The new “woke” GOP: Massachusetts Republican legislators overwhelmingly demand resignation of Orthodox Catholic for expressing traditional belief on homosexuals adopting children.

Also demand resignation of Catholic GOP Party Chairman for not fully agreeing with them!

Part of a vicious, hate-filled attack on a faithful Catholic woman by Republican officials.

The Mass. GOP embraces toxic “cancel culture”.

June 9, 2021
ALT TEXT Campaign ad from homosexual activist Jeffrey Sossa-Paquette. He says he wants to rid "all bigots from the Republican Party ... Now." And the "woke" Mass. GOP officials are falling in line.

In Massachusetts, nearly all the elected Republican state legislators have joined state Party officials and other prominent Republicans in a series of vicious, hate-filled, series of attacks on an Orthodox Catholic member of the GOP State Committee.

At issue is this woman’s disagreement with the LGBT agenda with children. The major holdout is the state Party Chairman, also an Orthodox Catholic – and they are now calling for his resignation for that same reason.


Here’s what happened

Debbie Martell is one of 80 elected members of the Massachusetts Republican State Committee, which runs the state Party. She is a faithful Catholic and a long-time friend of MassResistance.

Jeffrey Sossa-Paquette is an LGBT activist who has decided to run for Congress as a Republican against incumbent Jim McGovern. Sossa-Paquette claims to be the one behind changing the laws in Massachusetts several years ago to allow same-sex couples to adopt. He is very public about his “husband” and adopted children, and brings his “husband” to political events with him. From the beginning of his Congressional campaign, it seems that his primary objective is to push the LGBT agenda further into the GOP.

ALT TEXT Sossa-Paquette (left) and his "husband" are pushing their agenda in the GOP.

Recently, a group of self-described conservatives in western Massachusetts formed a Political Action Committee (PAC) called the WMA-GOP Patriots. Last month they announced that they were holding a fundraiser on May 22 with Sossa-Paquette as a guest speaker. Debbie Martell is on the PAC’s mailing list.

Debbie responded to some of the people on that list via email: “I heard he was a ‘married’ homosexual man, who adopted children. I was sickened to hear this …” She offered to help find a more suitable speaker for a purported conservative group like theirs.

The attacks on Debbie begin

Someone forwarded Debbie’s email to Sossa-Paquette. He exploded the way the LGBT movement usually does - by sending out angry threats directed at Debbie, going to her and others. Here’s what he said: 

I'm putting the BIGOT Debbie Martell on notice I will release a fire storm on any and all bigots within our ranks.  "Debbie" I'm going to make you famous with your own words. You disgust me I promise you this Debbie. The voters will never tolerate Racist Bigots Like you. You picked a fight with the wrong person, this is child's play to me …The illness here is bigotry and hate.

Debbie responded by sending this email to Sossa-Paquette:

Good morning Jeffrey,

I am a Catholic who loves God and His Ten Commandments. I wish the best for every person in the world, including you!  What sickened me was that you adopted children. All children deserve a mom and a dad and that's probably why you had great difficulty adopting them … That's how God designed marriage and the family.

I wish all the best for you!

Debbie Martell

Paquette responded by sending out an email to a wide audience (including Debbie) saying that he had a public relations team and videographer preparing a professional PR attack campaign against Debbie. He also said that members of the GOP State Committee had set up conference calls to gather political support for his attacks on her.

Then, on May 22, the WMA-GOP Patriots PAC went ahead with their fundraiser, with Sossa-Paquette as a keynote speaker. They even sent out an email blast afterwards thanking him for participating.

A threat from a GOP official. Over Memorial Day weekend, Debbie received a disturbing phone call from Tom Mountain, the Vice-Chairman of the State Republican Committee. Mountain ordered her to resign from the State Committee. He said she has no choice, and she has “lost the good will” of her colleagues. He threatened that very bad things would happen to her if she didn’t, including hostile media coming to her house. Of course, Mountain had no power to order her to do anything. Debbie politely declined.

On June 1, Sossa-Packette began his PR attack campaign. It included a nasty video targeting Debbie for her “bigotry and intolerance.” (In addition, he targeted a few local pro-family groups he thought might support her.) He also began raising money from the LGBT movement and leftists across the country, using his attacks on Debbie. Members of the Massachusetts Republican State Committee were helping him get the word out in Massachusetts.

Vicious emails and phone calls

Over the next several days, Debbie received a torrent of incredibly vicious and profane emails and phone calls to her home at all hours of the day. Many of them included threats meant to terrorize her and her family. We have seen many of them. They were so bad that she had to get the local police involved.

Mass. GOP State Committee members pile on

None of the vicious attacks on Debbie seemed to bother the state Republican officials helping to orchestrate this. In fact, they seemed to feel she deserved that treatment. And furthermore, she must also be forced from the State Committee for her “abhorrent” beliefs.

During this time, there were emails circulated between members of the State Committee further condemning Debbie. Shawn Dooley, a State Committee member who is also a State Representative, referred to people with Debbie’s Catholic beliefs regarding homosexuals and children as, “a few uneducated, small-minded fools who detract from what our party should be about.” Others were even more rabid. Committee member Janet Leombruno called Debbie’s beliefs “blind ignorant hate.” GOP Committee member Marty Lamb, who purports to be Jewish, compared Debbie to a Nazi!

It was agreed that all “anti-gay” sentiments are “hateful” and must be purged from the Party. Dooley composed a resolution for State Committee Members to sign, which would be presented at their June 9 meeting. According to press reports, over 30 of the 80 members signed it as of last week. How unbelievably shameful! It ends this way:

RESOLVED that bigoted and hateful beliefs are repulsive, evil, and have no fruitful place in the Massachusetts Republican Party, and

RESOLVED that we urge swift condemnation of any member espousing any such hateful ideology, rhetoric, or action and affirmatively state that they shall find no quarter within the Massachusetts Republican Party and shall not be allowed to serve as an elected member of the Republican Party or run for office as the Party’s nominee.

Here we have the “woke” Republican Party!

Party Chairman is attacked for being neutral. But Party Chairman Jim Lyons, a religious Catholic, refused to insist that Debbie resign. So Sossa-Paquette and his State Committee allies expanded their attacks – to also demand that Lyons resign his Chairmanship! This has now become a main theme of their “outrage.” Lyons, like Debbie, has politely held firm.

The Boston media firestorm

Then came the media attacks. Just after the Memorial Day weekend, a firestorm of articles appeared in the local Boston media attacking Debbie and Jim Lyons. This included, not surprisingly, ultra-RINO Governor Charlie Baker and Lt. Governor Karyn Polito calling for Debbie’s resignation, with Baker saying that her beliefs are “abhorrent and have no place in public discourse.”  

Much of the media strike appeared to be orchestrated by Tom Mountain, who was interviewed in newspapers and on TV. He bragged to Channel 10 TV that he was compelled to telephone Debbie and demand she resign because the Chairman didn’t do it:

MassGOP Vice Chair Tom Mountain had this message for Debbie Martell, the Republican state committeewoman who circulated emails saying the choice of gay Republican congressional candidate Jeffrey Sossa-Paquette and his husband to adopt sickened her: "I told her you must resign, it's over, goodbye."

Mountain added, "What she did was wrong. It was immoral. We don't have any room in the Party for such things. And I'm not going to put up with it."

Mountain's actions stand in contrast to the MassGOP chairman, Jim Lyons, who Sossa-Paquette said responded to his pleas to stop the committeewoman's emails by saying he did not want to get involved.

"Since no message was forthcoming, then the vice chair has to step in and fill the void and, quite frankly, do the right thing," Mountain said.

Mountain was quoted in MSN News stating the reason Debbie must leave:

We don’t want someone who’s anti-gay on our state committee. She made our party look really bad, and she did a bad thing. That’s the bottom line. The time for apologies has come and gone.

Mountain, like others on the State Committee, dishonestly claim to be conservative when speaking at GOP functions and fundraisers. Unfortunately, many people have believed them.

ALT TEXT Tom Mountain (left) brags to a Channel 10 reporter about ordering Debbie to resign from the State Committee.

All the GOP state legislators (except for one) join in the attack

We thought this situation couldn’t get any more odious. We were wrong.

In the Massachusetts State House of Representatives there are 30 Republicans. On June 4, 29 of them signed a bizarre and offensive letter condemning Debbie’s Catholic beliefs and demanding that Lyons resign as Party Chairman if he does not also condemn her. (Only Rep. Marc Lombardo declined to sign it.)

This absurd letter references Abraham Lincoln and the dictum that “all men are created equal.” It talks about “the very fundamental principles of civil liberty” and states that “those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves; and, under a just God, cannot long retain it.” (We’re not sure what all this has to do with sodomy and children, but apparently these State Reps see a connection.)

The letter called Debbie’s Catholic beliefs “inappropriate and disturbing” and said that “we legislators” are not “tolerant of these beliefs and actions.”

It ended by demanding that Lyons condemn her beliefs or resign as Party Chairman. Not surprisingly, the local press enjoyed covering it.

The Massachusetts State Representatives' contact info is HERE.

The Massachusetts GOP State Committee contact info is HERE.

According to press reports, all three Republican members of the State Senate also "condemned Martell’s remarks on Friday and called on party leadership to act."

ALT TEXT Earlier this year Party Chairman Jim Lyons promoted a "free speech" campaign in the State GOP. Obviously, it was rejected by the elected officials!

On Wednesday evening, June 9 (tonight), the State Committee will have its scheduled meeting, covering a number of party issues. It’s likely that Dooley’s distasteful resolution will also be taken up. If so, it will be opposed by many members who are outraged at this reprehensible action. We will let you know what happens.

Final thoughts

The letter that these esteemed elected officials signed conveniently neglected to mention that our Founding Fathers warned us that a republic cannot last without the strength of common Biblical morality. That’s because clearly, none of them believe that.

Debbie Martell is an inspiration to all of us. She has not capitulated to the abominable treatment all these terrible people have heaped on her. Regarding her Catholic faith in this matter, here’s what C.J. Doyle of the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts said:

The Catechism of the Catholic Church, authorized by Pope Saint John Paul II, described homosexual acts as "grave depravity." In Catholic tradition, the sin of impurity against nature is the second of the four sins---after the willful murder of the innocent---which "cry to heaven for vengeance.”

Even Pope Francis has denounced homosexual adoption, criticizing it as discrimination against children.

The members of the Neville Chamberlain caucus of the Massachusetts Legislature fail to understand that organized homosexualism is a totalitarian movement which aims to censor, silence, punish, demonize and suppress anyone who opposes it. Sacrificing Deborah Martell will not protect them from its wrath.

They want to shame, stigmatize and exclude from political life and civil society anyone who expresses natural feelings of revulsion at the act of sodomy, and at the idea that those who practice this form of moral turpitude ought to be entrusted with the care of children.

Those elected officials who signed this letter have gained nothing but the contempt of honest men and women. No one will ever trust them again.

We couldn’t have said it better. The Massachusetts Republicans in the Legislature and members of the State Committee are aggressively opposing what’s right and true, and are joining in the torment of an honest, principled woman to do so.

The fact that these people are making laws while calling themselves “conservatives” should anger everyone. They are pathetic sell-outs to the culture of death.

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