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Episode 3 in our hard-hitting series: “Save our Churches” featuring Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez

September 10, 2018

In this show Dr. Lopez relates more Top Ten Stories of the the ongoing left-wing - and particularly LGBT - attack on Christian churches, including subversion from within. (See this week's topics listed below.)

VIDEO: Episode 3 – Save Our Churches

This week's topics: In this, Episode 3 of Save Our Churches, ten more stories highlighting the high stakes involved in defending our churches.

  1. A Lutheran pastor extols "queerness" as nothing other than beauty, anoints gay pastor married to a drag queen.
  2. The Episcopal Church continues its post-Eugene-Robinson slide downward.
  3. In the Pacific Ocean, are whites or islanders playing the barbarians?
  4. An Alabama Presbyterian calls out same-sex-attracted Christianity – in ways that would've been super helpful before the recent LGBT “Revoice” conference, rather than after it.
  5. A direct response to an evangelical filibuster against supporting reparative therapy.
  6. The Pope's staff avoids addressing gay sex abuse but kowtows to German homosexuals infuriated over a word.
  7. Swiss Catholic officials attack “homophobia” instead of attacking homosexual molestation.
  8. Another pro-abortion Christian sect?
  9. Yes, they are coming for Christian kids with LGBT propaganda – right in our churches.
  10. When Baptists go bad, institutions can turn more rotten than anyone could imagine.
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