Fighting Graphic Sex Ed & Porn in Schools & Libraries

Confronting graphic Planned Parenthood sex-ed in junior high schools
California MassResistance helping parents stop extremely graphic sex-ed program being taught by Planned Parenthood in junior high schools. 4/30/19

Major sex-ed bill stopped in liberal Washington State legislature
It's become one of the most left-wing legislatures in the country. But MassResistance activists weren't intimidated. 4/10/19

MassResistance parent has additional successes against LGBT agenda in California elementary school district
After derailing transgender “diversity week,” she takes on the school board and wins. Also stands up to LGBT activists out to intimidate parents. 2/17/19

MassResistance parent derails big “transgender” push in California elementary school district
Horrible programs from “Welcoming Schools” and GLSEN targeting young children. Relentlessly confronting school officials -- and not backing down. 2/13/19

Colorado MassResistance parents force public school system to stop offering access to pornographic databases – after two-year fight
Threat of lawsuit – organized by MR Chapter including dozens of people and support of State Legislators – forced school system to surrender. A big victory – but more fights ahead. 9/12/18

How radical sex-ed forces in your school defeat parents – and how to stop them (Part 1 of 2)
Here's how Planned Parenthood (and their allies) defeat parents to get "comprehensive sex ed" into schools. 6/18/18

The tactics being against parents – and how to fight back! (Part 2 of 2)
How to counter the tactics by Planned Parenthood and their allies against parents who oppose the introduction of “sex-ed” and LGBT programs in their schools. 6/15/18

Parents have victory over LGBT children’s displays at Texas public library – as Library Board votes in new policy
Follows months of outrage by local citizens at Board meetings. 4/21/18
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How schools and libraries across the country bring in hardcore pornography through commercial databases
Under the radar of parents. EBSCO database supplies pornography to schools in US, Canada, South America, and even Eastern Europe. 2/28/17  (This report led to the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, NCOSE, targeting EBSCO as a “Dirty Dozen” violators.)

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