Houston MassResistance parents confront the library – on the way to “Drag Queen Story Hour” victory

Fearlessly turning up the heat!

Rabid LGBT activists, corrupt library officials, and even police try to stop parents.

February 27, 2019

Part 2 of 3
(Caution: Some explicit language below.)

ALT TEXT This Texas MassResistance mother is not afraid to speak out about this insane situation!

As we reported in Part 1, several pro-family groups had been battling the harmful “Drag Queen Story Hour” (DQSH) event in Houston, Texas since July 2018. In November 2018, Houston MassResistance parents jumped into the fight by directly confronting the city council and mayor during the public comment section at their meetings. After a three-month battle, Houston MassResistance played a major part in forcing the “Drag Queen Story Hour” to move out of the Houston Public Library.

But a big part of that was also taking the fight right to the library itself! This was probably the most stressful part of it. But it had to be done, and the Houston MassResistance parents were not backing down!

ALT TEXT The Freed-Montrose Public Library in Houston.

As we’ve described, in Houston, Texas, the “Drag Queen Story Hour” (DQSH) in the public library – targeting young children with transgender and homosexual propaganda – is among the most depraved and aggressive in the country. Trying to stop it means going up against the Houston City Council, library officials, and the militant LGBT movement in that city. It’s not a fight for weaklings!

Protesting outside the “Drag Queen” events

Last fall, Houston MassResistance joined other groups protesting outside of the monthly “Drag Queen Story Hour” events. They first showed up in October, then stepped up their presence in November and December.

ALT TEXT This is a message that a LOT of parents have wanted to say at times like this.
ALT TEXT "Fireman not Drag Queen - when reading to kids!"

A full-court press on the Houston Public Library!

Those protests were just the beginning. Houston MassResistance launched a range of activities taking on the library and the event. The more our people got involved, the more sleaze, dishonesty, and corruption they found surrounding this.

LGBT activists converge at library to intimidate the parents

We continue to ask: Why is it that these adults (mostly without children of their own) are so powerfully obsessed with pushing their LGBT propaganda on other people’s children? It’s pretty scary to think about. The national LGBT movement puts enormous resources and energy into these kinds of programs.

When word got out that Houston MassResistance would be joining the protests outside the library, a vicious army of LGBT activists began showing up to intimidate our people.

It also appeared that some of these people were part of Antifa-like domestic terrorist groups. But Houston MassResistance and the other pro-family people didn’t back down a bit.

How did they know that we would be there? One of them admitted that the library officials had contacted them and asked them to organize and come! The LGBT activists were even given a permit to counter-protest on library property, while pro-family people had to stand on the sidewalk or on the side of the street.

ALT TEXT Outside the library this drag queen admitted, "The library contacted us just a couple of weeks ago because of all the news they were hearing about the protesters coming in. So we decided that we needed to meet here to be a "welcoming committee."

Some of the pro-LGBT activists even got young children involved the protests. And of course, note their recurring theme of “hate” – meaning that they can’t defend their actions in any other way, so they are reduced to name-calling.

ALT TEXT A photo posted on social media by a pro-LGBT activist who was "counter-protesting" outside the library.
ALT TEXT The LGBT activists put up a long "rainbow wall" outside of the library to try to intimidate the parents.
ALT TEXT Note the sign: "Now it's PRIDE every month," referring to the Drag Queen Story Hour targeting young children.

The LGBT activists (and drag queens themselves) also stepped up their social media attacks. However, that's what revealed the most about them!

This social media post shows who the real haters are. Note that the LGBT gang has no problem getting photos of the Drag Queen event - and posting them even with the children's images.
We debated about including this social media post. It's by one of the Drag Queens who reads to the children in the Houston library -- who are being defended by the public officials and LGBT activists as "positive role models" who are "promoting reading and tolerance" for children."

But despite all this, ultimately we got our message out loud and clear! They hated it!

Moving forward!

Finally, in February 2019, there was another round of strong public testimony at the Houston City Council meeting. Our people presented them with even more horrific information about the Drag Queen event and how it’s being run. After that, we found out that the authorities had finally backed down. The monthly Drag Queen event was being moved from the Houston Public Library to a nearby “gay” church. In Part 3 we’ll describe exactly what we did in February to make that happen!

Coming up:
Part 3:  How the city council and library finally caved – and what comes next.

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