MassResistance activists fighting to win transgender “bathroom bill” referendum in Massachusetts

On statewide ballot in Nov. 6 general election

Opportunity to overturn horrible law signed by GOP Governor in 2016

October 4, 2018
ALT TEXT Telling it like it is. Too many conservatives are afraid to address this issue directly. But the public needs to hear it to break through the LGBT propaganda.

MassResistance activists in Massachusetts have filed papers forming an official ballot committee to fight the so-called “transgender bathroom bill,” which is being voted on in the Nov. 6 general election as Question 3.

With only a month to go, polls show the pro-family side slightly losing. A lot of people feel that another voice would greatly help educate the public, and bring a win. After a lot of deliberation, local MassResistance activists decided to jump into the fight with a bold message that goes right at the truth of this issue.

A terrible law got passed

In June, 2016, the leftist Massachusetts Legislature passed (and GOP Governor Charlie Baker signed) the infamous “transgender bathroom bill.” This onerous law involves cross-dressers and “transgenders” using any public accommodation, and allows them to use opposite-sex facilities such as restrooms, locker rooms, and showers. It is a crime, punishable by fines and possible jail time, to discriminate or even make an audible comment about it. In other words anyone who doesn’t treat men in dresses like actual women is liable for prosecution.

ALT TEXTAs the law now stands, you can be arrested for not treating these three men as women while in any public accommodation, or even commenting in public that they're not real women.

In our opinion, the conservative politicians never fought this vigorously, and were afraid of offending the Left. Their main argument was “transgenders already have rights.”

Fighting back

After this bill was signed into law, a conservative group (to their credit) went out and got enough signatures to force it to a statewide referendum. But it happened too late to be included in the 2016 general election, so it’s being voted during the 2018 election. A “yes” vote keeps the current law; a “no” vote defeats it. (That wording was determined by the Mass. Attorney General.)

The same group that got the signatures has been campaigning for a “no” vote. They’ve been working hard across the state. Their message is very compelling and has had success in other places. We’re certainly pleased they’re in this fight.

But the LGBT movement came up with revised strategy for this battle. They are focusing their “yes” campaign entirely on “civil rights” to go along with “equality.” As offensive as that seems, they are actually claiming that men dressing up as women is equivalent to blacks being forced to use separate restrooms than whites in the 1950s.

They have raised over $2 million, and have major corporations, labor unions the media, numerous politicians, the Boston Chamber of Commerce, and all the major Boston sports teams are vigorously supporting them.

MassResistance activists get into the fight

Make no mistake: The main purpose of these bills is to use the power of the state to force the normalization of so-called “transgenderism.” Public accommodations is their tool.

But so far, nobody has been focusing on what we believe is the necessary issue. Since the polls showing our side as trailing, some of our activists decided to jump in and help the fight with a bucket of cold water – as much as possible in the closing weeks – that may just turn the tide!

Their strategy is to tell the cold, hard truth, even if it is not politically correct.

  1. Transgenderism is a mental disorder. It is not a “civil right.” These people need psychological help. Amputating healthy body parts and taking massive amounts of opposite-sex hormones does not solve their problems. All legitimate research shows that pandering to their condition only makes things worse for them.
  2. This is the State forcing people to believe a lie, under penalty of prosecution. Men can never become women, and vice versa. Their male or female DNA in all their cells is always the same.

The truth is that entire LGBT movement is based on lies, fraud, and distorted science. But if the truth isn’t told, people won’t hear it.

There is a VoteNoTo3 website. Let’s see how we can make a difference in this election! This MUST be stopped. If you live in Mass. (and even if you don’t) you can volunteer at the website.

 Very important: The group needs money for signs, banners, printing, and possibly even commercials. You can donate for that by PayPal or Credit Card (or by sending a check) here.

We will keep you informed on this!

BELOW: Up against the big boys. Not surprisingly, Twitter is living up to its hard-left bias and is blocking the the conservative position (and the truth) on this issue.

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