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Lessons from El Salvador for Church Warriors

Episode 6 in our hard-hitting series: “Save our Churches” featuring Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez

Ten more stories on the "culture war" within Christianity

October 15, 2018
VIDEO: Episode 6 – Save Our Churches

For eight days this month Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez was traveling and doing missionary work in El Salvador. What he saw and learned changed his outlook considerably. This is possibly his best “Save our Churches” segments so far. Among other things, after watching this you will never see America’s “open borders” issue – and the support of it by liberal churches – in the same way again.

This week's topics are very thought-provoking:

  1. People there find time for God, despite everything terrible that’s going on. And it’s a lot easier to bring people to the Lord when they understand urgency. And one can just look around to see that it's a beautiful country with a glorious civilization.
  2. I learned about courage in El Salvador. The few church people who stayed in the country throughout the whole terrible civil war and kept the schools open lost a lot of money and went through great danger. But they didn’t abandon the people who needed them. People trust them now. It has changed the support for denominations in El Salvador. Here in the US, many churches are abandoning the necessary fight against the LGBT movement. They’re compromising now. And this will cause suffering, anger, and loss of loyalty.
  3. The intellectual Left is a junkyard of dreams that has harmed the country. The Left is so corrupt and destructive that they create entire nations of Guinea pigs – sacrificed on the altar of insanity. They've done it to the population of El Salvador through Marxism and extreme utopianism. Much of this came from the United States. The result is a country in chaos – and the terrible breaking apart of families through immigration to the US.
  4. The Evangelical Christian Left in the United States is a disaster for the people in El Salvador. Now I understand that especially on the subject of open-borders immigration to the United States, it is the Christian Left that is racist, prejudiced, cruel, and very destructive to the people who are struggling most.
  5. “Big Gay” has no respect for any country. They are pushing hard to put their damaging homosexuality and gender ideology into the schools, targeting children. Much of this is coming from the United States. This has created an explosion of homosexuality in the schools, fueled by the rampant sexual crimes in that country due to the upheaval.
  6. The Christian Left (and the rest of the Left) is completely wrong on immigration. Criminal networks are forcing people across the borders, others are just fleeing to the US, where they are welcomed by the Left. But there is horrible trauma throughout the country among the people (especially children) left behind. And when they come back to El Salvador they bring back the corrupt culture of the US. It is another disaster wrought by the American Left.
  7. The scam of in-state tuition for illegal aliens. Another liberal feel-good scheme. I saw close-up that El Salvador actually has better universities than the US (without so much of the left-wing garbage). And by being in their native country they learn the language, don’t go into the big debt that US colleges bring, and get a wonderful education.
  8. I really learned that the family needs integrity. Pushing LGBT issues, abortion, no-fault divorce, etc., tears apart the families there. It ruins intact families. People really want real families.
  9. Keep our stigmas, don’t remove them. The police force in that country simply can’t stop all bad things. People need to show restraint and respect – because it would look bad to do otherwise. Morality is very important. Particularly with homosexuality, without stigma and morality people will seduce each other in terrible ways. People must be free to teach children values, and have them enforced.
  10. The Jesuits are really, really bad. They’ve been pushing “liberation theology” and other negative things for a long time. It’s hurt the Catholic Church and the entire country.
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