Creepy “Drag Queen” at Dallas public library reads book “What color is your underwear” to small children (see video!) as MassResistance holds strong protest outside.

Fighting an organized effort to harm those who are most vulnerable – young children

A VERY disturbing “Drag Queen Story Hour” event

During protest: Great speech by licensed therapist (see video)!

July 19, 2019
ALT TEXT People are really getting tired of their public libraries being used to push a poisonous agenda on young children.

The “Drag Queen” disruptions in public libraries across the country are becoming more frightening and weird. But parents and citizens are fighting back!


 A bizarre pair of “Drag Queens” led a disturbing “Drag Queen Story Hour” event at the Grauwyler Park Public Library in Dallas, TX on July 13. A few of our people were inside documenting it, but a much larger group, organized by our new Dallas chapter of MassResistance, held a rousing protest outside.

ALT TEXT The Grauwyler Park Public Library in Dallas, TX is the latest to betray the citizens who support it.

Inside at “Drag Queen Story Hour” event

This event pushed the envelope even beyond the usual perversion.

A particularly creepy part was when one of the Drag Queens read “What color is your underwear” to the young kids. It’s a shabby looking children’s book that is not specifically LGBT-themed but has a troubling focus – given what we know about “Drag Queens.” In the book, various animals show the others their underwear. At the end the elephant says, “I’m not wearing any underwear.” Is this a subliminal encouragement for the young children? At one point the “Drag Queen” reader blurted out, “Oh, don’t moon me!”

You can watch it here:

VIDEO: Creepy 'Drag Queen' reads to children - "What color is your underwear" (3 min 30 sec)

The library staff also set up a table to give out Drag Queen coloring book pages to the young children.

ALT TEXT Giving out Drag Queen coloring book pages and crayons to the children.

Just being inside this event was a bit traumatizing for our people, and they were glad when it was finally done.

ALT TEXT Drag Queens "Jenna Skyy" and "Cassi Nova" at the Story Time event.
ALT TEXT So-called "gay parenting" is a disturbing concept for good reason. Note: The symbol at the top of the shirt (blue-pink-white stripes) is the transgender flag.

One of our MassResistance activists later asked one of the librarians: Who selected the books to be read to the kids at the Drag Queen event? We were told that the books, including “What color is your underwear,” were personally chosen by the main librarian. The librarian told us that they consider this event simply a form of “entertainment” – similar to reading the story “Cinderella” to kids.

The librarian told us that “background checks” had been done on the Drag Queens. Really? Our Texas MassResistance team did some social media research on the two “Drag Queens” who were there: Check out “Cassi Nova” aka James Gary Love and “Jenna Skyy” aka Joel S Hoselton. (Both of these men appear to be wearing a body-colored chest attachment with make-up to make it appear that they have women’s breasts.)

ALT TEXT From Cassi Nova's social media posts. Obviously, the library has different standards for passing "background checks" than the rest of us would.
ALT TEXT Note the money jammed in his phony cleavage (that seems to be slipping).

Not surprisingly, the people who brought kids to this appeared to be “gay” couples and their pro-LGBT friends.

A strong protest outside!

These “Drag Queen Story Hours” being held across the country are definitely not meant to be entertainment. They target small children as young as 3 years old. The admitted goal is to program children’s minds – to “give kids glamorous, positive, and unabashedly queer role models” and to encourage young children to “defy rigid gender restrictions.” Parents are angry and outraged that these are being run and promoted by public libraries. This is an attack on children and their families by the LGBT movement.

Our new Dallas MassResistance chapter organized a vigorous protest outside the event which lined the street in front of the building. Approximately 50-75 people showed up and definitely made their voices heard.

ALT TEXT The protest reached far down the street in front of the library.
ALT TEXT Not afraid to say it like it is ...

Churches also got involved!

ALT TEXT Pastor Stephen Broden (left) is Senior Pastor at Fair Park Bible Fellowship Church in Dallas. He spoke to the other protesters in support of their efforts.
ALT TEXT A Catholic group, America Needs Fatima, brought some banners and parishoners who prayed the rosary.

Interestingly, the Dallas area Antifa organization at first threatened, via social media posts, to come and confront the pro-family people. But when the MassResistance people made it clear they weren’t afraid, Antifa’s threat fizzled out and only about five mild counter-protesters showed up and mostly kept their distance.

ALT TEXT The big, bad "Antifa" group only mustered five people. They're not real brave when they're outnumbered by folks who openly aren't afraid of them. So they mostly just stood by themselves near the front of the library. (The person on the right is draped in the transgender flag.)

Licensed therapist joins the protest and warns people

David Pickup, a nationally-known professional licensed family therapist located in the Dallas area, came and joined the protest. Among other things, David helps children going through trauma caused by issues from sexual molestation. He gave a powerful speech about what the dangerous psychological effects that these insidious “Drag Queen” programs can have on the minds of young children.

Watch the video here:

VIDEO: David Pickup addresses protest outside 'Drag Queen' event in Dallas - describing how these sexualized programs affect children. (6 min)

Dallas MassResistance definitely sent a message in that city last Saturday!

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