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Trans Females in Men’s Spaces

The other side of the Bathroom Wars: It’s time to address the issue of trans females in male locker rooms and restrooms.

By Amy Contrada
Fall 2018

This article originally appeared in Salvo #46, Fall 2018, as "Battle Royale: The LGBTQ Lobby Goes to the Mat Over Toilet Space"

CAUTION: Disturbing photos below

The progress of the transgender rights movement would not be possible without the growing institutional control over individual thought and expression. Wise commentators on the propaganda aspect of this cultural insanity, including Stella Morabito and Professor Jordan Peterson, have pointed to the looming political dangers of the trans phenomenon – beyond the frequently cited bathroom issues.

Denial of reality and forced compliance

Seen from that lofty political perspective, the paramount issue with transgenderism is the institutionally and socially enforced denial of reality reminiscent of Orwell’s 1984 (distilled as “2 + 2 = 5”). Trans ideology denies biological fact by proclaiming, “Sex is assigned at birth, not a biological truth” or “That woman is a man.” A related issue is the perversion of our language, e.g., the ill-defined new concept of “gender” (vs. biological sex) and the growing lists of invented “gender identities” and pronouns – all of which makes communication difficult.

When subjective “truths” (trans identities) overtake some people, common ground with others is impossible. The public at first becomes confused, then many are indoctrinated in the radical dogma. They begin to self-censor (aka “political correctness”). Next comes social chaos (girls in boys’ locker rooms and vice versa). Eventually, government controls our language and affects our thinking. No one wants to run afoul of discrimination laws.

If you can get the people to deny the biological reality of male and female, you can fool them about anything. Totalitarianism made easy.

The populace goes along with this denial of self-evident truth and language rape out of fear of social isolation. Teachers and librarians want to appear in step with “gender” ideology, so welcome drag queens at story hour. School libraries are filled with story books teaching that little boys can really be girls. Doctors and parents climb on board to corrupt children’s bodies and psyches. Insurance companies, Medicare, and many state Medicaid programs pay for adult transitions. Locales and businesses surrender in the Bathroom Wars.

The Bathroom Wars are important

The Bathroom Wars reveal the monstrousness of the trans ideology. After all, bottoms are where the biological fact of sex is so clearly undeniable! The stories affect us on a visceral level. We feel the insanity.

People instinctively perceive that being forced to accept a person of the opposite sex in their bathroom is the beginning of thought control. You must believe: This woman is a man. That’s why there is so much resistance. It’s not just about safety and privacy.

To date, almost all the talk has been about women’s spaces being invaded by men pretending to be women. (This is a reasonable concern, given that only about one-quarter of male-to-female transgenders have had bottom surgeries, according to a 2011 survey.) Any clear-thinking woman who has experienced this knows how disconcerting and sometimes frightening these encounters are. Sharing an intimate space with a stranger who is clearly mentally disturbed is off-putting.

Trans females in men’s spaces

The threat in women’s spaces is real. But what about the opposite scenario? Why don’t we hear more about the assault on men’s private spaces – and the possible danger to trans females who use them?

Perhaps the silence on female interlopers is just another aspect of the ongoing war against men (which has its roots in radical feminism – which in turn has morphed into the transgender movement). The trans invaders in men’s bathrooms and locker rooms are, after all, biological women who want to deny biological men their sole right to these spaces. And as we know, no one may question a female (of any appearance)! Her sincerity must not be doubted, even if she identifies as a man.

ALT TEXT It's often just about exercising power in these insane times.

If a male points out that it’s in the female’s best interest to stay out of a male space, he is the guilty party. It’s now discriminatory on the basis of “gender identity” for a male to be concerned about a female’s safety there. It’s also forbidden to be concerned about the privacy or modesty of the males in their space. They don’t count anymore. Why aren’t more men protesting this madness?

School scenarios

Reports are accumulating of high school girls suing for access to boys’ restrooms and locker rooms. (Trans activists know how vulnerable school districts are to costly lawsuits.) In the mainstream news coverage, the trans girl is portrayed as justly suing for her “rights.” Nothing is said about the boys’ rights.

In Talbot County, Maryland a federal district judge recently ruled for trans girl who demanded access to the boys’ restroom and locker room, opposing a school board policy intended to protect all students. The judge wrongly reasoned that there was “discrimination on the basis of gender stereotypes,” when in fact the school policy made a rightful distinction on the basis of biological sex.

In Gloucester Country, Virginia, a trans girl who was denied the use of the boys’ restrooms charged Title IX (sex) discrimination. The  4th Circuit Court of Appeals agreed her case should go forward. Children’s hospital gender clinics, trans-affirming doctors, LGBT activist groups, and school administrators from around the country supported the girl’s lawsuit. So did 59 major corporations. The dissenting Judge, Paul V. Niemeyer, got it right. He said the 4th Circuit ruling

… completely tramples on all universally accepted protections of privacy and safety that are based on the anatomical differences between the sexes. This unprecedented holding overrules custom, culture, and the very demands inherent in human nature for privacy and safety, which the separation of such facilities is designed to protect.

(The Supreme Court later refused to hear the case, sending it back to the 4th Circuit Court which in turn sent it back to the lower District Court.)

In Wisconsin, a trans girl sued the Kenosha Schools for being denied use of the boys’ restrooms. She was also “subjected to daily surveillance and threatened with disciplinary action if he [sic] continued using the boys’ restrooms.” She was also offended by the school’s continued use of her female birth name and pronouns, along with “the school’s repeated isolation of Ash from his [sic] peers on overnight school trips.” So not only did she want to relieve herself in the presence of boys, she wanted to sleep in the hotel bedroom with boys. The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals settled in her favor, forcing the school to pay $800,000.

The Trans Girl Wrestler

And here’s a recent story out of Ohio: A ninth-grade girl wrestler who identifies as a boy is charging “gender” discrimination. Her high school wrestling coach told her she couldn’t change in the boys’ locker room because she is a girl. Her mother said the coach’s “outing” her as a female to her classmates was both humiliating and a violation of confidential medical records! (Don’t believe your lying eyes, boys!)

The girl states that a boy classmate wrestler likewise discriminated against her: He told her he wouldn’t wrestle her because he didn’t want to grab her female bottom. If the other boys on the team didn’t already know she was a girl, they’d soon find out she was missing some male body parts. (Of all sports, wrestling has got to be the least suited for co-ed teams.)

The girl says she is “about 70 percent through [her] transition.” That statement plus an online photo imply she has already had a double mastectomy, and her lowered voice reveals she’s been on testosterone for some time. This is shocking given that she’s only in the ninth grade. Imagine the effect on adolescent boys when they see her mastectomy scars in the locker room.

To the unenlightened observer, it would seem the coach and classmate are guilty of nothing more than respecting the girl as a female. They refused to deny the biological truth of her genitals and observed common decency, guarding her modesty. But she apparently wanted to be grabbed on the mat and ogled in the locker room while claiming that bodily differences are of no consequence. That reveals a mental disorder.

The TV station covering the story adhered to trans doctrine and sheepishly followed GLAAD’s instructions to journalists on fantasy pronoun use. From the Fox 19 report:

A freshman wrestler at Wilmington High School said he left the team after a coach revealed his transgender identity in front of his classmates.

Aiden Pogue-Krabacher claims Coach Kelly Tolliver “outed” him to the entire wrestling team. Tolliver made it clear that he didn’t want Aiden changing in the boy’s locker room and insisted that Aiden was a girl, the teen claims. The Wilmington School Board confirms the incident is under investigation.

Aiden said he told Tolliver that he was not a girl, but the coach “still proceeded to say, ‘yes you are’ and kicked me out,” Aiden said. He was then forced to change in the visiting girl’s locker room. After finding out he was trans, other wrestlers threatened and bullied Aiden. His mom claims the coach did nothing about it.

There is no detail on the alleged threats and bullying. But if there were a real safety issue (and not just name-calling), why do the girl and her mother persist with the trans identification fantasy? Where does common sense come in?

How ironic this story is in this age of #MeeToo-ism. Females are demanding that hands-off, no-wink, no-exceptions policies be applied to men. Female gymnasts just got their team doctor jailed for touching them inappropriately. Yet trans girl wrestlers who want to be boys are asking to be grabbed in the crotch, and if a boy wrestler doesn’t want to go there and the coach doesn’t want her undressing in a locker room full of teenage boys, they are guilty of discrimination. (Is it beyond imagining that teenage boys may find it difficult to behave politely around a naked girl?)

Public restrooms and adult locker rooms

It’s bad enough this madness is proliferating in schools. What about men’s restrooms and locker rooms? Men’s spaces are the forgotten victims in the Bathroom Wars.

A goal for many trans females is to stand to urinate. (Why this is, only they may know.) They use “stand-to-pee” devices, shaped and colored to look like a penis with testicles. Female-to-male websites recommend practicing before using a device in a public restroom. (A practical question arises as to how and when the device is washed out after use in the men’s restroom without attracting attention and giving away one’s biological sex.) The few trans women who have had artificial penises attached reportedly have problems, as well. (The attachments don’t look convincing and often have leakage issues.)

ALT TEXT Scene from a sales video for "transgender" devices.

How will men react to seeing all this? It would be natural to feel very uncomfortable around these mentally disturbed pretenders.

Female-to-male transgenders are obviously aware they are in danger on some level when using men’s private spaces. The stress that they experience is clear in a document at the Transgender Law Center which discusses “Peeing in Peace” in the men’s room:

This is not a social space. Nobody talks or makes eye contact with anyone else. People don’t stand next to each other at urinals unless they are all filled. Usually folks in the men’s room stand in line in the middle of the bathroom. If you need a stall and there are none, pretend you just came in to wash your hands.

Don’t feel out of place for using a stall. People who use the men’s room sit down sometimes too and will use a stall whether or not the urinals are full. If you need to sit down to pee and are worried that someone will notice, try using a can lid or medicine spoon to stand. You can also try one of the various stand-to-pee devices, such as the Mango product or the DJ Knows Dick Pissin’ Passin’ Packer.…

If you are feeling nervous when entering a bathroom, take a deep breath and remind yourself that there’s nothing wrong with you and that you have the right to be there as much as anyone else does. If necessary, keep taking deep breaths and repeat the phrase, “I belong here” in your mind while you are in the bathroom....

In some places, the best bathroom strategy is simply to avoid potential conflict altogether by just not being seen. In order to use the bathroom quickly without attracting anybody’s attention use the bathroom when it is empty; use the stall or urinal closest to the door; don’t look at or speak to anyone; wait until everyone leaves before coming out of the stall; dry your hands on your way out the door….

If you are feeling safe and bold, try confronting bathroom harassers directly. People might not expect you to stand up for yourself, so that when you do, you shock them into leaving you alone. If they stare at you, stare back. If they look like they might say something rude, be the first one to say something – even just “hello”. If they question your choice in bathrooms, tell them, “I am transgender and I have a right to be here, deal with it.”

The document also advises the trans female to “bring a buddy with you” for safety. Why do they want to put themselves in situations where there may be a harassing or violent reaction to their presence?

But they forge ahead, crashing men’s spaces everywhere. How safe will they be in highway rest areas, sports arena men’s rooms, or athletic facility locker rooms? Sadly, their abnormal behavior may just trigger a male who has had too much to drink or who is simply a ruffian. This is uncharted territory and these women will at a minimum spark men’s dismay and repulsion.


Men’s privacy and modesty are being violated. But that doesn’t matter anymore.

Transgender demands take precedence

Powerful forces are behind this attack on common sense. States and locales are passing “gender identity” non-discrimination laws and ordinances covering public accommodations. The US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) declares transgender restroom use a “health and safety matter”:

Restricting employees to using only restrooms that are not consistent with their gender identity, or segregating them from other workers by requiring them to use gender-neutral or other specific restrooms, singles those employees out and may make them fear for their physical safety. Bathroom restrictions can result in employees avoiding using restrooms entirely while at work, which can lead to potentially serious physical injury or illness.

The agency has kowtowed to the radical Human Rights Campaign’s advice which makes it clear that transgender individuals take precedence over everyone else and deserve special rights:

Allow employees to access gender-segregated facilities such as locker rooms and bathrooms corresponding to the gender with which they identify. Co-workers uncomfortable with a transgender employee’s use of the same restroom or locker room should be advised to use separate facilities.

Use of separate, set-aside facilities is considered harmful to a trans person, but not to a mentally healthy person. The latter is told there’s something wrong with him if he is uncomfortable losing his privacy and peace of mind. He needs to use the separate facility.

Trans activists are focused on disruption, not safety

Transgender activists claim there’s an epidemic of violence against trans individuals. This exaggeration has been debunked (for example here). Still, these agitators are playing the safety card for all it’s worth. They say they need to use the restroom “matching their gender identity” for safety reasons. But when it comes to trans females’ actual safety, their common sense has gone out the window.

Trans girls are irrationally putting themselves into unsafe situations with the blessing of the adult activists who back them at every step. Trans women want to pee at men’s urinals. Girls and women are encouraged to enter spaces holding psychological and possibly physical danger for them.

This intentional risk-taking exposes the phoniness of the “safety” card played by LGBT activists for decades. It was Kevin Jennings, founder of GLSEN (Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network) who first floated the idea in the 90’s that LGBT students faced danger in schools. His solution was to incorporate gay clubs, “safe zones,” and LGBT curriculum. It was a sly scheme that brought gay and transgender indoctrination into the education system.

“Safety” will also be used as an excuse to remove children from parents who don’t go along with trans ideology’s science denial. The NEA and Human Rights Campaign, and the Massachusetts Department of Education have laid out circumstances where trans students will need to be protected from their own parents. A judge in Ohio has recently removed a teen from her parents’ custody because they objected to her transitioning.

Don’t be persuaded by trans demands for safety. If our society is really concerned about safety, transgender madness needs to stop now. People need to shout “Halt!” Maybe some men will speak out in defense of the wrestling coach in Ohio!
Social chaos is the goal of the manipulators pushing the transgender movement. Disruption gives the controllers more to control.

Amy Contrada is the research directof of MassResistance. She is the author of Mitt Romney’s Deception (2011) and various MassResistance reports. She has degrees from Tufts, Brown, plus a Diploma in Violin Making. See for some of her openly attributed writing.

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