MassResistance Reports: Drag Queen Story Hours

Washington State Mass­Resistance directly confronts and exposes another hideous "Drag Queen Story Hour"


Depraved event also promoted to children by local elementary school! Parents NOT afraid of pro-LGBT counter-protesters!

Texas MassResistance pressure causes pro-LGBT church to cancel "Drag Queen" reading in public library


Local Antifa group backs down and stays away from pro-family protest. In Leander, TX another big win in the "Drag Queen Story Hour" wars

MassResistance forces City Council to cancel Drag Queen Story Hour in Leander, TX Public Library


But it's not over - local pro-LGBT church has rented a library room to put on the same event. Battle has now made national news!

Another 'Drag Queen' exposed as child sex offender!
Houston MassResistance exposes more horror: 2nd public library "Drag Queen" is convicted child sex offender - and a transgender prostitute specializing in BDSM. 4/22/19

Houston MassResistance “Drag Queen Story Hour” exposé goes international!
Reported in media across the US – to the UK and Russia. Tweeted by Governor of Texas. A registered child sex offender was reading to children in public library – sadly not surprising. Coverage reveals pent up outrage across the country over powerlessness to stop the LGBT agenda targeting children. 3/19/19

Houston MassResistance exposes “Drag Queen Story Hour” cross-dresser as registered child sex offender!
Library officials forced to apologize to public.TV media coverage of press conference shocks Houston. 3/16/19

How the Houston politicians & library officials caved in to Mass­Resistance parents
(Part 3) This is how real pro-family activism works! Pounding them with the horrors and corruption of the "Drag Queen" event. Videos. 3/3/19

ALT TEXT Outside the Houston Public Library just before a "Drag Queen Story Time" event, one of the drag queens holds up the rubber chicken he's carrying around, as the others appear to be amused by it. “Chickens” in “gay” slang refers to under-age boys that older gay men find and seduce.

Houston MassResistance Drag Queen Exposé – 163 pages with 18 exhibits.  CAUTION: several graphic images and descriptions. Feb. 2019

Houston MassResistance parents confront the library - on the way to "Drag Queen Story Hour" victory
(Part 2) LGBT activists, corrupt library officials, and even police try to stop the parents. 2/27/19

Houston MassResistance activists have a “Drag Queen Story Hour” victory against huge odds
(Part 1) Up against aggressive pro-LGBT politicians and deranged LGBT activists. After months of battling: In the City Council chambers, in the streets outside of public library, and beyond. 2/24/19

MassResistance protest causes huge upheaval in Detroit suburb over "Drag Queen Story Hour"
Hundreds of loud LGBT activists converge outside building to support degenerate event targeting children - and intimidate pro-family people. 1/28/19

Detroit suburb to barricade streets over Mass­Resistance’s upcoming Jan. 26 protest of Drag Queen Story Hour at library!
Bringing in police from nearby towns to guard library – from citizens who disagree. Washington Post weighs in on controversy. 1/25/19

Colorado MassResistance helps town confront "Drag Queen Story Hour" in local library
LGBT activists came in to intimidate and harass local parents. Library director attacks MassResistance for helping parents! 1/18/19


Michigan MassResistance ignites media firestorm over opposition to "Drag Queen Story Hour" in Detroit suburb
Town forced to move its City Commission meeting to gymnasium because of uproar. MassResistance parents make huge statement in a liberal suburb! 12/30/18


MassResistance fight against 'Drag Queen Story Hour' targeting children goes national
Our activism in New York, Alaska, & Michigan. Public officials and media are taking notice and reacting. 12/12/18

MassResistance confronts "Drag Queen Story Hour" in Riverside, California
VIDEO of a mother in action! Cross-dressers out to disrupt the minds of a generation of children. 12/5/18

Georgia MassResistance stops "Drag Queen Story Hour" at Atlanta library!
The pressure from activists, parents, and local citizens worked! In a "very pro-gay" part of the city. 10/5/18

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