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Latest in our hard-hitting series: “Save our Churches” featuring Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez

Episode 2: Another "Top Ten Stories." Across denominations and around the world, the infiltration of churches from the LGBT lobby and other leftist groups continues with massive funding and coordination.

This is too important a fight to avoid!

September 5, 2018
VIDEO: Episode 2 – Save Our Churches

In this, Episode 2 of Save Our Churches, ten more stories highlighting the high stakes involved in defending our churches from left-wing encroachment.

  1. A new religious study vindicates ex-gays.
  2. UK's Christian Concern is victorious against a litigious drag queen.
  3. Cardinal Newman Society calls out elite Catholic university for awarding abortion advocate.
  4. Why is a top "reliable" Presbyterian teaming up with suspicious "gay Christian" groups?
  5. Why is a new "audit" coming to score how gay-approving churches are?
  6. John Zmirak calls out the callousness and corruption in church hierarchy on borders and sex abuse.
  7. Atheist books for children -- the new battleground for youth?
  8. Why cathedrals fly gay pride flags.
  9. One of the usual suspects in gay Catholic subversion is at it again -- in Ireland.
  10. The next segment in our ongoing investigation of the American Academy of Religion.
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