“World AIDS Day” vs. the Truth

Schoolchildren - and society - are being given deadly messages for the sake of political correctness and a radical movement

December 8, 2019
ALT TEXT One of the logos for World AIDS Day 2019. The well-crafted message is about everyone around the world loving each other - NOT about avoiding the behaviors that cause AIDS!

On December 1, the 21st annual “World AIDS Day” was observed around the globe – particularly in schools and on college campuses. Except for “Pride Month” in June, it is the LGBT movement’s biggest ideological push on society. It is also the most dishonest – in a deadly way.

LGBT activists, and their enablers in the medical establishment, hope that playing the sympathy card will cover up the fact that the biggest risk for getting HIV/AIDS is still anal intercourse – the prime sex practice of “men who have sex with men” (i.e., “gays,” bisexual men, and other men who practice sodomy).

For over a decade, MassResistance has fought back and tried to educate people about this. We recommend our 2017 book, The Health Hazards of Homosexuality, for an in-depth treatment of the subject no one else wants to touch.

[Caution: Some graphic descriptions below.]

The worldwide AIDS problem

HIV/AIDS is a horrible disease that brings a slow, excruciating death. About 1.2 million people in the US have HIV. Nearly 38 million people around the world are infected. Almost 2 million more people contract it annually, including about 40,000 in the US.

The disease is spread overwhelmingly through homosexual behavior. Two-thirds of new HIV/AIDS cases are from male-to-male homosexual sex, i.e., sodomy (anal intercourse). About one-quarter of new infections are from heterosexual sex – usually a female getting it from an infected male. Seven percent of new cases are from injecting drugs using infected (shared) needles. 

Shockingly, about 21 percent of all the new HIV/AIDS cases are in young people ages 13-24 (primarily males).

As many as 1/6 of people with HIV/AIDS are unaware that they have it, so they are likely spreading it to others. Of those who know they are infected, only two-thirds are taking anti-HIV medications to attempt to “control” the disease so it does not progress to AIDS.

The real cause of the spread of AIDS is something that society must not ignore!

The “World AIDS Day” propaganda machine

As with everything else it does, instead of telling people the truth, the powerful LGBT movement uses “World AIDS Day” as a propaganda tool. It is largely targeted at young people whom – they hope – will not be dissuaded from partaking in anal sex. Rather than talking about how the disease is spread, they create an emotional campaign portraying HIV-positive people as victims of a cruel and heartless society.

For example, the Human Rights Campaign, the world’s largest LGBT organization, prominently promotes “A Student’s Guide to World AIDS Day.” It describes the “fight” against HIV/AIDS:

World AIDS Day is an opportunity for students in the United States and abroad to show their support for people living with and affected by HIV … it is particularly important for college and university students to make their voices heard and organize efforts to raise HIV awareness on their campuses.

It steers students into unproductive activities such as holding a candlelight vigil, displaying an AIDS quilt, setting up a kissing booth, and giving speeches about people living with AIDS.

It also sugests outrageously misguided (and potentially dangerous) activities such as:

Organize a health fair where students can learn how to have safer and more pleasurable sex ... it might be a good idea to order condoms and lube and make them available to your attendees.

What people are NOT being told

People are not being told that all homosexual sex is a dangerous perversion that should be completely avoided. As recently as 2009, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration website still posted former Surgeon General Koop’s warning that “anal intercourse is simply too dangerous to practice.”

People are not learning that “gay” and bisexual men account for over 70% of new HIV infections (while comprising only 2-3% of the population).

They are also not told that in actual use condoms are highly unreliable for HIV/AIDS prevention, especially when used during anal sex.

Here’s what your children are being told instead

Young people are getting terribly dangerous messages from their schools and other authorities, as well as government-sanctioned LGBT groups.

Sex-ed courses being taught in schools are telling children that anal sex is just another “normal” form of sex (equating it with vaginal intercourse).

ALT TEXT This is from the "Teen Talk" sex-ed curriculum used in California schools. Similar lessons are in schools across America.

In addition, high schools and middle school students are repeatedly told to “use condoms” for “protection” when having anal sex.

ALT TEXT This "how to" flyer was given out at "Youth Pride" in Boston - an event for high school and middle school students. It's from BAGLY, an LGBT organization targeting children as young as 12.
ALT TEXT This package includes a condom and lubricant for anal sex. It was given out to high school and middle school students at "Youth Pride" in Boston.
ALT TEXT These "female" condoms are regularly given out to boys at Youth Pride events - to insert in their rectums before engaging in anal sex.

LGBT groups are also bombarding kids as young as middle school age to “get checked for HIV/AIDS” as frequently as possible – as if that were some kind of magic bullet.

ALT TEXT This is one of many flyers by LGBT groups offering free HIV/AIDS tests to high school and middle school students. Given out at "Youth Pride" event in Boston.
ALT TEXT Shockingly, Children's Hospital in Boston is among the worst in giving young people (ages 13 and up) the message that "safer" anal sex and "testing" will keep them healthy. A Children's Hospital representative told MassResistance that they do NOT involve the parents of minor children because it's "confidential."

There is no attempt to dissuade people from partaking in anal sex. Rather, the implication is that it can be engaged in somewhat safely (if condoms are used and if you get tested often) – and if one contracts HIV, it’s not such a big deal anymore. This is a dangerous, deadly lie.

This bizarre flyer from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health was passed out at Youth Pride in Boston. Note that it's about "lowering" the HIV risk, not eliminating it. Note also that staying away from all sexual behavior is NOT one of the points. Plus, the pamphlet implies that one can have HIV and stay "healthy" - which is not true!

HIV/AIDS drugs being marketed as prevention – or a sort of “cure”

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control agency (CDC) is pushing the idea that “men who have sex with men” can avoid getting HIV/AIDS if they take a daily medication called PrEP. It is marketed as effectively preventing HIV nearly 100% of the time if taken as prescribed.

PrEP is being heavily promoted, and the federal government is even picking up the tab for men who don’t have prescription drug coverage. It essentially has given the green light to homosexual men to continue to engage in anal intercourse – the riskiest practice of all for contracting HIV. This message is also being told to youth.

ALT TEXT "One Pill a Day Can Help Prevent HIV." This card was passed out at Youth Pride in Boston - looking for young people to try the PrEP medication for "research" purposes.

There are also medications being marketed which aim to keep the HIV infection from progressing into full AIDS.

Much of this is, of course, experimental and dependent on no new strains of HIV.

Major drug companies are making a lot of money marketing these medicines to mitigate the disease in those who have it and prevent it in those who don’t. Given these new tools, the CDC’s hope was that the yearly number of new HIV infections would continue to decline. However, this has not happened. The CDC is now admitting that their efforts to reduce new infections has “plateaued” and that “there is a real risk of an HIV resurgence.”

They blame this partly on “complacency” about the disease (because of the new medicines) plus the uptick in injected drug use following on the opioid crisis. (So now, the HHS is now helping to fund needle exchange programs in cities around the country!)

But many find it hard to stay on HIV/AIDS medicines for a number of reasons, including the often horrible side effects. And even with these medications, their life expectancy will still likely be reduced.

This is a magazine catering to HIV-positive men. It was handed out at the Youth Pride event in Boston.

Unfortunately, young people are being led to believe that the new drugs will either entirely prevent infection, or help them to lead a “healthy” life if they do become infected. This is a deadly lie.

But how much blame should go to the failure of medical authorities everywhere to tell people to Just Say NO to anal intercourse?

MassResistance: Presenting facts and demanding action

Beyond being the main conduit for HIV/AIDS transmission, homosexual sex practices bring a wide range of other serious medical and psychological problems. Cancers, hepatitis, other sexually-transmitted diseases, tuberculosis, rectal trauma, depression, anxiety, and suicidality are all disproportionately seen in the LGBT population.

But World AIDS Day wants our conversation to focus instead on testing, condoms, “stigma,” and emotional stories about people with the disease.

Among pro-family groups, MR is virtually alone in confronting school boards and administrators and elected officials about the dangers of the LGBT lifestyle – and demanding that it should not be portrayed as “normal” in any classes or programs, and that the true medical facts be taught to our vulnerable children (and everyone else)!

For more information, we recommend our book, The Health Hazards of Homosexuality, that tells the truth about homosexual practices. Our 600-page, heavily-sourced work has been endorsed by prominent physicians and is a rare compendium on a subject that is widely censored.

ALT TEXT This is the book that every school should have!
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