MassResistance marks 25 years of activism!

We’ve made a big difference already. Here is some of what we've done.

And we’re stepping up the fight even more!

by Brian Camenker
August 11, 2018
Globe article from 1993 Yes, this is me back in 1993 – a parent taking on the education establishment! (Boston Globe article.)

This year, 2018, marks our 25th year of activism! Many people don’t realize that we have been around that long. We’ve fought a lot of battles. But more important, we’ve learned a lot about what works – and we use (and share) that knowledge! We are focused on success, not just “looking dignified.” That’s what makes MassResistance different from just about any other pro-family group. We make the news, not just report or rehash it from other sources, or spend our time writing commentary.

New website design

As part of our anniversary, we are rolling out our new website design. It’s a structure that will allow us flexibility for presenting information, as opposed to just posting and storing articles. More on that later. And it will be easily read on any device. It’s a work in progress as we will continue to convert posts from the old design and reorganize much of our abundant information. MassResistance is moving forward!

How we began

It all began in 1993 in Newton, Massachusetts, a very liberal suburb of Boston. In a sense it started at my kitchen table. My kids were in elementary school. The school system was already introducing a graphic homosexuality-laced mandatory sex-ed program for the 6th grade. The content was kept very quiet. When a few of us found out, we were very upset.

So, we got a couple dozen parents to go to a School Committee meeting and we read the disgusting parts of the curriculum to them. As they are today, the school officials were very hostile and duplicitous. The local media accused us of being terrible people. Boston’s homosexual newspaper viciously attacked us. We were novices, and it was trial by fire!

But we refused to be intimidated. Our new parents’ group really angered the education establishment that summer! We recruited candidates for all eight School Committee slots in the fall election. But every effort was made to crush our candidates. Planned Parenthood set up a political action committee in Newton. The press attacked us relentlessly.

Below: This is a letter to the editor I wrote that The Boston Globe published in September 1993. Even back then we didn't pull any punches!

Boston Globe letter to the editor

Our candidates didn’t win, but we got experience, publicity, and momentum. During that time the Catholic Archdiocese of Boston contacted us. They were impressed with our fighting spirit and helped us connect with important conservatives across the state. That proved invaluable.

Becoming Parents’ Rights Coalition

As we talked with the conservative leaders, it became clear that schools across the state were threatened by this “mandatory sex-ed” agenda. (This was also the time schools began distributing condoms – with X-rated instructions for “AIDS prevention.”) So, in late 1994 we wrote a bill for the Massachusetts Legislature that would force schools to allow parents to view these programs – and opt their children out. With the help of the Archdiocese’s lobbying group, our bill was introduced in the State House.

There was a vicious lobbying battle. Planned Parenthood and the homosexual lobby fought it hard, as did the press. Most legislators wanted nothing to do with it. But our group was gaining followers across the state. That year we officially organized as Parents’ Rights Coalition.

We attracted parents – mostly mothers with children in the schools – who wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. Many of them came to the State House and yelled at legislators who were not on board! As a result, the bill passed the Senate, then the House, and in 1996 Governor Bill Weld (reluctantly) signed it into law. It is still the law of Massachusetts. (MGL Ch. 71 Sec. 32a.)

The “Fistgate” shocker

The “Fistgate” incident marked the first time that the world found out what LGBT “youth” outreach was really all about. It woke up a lot of people!

In March 2000, the Massachusetts Dept. of Education teamed up with GLSEN, a national homosexual organization, to put on a horrific “conference” for children as young as 12 – along with adult homosexual activists. In two of the workshops, adults instructed children how to perform various (rather sickening) types of homosexual sex acts. We had someone there who tape-recorded it. When LGBT groups found out, they threatened legal action if we released the tapes. We did so anyway! The recordings were a big story in all the Boston media, and eventually made national and international news – newspapers, TV, and radio. It was dubbed “Fistgate.” Two LGBT groups sued to “punish” us. Both lawsuits were unsuccessful, but it was a difficult time for us.

table These are some of the horrific things handed out to youth as young as 12 at the infamous "Fistgate" conference. This packet included two types of condoms (for vaginal and anal intercourse) and anal lubricant. What the rubber glove was meant for (according to the workshop presenter) is obvious from the name "Fistgate."

“Gay Marriage”

In 2003 the Mass. Supreme Judicial Court (in a 4-3 vote) forced “gay marriage” on the state. We jumped right into that fight. For a few years we used the name “Article 8 Alliance” – referring to the part of the Massachusetts Constitution declaring that oppressive judges must be removed. With the help of conservative Democrats in the Legislature (because Republicans were afraid!) we filed a formal bill to impeach the judges who imposed “gay marriage.” The liberal legislative leaders eventually blocked it. But it made a big statement about out-of-control judges.

Outside Mass. State House Demonstrating against judicial tyranny outside the Massachusetts State House as Article 8 Alliance, to remove the Supreme Judicial Court judges who imposed "gay marriage" on the state.

And we educated people across the country. As a follow-up, we published the only comprehensive history of how “gay marriage” came to Massachusetts.

This book, by MassResistance researcher Amy Contrada, is the most comprehensive history of the imposition of "gay marriage" in Massachusetts -- and Gov. Mitt Romney's collusion in it.
"What same-sex 'marriage' has done to Massachusetts," published in 2012. Tens of thousands of copies of this this pamphlet were distributed around the world. It was translated into several languages and produced in video format.

Becoming MassResistance

In 2005 we started a blog called “MassResistance.” The name quickly caught people’s attention. They realized that the culture war is really a battle against the dark, aggressive forces targeting our children, families, and society. Then in 2006 we changed our group’s name to MassResistance. It’s greatly helped us to focus on what we’re really about!

The David Parker horror story – the assault on parents’ rights

The David Parker incident first exposed to the world how elementary schools were quietly starting to indoctrinate very young children to accept homosexuality – and were vicious against parents who objected. It was reported in mainstream media as far away as Australia and Europe.

In 2005, almost nobody realized where the LGBT movement’s obsessive agenda was going, starting with targeting the youngest children. There was one alert parent who got it: David Parker, a Lexington, Mass. father with a son in kindergarten. The public school there began teaching that children having “two mommies” and “two daddies” is the same as having normal parents. When David met with school officials and demanded he be allowed to opt-out his son, they refused – and had him arrested and thrown in jail overnight!

When David Parker was brought into court in handcuffs, shock waves spread around the country.

But MassResistance was at his side the entire time – and made this an international news story. The court case dragged on for over three years. Fox News featured David several times. Ultimately, a far-left federal judge outrageously ruled that parents had no right to be notified or opt-out! He explained that because “gay marriage” was “legal,” schools could teach acceptance of homosexuality whether parents liked it or not. As a result of this case, parents were much more aware of the danger and willing to confront the schools.

The “Little Black Book”

The “Little Black Book” incident first exposed the collusion and financial support of government agencies with the most disgusting and revolting aspects of normalizing homosexual behavior to vulnerable youth.

On April 30, 2005, homosexual activists gave out copies of a pornographic homosexual “how-to” gay-sex booklet to students at a “gay youth” event at Brookline High School, in Brookline, MA. Apparently, they had been giving this out across the state. But this time MassResistance got a copy.

At first, the homosexual group involved denied giving it out, but later changed their story and admitted it. Almost as shocking was that the booklet acknowledged partnership with the Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health and the Boston Public Health Commission.

It genuinely shocked a lot of people and was covered extensively in the Boston media. Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney went on television to attempt to distance his administration from the incident.

VIDEO: Boston TV Ch. 7 news coverage of the "Little Black Book." Back then even school officials were shocked! (Note that the LGBT group still claimed that "only a few" were given out.) (2 min 21 sec)

Dr. Paul Church dismissed from major hospitals -- for telling the medical truth about homosexuality

The Dr. Church incident exposed how major hospitals – in fact, most of the medical profession in America - has become frighteningly subservient to the radical LGBT agenda and completely abandoned the basic tenets of public health on that issue. Most people are totally unaware of this!

Dr. Church is a urologist who was on the staff of several major Boston area hospitals and clinics for nearly 30 years and on the faculty of Harvard Medical School. He has done research on diagnosing prostate and bladder cancer, and has spoken to educational and civic groups on the subject of high-risk sexual behaviors.

But starting in 2007, he noticed a disturbing direction in the hospitals he worked at. He commented to his colleagues that homosexuality is medically unhealthy and that a hospital should not be promoting and celebrating that behavior in “gay pride” events. Because of these comments, he was subsequently dismissed from four major hospitals and a medical clinic. No one ever claimed that his comments to colleagues were medically inaccurate; the administrators were angry because he was not toeing the politically correct line.

Dr. Paul Church Dr. Paul Church was fearless in his willingness to tell the medical truth. He spoke at our MassResistance banquet in April 2017.

MassResistance stood by Dr. Church’s side and exposed the horrific treatment he was subjected to, simply for telling the truth. We also led demonstrations outside of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center to inform the public and hospital employees about the dangers to patients’ health due to the corruption of the medical staff regarding LGBT health issues.

VIDEO: MassResistance activists hit the streets in 2015 - protest outside Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. (1 min 4 sec)

Stopping bad anti-family bills in the Legislature

Across the country, Planned Parenthood and the powerful LGBT lobby get their anti-family bills passed with impunity. But not in Massachusetts. Year after year, from attempts to mandate “comprehensive sex education” or to ban needed “sexual orientation” therapy for youth, bad bills have been stopped in the Massachusetts Legislature.

That’s because we pull no punches when it comes to reading legislators “the riot act”! In other states, pro-family groups are worried about looking “respectful” – and get defeated. But we think that parents and children are more important than that.

Our adversaries are incredibly well-funded, well-organized, and overwhelmingly supported by the establishment. But they are not unbeatable, despite what much of the conservative world seems to believe.

Going national … and international!

The MassResistance success-driven approach has really electrified people! People around the country were watching MassResistance and wanted to follow our lead in frontline activism.

In 2014 our first state chapter in Virginia was formed. It was followed by chapters in Maine, California, Nebraska, Missouri, Texas, and several other states. Then Australia became our first international chapter, followed by Nigeria, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong. We’re currently talking with activists in Chile, Canada, and South Africa, as well as in other states across the U.S.

Our blockbuster book

In 2017, we published our 600-page book, The Health Hazards of Homosexuality: What the Medical and Psychological Research Reveals. This filled a major need, documenting the truth about an important subject no one else has had the courage to address. It has been endorsed by prominent medical professionals. It is being read and used around the world!

Homo health book Our 600-page book on the health hazards of homosexuality has become a valuable resource across the country.

And more

There is so much more to tell about our past 25 years of hard-hitting activism! We could fill a hundred pages. From the beginning, we've documented the “transgender” agenda targeting children. Around the world we’ve helped pro-family people confront their school boards and legislators without fear.

Especially as the LGBT movement targeting schoolchildren accelerates at a frightening pace, people everywhere are desperately looking to MassResistance more than ever for on-the-ground help.

Finally, it’s people like you that make it possible for us to do this. The mainstream conservative and “donor class” is deathly afraid of the issues we cover – especially the way we confront them. Your donations are what make this battle winnable.

Our goal is NOT to be here 25 years from now – because the battle will be won!

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