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Episode 4 in our hard-hitting series: “Save our Churches” featuring Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez

Featuring a special interview with Rev. Tom Littleton on the coming "church audit"

September 18, 2018

In this show Dr. Lopez relates more Top Ten Stories of the the ongoing left-wing - and particularly LGBT - attack on Christian churches, including horrifying subversion from within. (See this week's topics listed below.)

VIDEO: Episode 4 – Save Our Churches

This week's topics: In this, Episode 4 of Save Our Churches, ten more stories highlighting the high stakes involved in defending our churches.

  1. 1. Exposing “the mean girl's gospel” and the abusive behavior behind it.

    2. In Los Angeles, liberal Christians gather to train church members the best ways to save gay people from the jaws of bigotry and heteronormativity – and trapped in that lifestyle.

    3. Rev. Tom Littleton joins Dr. Lopez for a frightening report on the outrageous pro-LGBT “Church audit” coming to American churches from England, with complicity from church leaders. BONUS: More on this - Rev. Littleton's explosive interview on the Janet Mefferd Show: "LGBTs: The Family is an Idol."

    4. In Wisconsin, Muslims can stop public patriotism – but Christians can't stop drag queens from marching down Main Street.

    5. Baptists gather for a conference on family, but will they remember the fifth commandment?

    6. Trump has a powwow with evangelicals who of course can't keep a secret.

    7. In California, Christians stop the Gay Police State from marching on, but this victory comes with a warning: Don't let the same law come back next year even worse!

    8. Pat Buchannan comes out swinging against the lavender mafia in the Catholic Church.

    9. A Catholic bishop cries out for more hate – righteous hate against sin! (It's about time!)

    10. The destructive American Academy of Religion continues its rampage of incestuous nepotism and irreligious liberal bias with a bunch of sham awards.

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