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Lessons learned at Politicon in LA and the MassResistance conference in Texas

Episode 7 in our “Save our Churches” series featuring Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez.

Ten important insights on Christianity and today’s American conservatism gleaned from two recent events.

November 2, 2018
VIDEO: Episode 7 – Save Our Churches

Robert Oscar Lopez has returned from another brief hiatus, with a report on two recent events he attended and helped organize. On Oct. 19-20, he was at Politicon in Los Angeles with Urban Game Changers, a mostly African-American organization that seeks to develop conservative solutions to urban issues. On Oct. 27, he had the honor of being a co-planner, along with Joe Goodson, of a conference "If Not Now, then When?", a MassResistance Texas event in Killeen, hosted by an African American church. [NOTE: We have a full report on that conference, with videos of the speeches, coming up!]

Below are ten insights Dr. Lopez found in Los Angeles and Killeen:

  1. Conservatives still don't know what they are doing. They repeat similar mistakes endlessly, like pouring all their money behind a few big-name spokespeople rather than supporting grassroots leaders who can cultivate meaningful relationships.
  2. Trump has been a great president but he still suffers from a self-inflicted problem of leaks and disloyalty in his ranks. This is largely the result of his leaving behind many good people from the humble ranks who supported him when it was costly and risky to do so, back in 2016 -- and instead bringing in snazzy establishment types.
  3. Racial reconciliation is much the rage in the Baptist world right now, but many signs point to the likelihood that the result will be that regular [rank-and-file] members of the traditional black churches will be overpowered by social climbers or whites who want to change their worship style and approach to Christianity. And black churches as they currently exist have proven uniquely bold allies in the struggle for social conservatism among Christians.
  4. It is important to note for the record that the black church supported MassResistance when all the other churches turned their backs on us. We should pray that this fact is not lost or forgotten.
  5. At Politicon it became clear that political commentary has lost all standards of professionalism. It's hilarious but tragic.
  6. Free-market conservatives dominate the activist landscape but they are really libertarian, not conservative, and not entirely honest with the people they recruit into their ranks.
  7. Conservatives will continue to suffer from the lopsided politics of corrupt colleges, until they admit that colleges are entangled with the government and that legislators must be free to impose efficiency and integrity on college administrations.
  8. Some people are arguing that white libertarians are imposing their economic theories on black conservatives; the notion exists that urban communities simply need capital and free-market prosperity. This is a repeat of mistakes made in the mid-20th century. There is no prosperity without strong family values.
  9. Christians have to be political.
  10. There are many signs of hope!
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