on concrete slabs, with violent and crazy drug users and others for months, maybe years. It was a pretty bleak thought. But Bill simply could not be silenced in this way.

At about 3:30 p.m. Monday afternoon Bill and his lawyer were before a judge for the bail hearing. The Crown (similar to a District Attorney in the US) demanded that Condition #8 be included. He said “Bill Whatcott can’t be the judge on what’s legal speech and what isn’t, so it’s just best not to allow him to speak about homosexuality at all.” He added, “You have to protect the psychological well-being of gays and lesbians.”  He also said that one of the litigants in the lawsuit against Bill had received a death threat – which, if that actually happened, had no connection to Bill.

Bill’s lawyer argued quite eloquently. He pointed out that this kind of prosecution for speech is unprecedented in Canadian legal history. He said that Bill must be assumed to be innocent, has no criminal record, and no history of violence against gays. It’s all been civil matters.

The judge look at Bill and said, “You’re charged with a very serious crime.” (Really? Handing out safe-sex flyers with Bible verses?)

But then she said, “We do have a presumption of innocence. And I do think that the speech restriction is overly broad. So I only order you to take down the pamphlet that you’re charged with, and other than that you’re free to speak.” (The other 8 conditions still apply.)

The judge then imposed $5,000 bail, which for Canada is pretty heavy, Bill said. For example, Bill mentioned a woman who was charged with assault and had multiple other offenses and eight instances of jumping bail got a $100 bail. Usually, a “crime” like Bill’s would have no bail.

Bill needed $1,000 up front, which the lawyer loaned him. He was finally out!

There will be a hearing on July 23 in Toronto to set a trial date. It’s likely that Bill won’t personally be required to be there, only his lawyer.

VIDEO: Toronto TV Report of Bill's release (mainstream media)

Suddenly fired from his job!

Bill had been working as a bus driver in the northern Alberta oilfields, for Diversified Transportation, Ltd., based in Fort McMurray, Alberta. His next two-week shift was to begin right when he got home. Before he got on the plane, he checked in with them and everything was fine. When he got off the plane, he got a phone call saying he was fired. “We don’t have to give you a reason,” the human resources person told him. Bill suspects it was LGBT activists who engineered his firing.

This is particularly distressing because his wife needs expensive medicine for a medical condition, and they are not now covered by Canadian health insurance. She could be in serious trouble.

Bill’s GoFundMe page suddenly shut down

Bill’s wife had set up a “GoFundMe” page to raise money for their family’s support. But while Bill was still in Toronto, GoFundMe shut down the page, returned the money already raised to the donors, and banned Bill’s wife “for life” from any GoFundMe activities.

However, Bill does have a new working donation page at GoGetFunding, so please help him! GoGetFunding is much more tolerant of conservatives and so far has not backed down to LGBT threats or harassment.

There is also a CitizenGo petition you can sign supporting Bill here. You can also go to Bill's blog: FreeNorthAmerica.ca.

Also, please help us by donating to MassResistance so we can reimburse our reporter for her travel to Calgary to cover this important story. MassResistance was the only U.S. media to make that effort! You can help here.

What does this really mean?

Since Bill is still being sued for $104 million by homosexual activists over the 2016 parade incident, why would the government go to these lengths to bring another charge – and two years later – over some measly flyers? They must want to destroy his life. Being formally charged with a “hate crime” makes it very hard to get a job, get an apartment, and he will have to endure abuse. He is also facing up to two years in prison. They want to make an example of him to scare off anyone else from speaking up.

Here in the United States, we don’t think people are taking this threat very seriously. Mainstream pro-family groups here are still politely debating the fine points of protecting “sincerely held religious belief.” That’s simply a bump in the road to the LGBT movement.

There needs to be a thousand Bill Whatcotts here in the United States to challenge this anti-family assault – while we are still able to speak out!

ALT TEXT Bill and his family need our help at this critical time!
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