Mayor of Boston holds rally outside City Hall supporting “transgender law.” MassResistance shows up, too!

A message about truth that the “civil rights” and “tolerance” crowd didn’t want to hear

November 3, 2018
ALT TEXT Hundreds of pro-transgender activists jammed Boston City Hall Plaza.

On Sunday, October 28, hundreds of pro-LGBT activists and supporters filled City Hall Plaza  outside Boston City Hall for a rally supporting the “transgender bathroom” law – and transgender behavior in general – in Massachusetts.

Labeled a “Rally for Transgender Rights,” it was called by Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, a longtime advocate of the homosexual agenda, to promote “Yes on Question 3” in the upcoming statewide referendum. A “yes” vote would keep in place the current “transgender bathroom” law in Massachusetts which covers all public accommodations. A “no” vote would repeal it.

ALT TEXT The same old tired themes. "Trans rights are human rights."

Also helping organize the transgender rally were about a dozen far-left groups such as the Democratic Socialists of America, National Center for Transgender Equality, BAGLY (an LGBT group targeting kids), Stonewall Democrats, and others.

The bizarre themes included calls for “basic civil rights” for cross-dressers, chants of “We will not be erased!”, and demands for “tolerance for all.”

ALT TEXT Actually, youth do need protection -- from these people!

Tolerance for all? Well, not quite …

MassResistance activists showed up with our own theme: the truth. It was probably the first time many LGBT activists had seen any push-back to their lunacy, and they didn’t exactly embrace us. But we didn’t care. Free speech is free speech, we say!

ALT TEXT We definitely had a different opinion!.
ALT TEXT Moving into the crowd.
ALT TEXT An LGBT activists literally attacks this MassResistance lady to block her sign.
ALT TEXT ... And they began to surround MassResistance activists (our people at right, in "81" shirt and green cap).
ALT TEXT This is their method of debating.

The Mayor of Boston himself didn’t show up, unfortunately. (He was probably busy stumping for Elizabeth Warren.) But it appeared that lots of City of Boston employees were there to represent him.

ALT TEXT These three men were welcomed as "women" - and want you to be forced to do that also.
ALT TEXT This man told us that the "transgender bathroom" law must stay in place, and that no compromise is acceptable.
ALT TEXT There were dozens of these "Antifa" types wandering around. But when the MassResistance people let them know they weren't afraid of them, they generally just slithered away.

In the end, they didn't like MassResistance's message, but there was nothing they could do about it. There were dozens of police around, and we weren't afraid of them, anyway. They always like to come and "protest" at pro-family rallies; we figured it was time they got a taste of their own medicine! Plus, it was good for them to hear a different message for a change.

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