Washington State MassResistance directly confronts and exposes another hideous “Drag Queen Story Hour”

Depraved event also promoted to children by local elementary school!

Parents NOT afraid of pro-LGBT counter protesters there to intimidate them!

June 29, 2019
ALT TEXT Washington State MassResistance parents outside the library protesting the "Drag Queen" event going on inside.

What happened here could very likely be happening in your local library!

On Monday, June 17, the public library in Des Moines, WA, a suburb between Seattle and Tacoma, planned a “Drag Queen Story Hour” targeting young children. When local parents found out about it, they were particularly angry. As in many other libraries across the country right now, the Des Moines Library was also celebrating “Gay Pride Month.”

But this Drag Queen event went even further. It was being promoted to children by the local elementary school. Three weeks before the event, children in the nearby Midway Elementary School came home with a flyer about the Drag Queen Story Hour. The school apparently had encouraged them to attend. Note the flyer (below) says, "Ages 7 and younger."

ALT TEXT This is what the elementary school children brought home to their parents.

Many parents were shocked that their elementary school would be promoting this to their children. Local parents contacted MassResistance for help, and they began working with the Washington MassResistance chapter.


On May 29, Washington MassResistance encouraged a group of parents to attend the Library Board meeting. But the board members basically brushed aside their concerns without even discussing them.

ALT TEXT Parents gather in the lobby after the Library Board meeting on May 29.

Our Houston MassResistance team stepped in to assist our Washington State group. They began researching the “Drag Queen” – who calls himself “Cookie Couture” – who was slated to read to the children at the event. Not surprisingly, they found many repulsive and pornographic images and other material that he had posted of himself on social media. To say the least, it suggests a very disturbed and sexually deviant person.

ALT TEXT This is just one of the depraved photos that "Cookie Couture" has posted of himself on social media. This is the man the library announced it was bringing in to read to little children, age 7 and under. But it didn't bother the local public officials at all!

Our team at Houston MassResistance put together a 19-page exposé of “Cookie Couture” and emailed it to several of the parents. The parents were outraged and quite angry to find out about all this.

The MassResistance activists emailed the exposé of the Drag Queen to library staff, the Library Board, and other local officials, along with a letter demanding that the event be cancelled. The officials' response was completely the opposite; none of the them had any problems with the event or the foul individual. They saw the X-rated world of drag queens as a perfectly legitimate topic for libraries to introduce to young children. They were even contemptuous of the parents’ outrage over it.

It hurts to say it, but this unfortunately reflects the moral compass of many people across the country who are attracted to library work, and also many local public officials, we have observed.

ALT TEXT Far-left buzzwords: This sign outside the library reflects the radical "social justice" mindset that parents are up against. Everything is permissible and good (except traditional values).

The parents fight back – June 15 protest

It was time to do something! Working with Washington MassResistance, the angry parents decided to hold a protest outside the library on Saturday, June 15 – two days before the Drag Queen event – to let the public know that there was opposition to what was coming.

ALT TEXT The pro-family protesters were boldly wearing these stickers!

The local pro-LGBT activists found out about the protest and a group of them showed up also. They were from PFLAG, a national group targeting children that pushes homosexual and transgender programs in schools and communities across the country.

But the MassResistance parents weren’t intimidated. It was a great protest and they had a powerful message! They also demanded background checks of the “readers” to children.

ALT TEXT The Washington State MassResistance parents came out to make a statement!
ALT TEXT Reading aloud their demand for background checks for the "Drag Queens" reading to children.

The LGBT activists came to intimidate our people, but it didn't work!

ALT TEXT One of PFLAG's slick signs.

As we all know, LGBT activists can be very nasty people, especially when it comes opposition to their programs with children. A few of them threw eggs at the parents outside the library.

ALT TEXT Yes, they actually threw eggs at the pro-family parents!

A lot of local citizens who came to the library that day got the pro-family message. But the library officials refused to cancel the event or even agree to conduct background checks to the “Drag Queens.”

Show of force at the “Drag Queen” event!

Washington MassResistance continued to keep parents organized and informed for the June 17 Drag Queen event. Three activities were planned for that day:

First, there was a barrage of phone calls to the library that day from local parents complaining. That was quite successful.

Second, several parents demonstrated outside the library before and during the event – to make a point to the patrons that day.

ALT TEXT Outside the front door of the library.
ALT TEXT The yello sign says, "Vote NO on the Next Library Tax Levy." It's next to some repulsive photos of the "Drag Queen." This will surely be an upcoming election issue!

They immediately noticed several police cars pulled up to the library. Apparently the police had heard there might be trouble.


And the police were right. A large group of rabid, clearly angry LGBT activists also gathered outside the library with signs, to support the event and try to intimidate the parents. Many of them were shrieking and shouting. It even included an Antifa group from Seattle.

ALT TEXT The LGBT crowd filled the area in front of the library, chanting and occasionally shrieking.
ALT TEXT Another drag queen? It's hard to tell!

And inside the event – photos and video!

The third part of the plan was for a few parents to get inside the event and take photos and video.

As people walked into the library, copies of the LGBT children’s books that the “Drag Queen” would be reading were prominently displayed.

"Willow and the Wedding." - her favorite uncle and his boyfriend's wedding. Note the two men standing under the tree.
"Not all Princesses Dress in Pink" - obviously a gender-bending theme. The book says that girls want to wear boys' clothes and play with boys' toys.
"Tutus Aren't My Style" - another gender bending theme for young children. A girl decides to make her own rules about how to be a ballerina.

The Drag Queen event was pretty gut-wrenching to sit through. It was really hard to believe that people would do this to their young children, and that public officials would be putting it on.

It started with a welcome by an openly homosexual elected county official who said, "I'm proud that our library is a safe and welcoming place for everyone."
... And then he hugged the drag queen.

The attendees appeared to be mostly pro-LGBT people from other places, who bring their children to these kinds of events. They clearly don’t care that their “Drag Queen” has such a repulsive background – which would easily turn away most parents. This is why so-called “gay parenting” is so frightening to people.

ALT TEXT Reading to the kids. Note the kids are wearing crowns to help them get into the idea of imitating drag "queens" or "kings."
ALT TEXT It's almost a joke how obvious it is that this is a very disturbed man in a dress and a wig. But to the other adults in the room, he's fine – and they are even pleased to have him near their children!

Final thoughts

The library, the town officials, and even the angry LGBT hooligans got the message that parents are willing to stand up to this. It’s very important that good people do this.

The most difficult thing for most people to digest is how their public officials are willing to bring this kind of horror show before young children. “What is going on in their minds?” is a question more of us should be asking.

More action in Washington State to come!

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