Pornographic, homosexual, and transgender themed books in middle school library

Kids frightened, parents outraged

One principled teacher stood up and revealed this – others were silent

Part 2 of our series on a middle school in Ludlow, MA [Part 1 here]

June 30, 2021
ALT TEXT The Baird Middle School Library in Ludlow, MA, (right) includes books that parents knew nothing about - until recently! School libraries are NOT "safe spaces."

We all can remember enjoying books when we were 11, 12, or 13 years old. In many ways, the books we read shaped our interests and character. They educated and uplifted us. We read about American history, sports, science, art and music, and devoured all sorts of fiction and biographies. Books were a window to the world.

But in recent years, so-called “educators” have been purposefully polluting school libraries with “children’s” books to please their own perverse agendas. To call these books psychologically harmful is a huge understatement. In fact, these adults have no interest in how this material harms the minds of children. (It seems clear that many of them are purposely corrupting youth - essentially grooming them to accept these sexual practices.) And parents rarely are aware of this.

But at the Baird Middle School in Ludlow, MA, things began to erupt as the 2019 school year began. The librarian and the head of the English department brought books into classrooms with instructions to teachers that the children should be given time to read them there.

On Sept. 5, the mother of a sixth-grade girl sent this email to the Principal:

[My daughter] just shared some appalling information with me that requires your most immediate attention. There's a bookshelf in Ms Russo's room that contains a book with pornographic content.

[My daughter] was told to pick a book to read. She described sexual content including a boy performing oral sex on another boy and other sexual interactions. [My daughter] was embarrassed and returned the book to the shelf after being instructed to do so, without notifying anyone.

I've worked very hard my entire parental life to maintain very open communication but at the same time, protecting her from this type of inappropriate content because I know the mental/emotional and psychological damages that this can cause by exposing her at this age. I am so disappointed. This is unacceptable. And this is not how I expected to begin her middle school years.

It's not clear what the Principal’s response was to this parent. But word quickly got around to other parents. They were incensed as they began to see these books.

One of the Social Studies teachers, Bonnie, noticed that a boy in her class had been reading one of the books, Sex is a Funny Word. Here’s what she saw:

The boy had been showing pictures from the book to other students. He began to put his hand up his shirt and rub his nipples. He proceeded to rub his hand over his pants on his genitals.

Bonnie read the book herself and was shocked and outraged.

Sex is a Funny Word is aimed at young teenagers. There is promotion of underage drinking, sexual promiscuity/multiple partners, masturbation, and profane language. It introduces “gay or lesbian … asexual or queer.” It tells children that “sex is like a carnival or fair” … “every family and community has its own rules about being naked … most boys get erections.” (We will have a larger discussion of this book coming up.)

Another teacher told Bonnie about a book that appeared in her class which involved a scene in which a boy said that his virgin girlfriend will not have sex with him but she “gives a really good blow-job.” She said it was very upsetting.

As a principled Christian, Bonnie was determined not to be intimidated from finding out more and speaking up when necessary.

More disturbing books found

Bonnie soon noticed other books being circulated for the kids in Baird Middle School that made her cringe. Many of these books involve children who "liberate" from their unenlightened religious parents by engaging in homosexuality:

Kiss Number 8
A book in comic-book form. After going to church with her family, a girl goes home and has sex with her boyfriend. Then she realizes she really wants to kiss her girlfriend instead, so they go into a car and kiss passionately. A sample scene is below:
ALT TEXT A lesbian kiss in "Kiss Number 8."
A high school girl is raped at a party by an older boy at that school, and then later has to interact with him.
A thirteen-year-old girl is sold into child sex slavery. The child is raped over and over.
Perfect Chemistry
A novel about teenagers starting sexual relationships. See sample paragraph below:
ALT TEXT Excerpt from "Perfect Chemistry" - for middle schoolers.
A Court of Mist and Fury
A book for young teenagers that reads like a lurid pornographic novel. Sample paragraph below:
ALT TEXT Excerpt from "A Court of Mist and Fury" - for middle schoolers.

And much more. Parents also began finding homosexual and transgender themed books – specifically written for young teenagers - that were brought in for the kids to read. Below are a few of them. There are now over 150 such books in the school library.

Homosexual-themed books

One Man Guy
A boy goes to summer school and falls in love with another boy.
Romeo for Real
A boy with a beautiful girlfriend meets a homosexual at a party and falls in love with him.
It’s Not Like It’s a Secret
A girl decides to be honest with her family about her lesbianism.
The God Box
A born-again Christian boy falls in love with a homosexual who transfers to his high school.
The Other Boy
A twelve-year-old likes pitching for his baseball team. But then someone reveals that he is secretly “gay.”
Two Boys Kissing
Stories about “gay teens” and their love affairs.
Read Me Like a Book
A girl falls in love with Miss Murray, her English teacher.

Transgender-themed books

Some Assembly Required
A seventeen-year-old describes the details of having gone through gender reassignment surgery as a high school student.
If I Was Your Girl
A boy who has transitioned to “become” a girl moves to a new school and falls in love with a boy there.
Rethinking Normal
Nineteen-year-old Katie Hill talks about being born a boy and then undergoing gender reassignment surgery to “become” a girl.
The ABC's of LGBT+
Stories of the “fluency” homosexuality and transgenderism.

The parents were both angry and frightened at all this. How will it affect the emotional development of these children?

The school authorities don’t respect the parents’ belief that this material is damaging their children. They simply don’t care. They are more concerned about keeping the parents from finding out about the books. This is the depraved attitude that we have commonly encountered with teachers and school staff across the country, from elementary schools to high schools.

Next: More complaints – and the Superintendent reacts.

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