The Teen Talk Curriculum:

Values Clarification

"Values Clarification" is very sophisticated propaganda meant to change children’s sense of right and wrong, and to indoctrinate them in the sexual radical’s value system. Students are easily manipulated through these techniques because of their youth and lack of sophistication.

If your child starts coming home with values and beliefs completely contrary to the moral foundation that you taught him, it is likely the result of a values clarification program.


One common values clarification technique used on students involves presenting a list of statements that are supposedly neutral. The class is then are then asked discuss whether students agree or disagree with them.

However, the statements are all worded to give the subliminal message that the “norm” is a person being very sexually active and open to homosexual relationships and behaviors. The teacher subtly (or not subtly) reinforces this underlying message. The “discussion” revolves around which students disagree. But students who see all these statements with the same message will tend to feel that maybe there’s something wrong of “not normal” with them if they disagree too much.


Another technique (below) is to bring up questions for the class where all the possible answers lean in the preferred direction. In the case below, answers such as “There is no such thing as birth-assigned gender” or “It’s a mental or emotional dysfunction” are not listed. Thus, the student will think he is abnormal if his conclusion is completely outside of the acceptable scope.


This technique (below) involves having students affirmatively write down things might that go against their parents’ beliefs (or their own). Getting the “correct” answers for the instructor has the psychological effect of bringing the idea into acceptance.


Talking to your parents about sex – What’s the harm in that, you might ask? But that’s not really where this is leading. The lesson says that students should “identify a trusted adult” – not necessarily a parent – with whom they can discuss confidential sexual issues. Steering kids into sharing sexual discussions with a “trusted adult” who isn’t a parent originated in the LGBT organizations targeting schoolchildren. It leads to very destructive outcomes. At the very least, it brings kids farther from their parents’ values and closer to a radical adult’s sexual values.


Values clarification techniques have been used by radical school programs for decades and, unfortunately, are quite effective. Parents must not allow it!

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