Boston "Straight Pride" Parade attracts flood of lunatic Antifa attackers

Part 2: The parade – floats and marchers

More police marched with the parade than actual participants!

See video below.

September 26, 2019

This was the most heavily guarded "fun" parade that the world has probably ever seen.

The parade wasn't very big, but included two elements that the Left simply cannot allow: a parody of "gay pride" and support for President Trump. That with a bunch of happy participants was more than any totalitaritian could stand!

ALT TEXT At the front of the parade were two rows of police with bicycles.
ALT TEXT The police with bicycles were immediately followed by a Sheriff's van and a phalanx of police marching.
ALT TEXT The first float - bearing a "straight pride" sign and a man in a Santa Claus suit...
ALT TEXT This really set off the Leftie snowflakes - the official "Straight Lives Matter" mascot!
ALT TEXT The big float was promoting "Trump 2020 / Build the Wall" and of course needed heavy police guard on all sides!
ALT TEXT Some of the incendiary (to the Leftists) signs on the Trump float!
ALT TEXT An American flag car certainly needed protection!
ALT TEXT Then came some regular folks marchng. A lot of American flags, and several Israel flags, to further incite the libs.
ALT TEXT There was an interesting diversity of signs.
ALT TEXT This is just a small sample of the vitriol from the "tolerant" Left. For more, see the video below!
ALT TEXT At the end was the truck towing the "Super Happy Fun America" float with a few of the parade organizers. Of course, that needed police protection also!
ALT TEXT Super Happy Fun America!
ALT TEXT Police protecting the back of the parade.
ALT TEXT The parade was immediately followed by several busses of police to help the law enforcement people already there protect the speeches at City Hall Plaza.

===== VIDEO: =====

The Boston Straight Pride Parade - showered by Antifa abuse (4:47 min)
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