Drifting leftward: Fox News criticizes MassResistance for so-called “aggressive techniques” in pro-family activism.

Even worse: Fox now considers discredited Southern Poverty Law Center to be a legitimate news source! Trafficking in lies & distortions in their attacks.

But in the past, we were often featured on Fox news programs.

March 10, 2023
ALT TEXT When Florida's governor confronted "Drag Queen" shows for children, Fox News used it as an excuse to attack MassResistance for our principled activism.

As the Fox News network continues to drift leftward (and pro-LGBT), MassResistance has gotten under their skin with our uncompromising pro-family activism!

Last month, the Fox News website published an article about how Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was revoking the liquor license of a non-profit organization in Orlando for holding sexually provocative Drag Queen shows with children present.


Most of the article was reasonably unbiased and straightforward. (Fox is still willing to be concerned about Drag Queens being with children.) But the article concluded with something very odd. They put in a 2019 photo from California of a Drag Queen named "Pickle" reading to children in a public library. The photo’s caption was a nasty and dishonest attack on MassResistance for our efforts to help parents fight back against these shows. It had nothing to do with the content of the report.


The Fox article's caption of this photo is:

Drag queen "Pickle" reads from a book during the Drag Queen Story Hour program at the West Valley Regional Branch Library on July 26, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. Drag Queen Story Hour is a program featuring drag queens reading stories to children at libraries, schools, and bookstores in cities across the nation. MassResistance, which has targeted Drag Queen Story Hour program is several cities, uses aggressive techniques to disrupt and generate conflict at city counsel [sic] meetings, pro-Trump demonstrations and anti-LGBTQ protests. Some far-right Christian groups support the organization while the Southern Poverty Law Center considers them a hate group. (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images) (David McNew/Getty Images)

This is a typical leftist attack with complete disregard for the facts. The truth is:

The Southern Poverty Law Center

But the most troubling and offensive part is Fox’s use of the odious Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as if it were a legitimate news source. The SPLC is itself a hate group and has been discredited across the spectrum as being a scam operation that targets conservatives. They gratuitously label hundreds of prominent conservative groups and Christian organizations as “hate groups” including: Liberty Counsel, American Family Association, Family Research Council, Alliance Defending Freedom, Illinois Family Association, and many more, as well as MassResistance. The SPLC’s odious behavior is well-documented. Fox News' use of the SPLC says more about the degradation of their news organization than anything else.

Just who is "Pickle"? MassResistance did some research.

What kind of man dresses in women's clothes, calls himself "Pickle," and arranges to read gay-themed books to young children? Fox News wasn't interested. They obviously think this is normal behavior.

Back in 2019 our Texas MassResistance leader, Tracy Shannon, looked through Pickle's social media posts. She found lots of photos of him in "drag" with his arms around children; in various stages of undress; and posing with other homosexual men.

ALT TEXT "Pickle" in his women's clothes (center) posing with his "friends."

Pickle wrote that when reading books to children, "Usually we stick to the sort of, distinctly overt queer themes. We figure, you know, we got them in the room may as well hit the nail over the head." All this reflects a disturbed person who should be nowhere near children.

In the old days, Fox loved us!

Before Fox began to cave on the LGBT issue, they considered us an important news source on this assault on children. For about a dozen years starting in the late 1990s, MassResistance’s Brian Camenker and others appeared on various Fox news shows to discuss the LGBT agenda in the schools, including: Hannity and Colmes, Fox and Friends, The O’Reilly Factor, America’s Newsroom with Megyn Kelly, and others.   

For example, in 2008 when we exposed the Boston Children’s Hospital “gender clinic” for children, Megyn Kelly interviewed Camenker at Fox’s headquarters in New York. And she was clearly pretty upset over it:

VIDEO: Fox News interviews MassResistance 5/21/2008 (3 min 30 sec)

(MassResistance was, in fact, the first pro-family organization to expose the looming transgender assault on children starting in 2007 on our radio show.) Sadly, Fox News simply let the subject drop after Kelly’s 2008 interview with Camenker.

In 2013, our friend Peter LaBarbera documented the further decline of Fox News on the LGBT issue. And it’s continued since then.

Final thoughts

It’s more important than ever for conservatives to hold the line, despite attacks from all directions.

Many people who don’t watch Fox News regularly haven’t realized how far the organization has slid on the “culture war” issues. Rupert Murdoch’s liberal sons, who now control Fox, are certainly the major source of that, as is the general direction of the people in the media. Even Tucker Carlson has a “gay” producer, so his show never critically looks at LGBT issues, except for the transgender assault on children topic that's currently in vogue among conservatives.

Fox News is still willing to appease their viewers by tolerating some conservative activists as on-air guests. But like the Left, they view serious, no-compromise pro-family activist organizations with hostility. Conservatives (especially those who are invited to appear on Fox News) need to push back. For a start, Fox News needs to be pressured to retract their libelous parroting of the SPLC’s “hate group” accusation.

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