Local Idaho library board members avoid outraged MassResistance citizens by skipping scheduled meeting, causing cancellation. So citizens hold a “town hall” meeting there!

Hundreds of graphic, obscene children’s books found in library.

But arrogant city official tells parents that there is “no pornography” in the library.

March 20, 2023
ALT TEXT After the library board suddenly cancelled its meeting, the citizens stayed and held their own "Town Hall" there to air their grievances.

There have been a lot of great things going on in Idaho!

On January 17, 2023, about 30 local parents from our Pocatello, Idaho MassResistance team went to the local Marshall Public Library Board of Trustees meeting to air their grievances during the public comment section. It was one of the largest groups of citizens in memory to come to a library board meeting there.

Outraged over large amount of pornographic children’s books

They were outraged over the hundreds of repulsive pornographic books aimed at children that are in the town’s public library. They were prepared to read out loud from some of them, show pictures to the library board members, and demand that something be done. They wanted answers on why the library subscribes to a streaming service that provides pornographic and highly sexual content, and why the library staff brings in Drag Queens to push their perverted lifestyle on children.

No quorum, so meeting is abruptly cancelled!

The group of MassResistance parents got there early and filled the room. It was certainly an unusual sight for a library board meeting in Pocatello!

ALT TEXT When the meeting room got filled up, people had to sit in extra chairs they found near the door.

Soon two of the five library board members were in their seats, as well as other officials. But when the meeting was scheduled to begin, the other three board members – a majority – were missing. After a few minutes, one of the board members who was present announced that there wasn’t a quorum and declared the meeting cancelled. The two board members and other officials got up to leave.

ALT TEXT The two library board members who showed up announce that the meeting is being cancelled due to lack of quorum.

What was going on? It clearly appeared that this stunt by the Library Board was coordinated – not simply a coincidence. It’s likely that someone had seen some social media discussion of the plans to testify at the meeting; it was not a secret.

Parents also noticed that the chairs in the room were not set up as they normally were for a meeting. Also, the two board members who showed up were seen busily texting in the minutes before the meeting’s scheduled start time. Finally, there was no effort to contact any of the three missing members to see if they were on their way. (The three had attended previous meetings faithfully.) It was all very suspicious and sleazy looking.

Arrogant city official tells parents there’s no pornography in the library!

As the city officials were starting to leave, one of the grandparents stopped Linda Leeuwrik, the City Council member who is the liaison to the library board and attends its meetings. The grandmother wanted to talk briefly with her about why the parents had come. Leeuwrik was shockingly rude and arrogant in her responses:

Grandmother: I'm just curious about some of these books there. Are you following the law when it comes to exposing young children to pornography? Because that is against the law.

Leeuwrik: That's a whole different issue. And that is not a law.

Grandmother: But it is against the law.

Leeuwrik: I'm not going to get into that conversation.

Grandmother: That's why we're all here though. I just want to know how you felt about it. It is against the law to expose young children to pornography.

Leeuwrik: The books we have in this library are not pornography.

Grandmother: Can I show you a picture?

Leeuwrik: We can't have this meeting. We don't have a quorum. So we can't have this meeting.

Grandmother: It's pornography. And it's in this library, right by the checkout desk. And my three-year-old grandson wanted to see it. I just about lost it! Don't tell me it's not pornography.

Leeuwrik refused to discuss it further and continued to walk out.

ALT TEXT City Council member Linda Leeuwrik disagreeing with parents about the library books before leaving the meeting room.

Parents stay and hold a “Town Hall” meeting in Library Board room!

After the library board and other officials left the meeting room, the parents stayed and held an impromptu “Town Hall” meeting. One of them, the local Republican Party District Chairman, led the meeting.

It was really a great Town Hall! They talked about the three hundred books they had found in the library – designed to give toxic and degrading messages to children, much of it extremely sexually obscene. It seemed clear, they said, that the intent is to normalize sex to children, essentially grooming them for abuse. Also, many of the children’s books are about destroying the idea of the traditional family.

ALT TEXT At the impromptu "Town Hall" meeting they talked about the content of the horrible books in the library, including these pictures that had been brought to show the library board.

They talked about America’s moral foundation, and how their own public officials (and library employees) are working to destroy it for their own selfish purposes. And they agreed that it is more than ever necessary for good people to stand up and fight back.

They considered it a victory that the library board was so intimidated that they abandoned all its scheduled business and fled from their neighbors and constituents. And yes, the parents will be back again and again!


Final thoughts

Normal people are repulsed by these sexualized books that are being promoted to children. But these library staffers and public officials readily admit that they have no problem with it. We’ve pointed this out many times before.

Most people don’t realize how bad this situation is – and how hard it must be fought.

Over the last several decades schools and libraries have attracted large numbers of horrible, destructive people (overwhelming the good people still there). For them, the welfare and emotional well-being of children is secondary to their political and sexual agendas. They have no moral compass. It’s believed that many of these people are themselves influenced by pornography. And they’ve worked hard to get like-minded people elected (or appointed) to serve on school boards and library boards.

The problem is not the books. It’s the people who bring them in and keep them there. They must be fired – or removed from public office.

Ultimately it’s all a house of cards. And MassResistance can help you take it down.

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