Here’s how to confront your local Library Board when they push pornography on children.

Telling the harsh truth that no one wants to hear.

“You’re perverts. If there wasn’t a loophole in the law you’d all be in jail. You are porn purveyors to kids.”

See hard-hitting video clip below (Caution: strong language)

August 27, 2022

VIDEO: Confronting Idaho Library Board over porn for children (6 min 1 sec)
Note: The screen layout is from the video posted by the Library.

During times like these, a strong dose of hard truth is the first step to success.

Across the country, anguished parents have been pleading with their local library boards to remove a growing tide of obscene and very graphic books – many with homosexual and transgender themes – that are written to sexualize little children and young teenagers.

In Coeur d’Alene, Idaho (just east of Spokane WA), parents have been complaining for months to the local library board about the explicit sexual books in the children’s and teen sections. As in many other parts of the country, the majority of the Board members have either ignored them or have been outwardly hostile and intimidating.

The Library Board (officially called the Community Library Network Board of Trustees ) includes six members, plus the Library Director. Four of the members, including the Chairman, support the obscene children’s books and impede any internal criticism of them. The other two members are shocked at the books but are routinely overruled and silenced by the others.

Over the past year, parents there reached out to MassResistance for help. We recently had a meeting with them about boldly using the truth to deal with the other side’s lies and intimidation. It’s certainly made an impression!

A meeting the Board won’t quickly forget!

The July 18 meeting of the Library Board definitely did not go as they expected (see video above).

Not surprisingly, the meeting began with an attack on the parents. The Library Director presented a formal “rebuttal” to the parents’ complaints about some books during the previous Library Board meeting.

The Library Director said that even though the parents may find part of a children’s book “shocking or provocative,” that needs to be taken “in the context of the entire book.”  That is, when the parents complained, they were taking things “out of context” from the supposedly positive message of the whole book. (This is a talking point frequently used by pornographers and LGBT activists.)

ALT TEXT The Library Director giving her "rebuttal" to parents' complaints from the previous meeting.

When the Library Director finished, one of the dissenting Board members asked her for a clarification about one of the books she was referring to:

The book Tricks is all about 15-year-old prostitutes. You’re not disturbed by the fact that it encouraged kids to be OK with their fathers molesting them, and then be prostitutes? Is that really what a library is for? This is also a question for the rest of this Board.

But rather than allow that discussion to continue, the Board Chairman then abruptly cut her off, saying, “This isn’t what this portion [of the meeting] is for.”

The parents take over …

After that came the public comments section of the meeting. There were two MassResistance community members who had come to speak.

The first MassResistance community member first described a “North Idaho Pride Alliance” event the previous month where this same Community Library Network was on the panel. Parents who opposed the sexualization of children were described as “white supremacists, hypocrites, haters, and book-burners.” She continued, “So I’ll illustrate an example of what we oppose.”

She then began reading excerpts from an extremely pornographic sexual novel for young teenagers. She noted that the library carries three copies of that book. The book contained graphic sexual acts among kids and very profane language – truly revolting to hear. (You can hear her read it in the video above.)

ALT TEXT The community member reading from the library book.

As she read it, any normal person in the room would have been sickened. But the Chairman, her cohorts on the Board, and the Library Director appeared unaffected, with bored looks on their faces.

ALT TEXT While the community member was reading out loud the sickening and profane passages of of kids' sexual acts from the book in their library, the Library Board members looked completely bored and uninterested.

“You people are nothing but perverts…”

Then the fireworks started. The non-reaction by the Library Board leaders became too insulting to take. The community memberwho was reading the book stopped and yelled at them, “This is pornography.”

Suddenly the other MassResistance community member - a mother - stood up and yelled at the Board:

Yes, this is pornography. Will you just get over yourselves and get rid of these books? You people are disgusting! Disgusting! How dare you have books like that in the library! You need to quit. Because you people are a den of perverts!

The Chairman told her to leave the room, but she continued. She walked over to the Library Director and said, “How dare you talk about context?” The director started to answer, “Our code of conduct …” The mother shot back, “Oh, you’re so civilized, aren’t you?”

ALT TEXT The mother (standing at left) yells at the Library Director (seated at right).

She then turned to Board members again:

You’re so civilized that you allow things like this for 12-year-olds to read. You are really beyond belief. If we didn’t have that special clause in the law, you would all be going to jail for providing this stuff to children.

The Chairman interrupted, “Thank you. That’s enough.”

But it wasn’t enough. She continued:

I’m sick of you. This is disgusting. This little town is full of innocence and you’re ruining it with your smut. You’re just disgusting.

She sat down and the first community member continued with her testimony.

The definition of pornography according to Merriam-Webster is: The depiction of erotic behavior as in pictures or writing intended to cause sexual excitement.”

Label me what you like. But you are porn purveyors to kids, which makes you complicit in the degeneracy and degradation of society. Thank you.

You could quickly tell that the Library Board leaders were clearly stunned and upset. One of them seemed on the verge of crying. Apparently, no one had ever talked to them that way. It definitely affected them.

Yet they didn’t respond at all. They simply went on to the next item on their meeting’s agenda.

But now the tide is changing in Coeur d’Alene. The focus of the parents of the community – and their wrath – will now be on the library officials, not the books. We fully expect that there will be some changes coming up before too long.

ALT TEXT When we watched the entire meeting, we noticed that at the beginning one of the Library Board members refused to participate in the Pledge of Allegiance. Why are we not surprised?

Final thoughts

Conservatives don’t seem to realize what they’re up against. Normal people simply don’t do these things to children.

The second mother was right. There’s no polite way to describe it: People like this are perverts. The problem is not the books. It’s the people who are putting them on the shelves for children.

What normal library officials would participate in a revolting event run by a radical homosexual group, where local parents who oppose sexualized children’s books are denounced as “white supremacists, hypocrites, haters, and book-burners?”

Public libraries used to be safe, nurturing, and educational places for children. But in recent years libraries have attracted more and more repulsive and dysfunctional people as employees and governing board members – who often appear to be battling their own sexual issues. 

And they would be in jail except for state laws made decades ago exempting schools and libraries from the child obscenity laws. (Those laws were intended only to allow for the nudity in artwork, and assumed that librarians were normal, ethical people with common sense.)

Unfortunately, the conservative movement is invariably too timid to do what’s necessary and tell it like it is – and force change. They are easily intimidated by the Left’s ridiculous arguments portraying them as “book burners” and “censors,” and accusing them of violating children’s “right to read” – all of which are easily countered.

MassResistance helps parents take charge, as these mothers did!

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