Idaho MassResistance residents thwart vulgar “Pride Month” Drag Queen event with city-wide outrage.

LGBT activists cave to MassResistance pressure and move Drag Queens from public park!

Message to cowardly elected officials: Do your job and protect the people!

Leading up to big protest on day of event

June 9, 2023
ALT TEXT Nearly 200 yard signs throughout Rexburg, Idaho told their City Council to do the right thing.

Rexburg, Idaho is a very conservative town. But as in other conservative areas, the LGBT movement uses “Pride Month” as their entrée to publicly push sexually deviant themes. It’s clearly meant to subvert the culture of the community.

A deviant event in the city’s main park

Last year, the “Pride Month” event was held at Rexburg’s main public park. Here’s how one parent describes what took place:

The transvestite Drag Queen performance was just feet away from the community splash park and park playsets.  Many of us recognize the problem when drag queens seek children for an audience. Last year these fake women did a story time and a gross lip sync performance while parading through the audience.  This is harmful to children. At best it’s confusing, at worst it’s predatory.

This year another Pride Month “Drag Queen” event – at the same spot – was scheduled for June 10. Like last year, parents are shocked and feel violated and alarmed. But this year they decided to take action.

ALT TEXT The original Pride Event Schedule with Drag Queens "Miss Joy" and "Crystal Blue Water" performing during the day at the public park.

Working with MassResistance to take action

A few parents in town had already worked with Idaho MassResistance in dealing with obscene children’s books in public libraries in neighboring cities. They took the lead in organizing. The return of LGBT Drag Queens really galvanized activism in Rexburg. As word got out, the local MassResistance contingent grew enormously.

ALT TEXT On June 1 nearly 50 people came to the MassResistance planning meeting.

People were not going to simply stand back this year and let the LGBT movement use their “Pride Month” propaganda to sexualize their community.

To start, they publicly announced that there would be a peaceful protest at the Drag Queen event this year.

But they knew they needed to go further than that. It appeared that this public sexuality event clearly violated the city zoning laws and even State of Idaho statutes. The Rexburg City Council was meeting on June 7 – three days before the Pride event. The City Council needed to rescind the permit for the event.

Also, the City Council needed to comprehend the intensity of the outrage across the city.

Yard signs across the city to warn city officials!

Over the two weeks leading up to the June 7 meeting, nearly two hundred yard signs popped up across Rexburg. Outraged citizens were eager to send a public message to their City Council.

ALT TEXT Outside of a Burger King!

There’s no question – you couldn’t drive anywhere in town and not get that message!

Idaho MassResistance parents flood the City Council meeting, but cowardly politicians won't act.

On Wednesday, June 7, over 80 local Idaho MassResistance citizens jammed into the City Council meeting room. The Council members at first tried to keep them from speaking. They said that public comments did not apply to this item. But after a minor uprising, the Mayor relented and let them speak.

About 25 people spoke. All opposed the Drag Queen event. Several people gave detailed descriptions about the true nature of the LGBT movement and how exposure to these deviant behaviors affects children.  People also talked about the supposed reasons and shallow excuses (e.g., fear of lawsuits) that politicians use for caving in – and why they’re all specious.

ALT TEXT The City Council was not ready to face this many angry constituents!

Then one of the citizens presented a formal proposal that would deny this permit and create an ordinance specifically to address drag performances as being strictly adult entertainment (not for children). It was presented to the City Council, but none of them would even make a motion to bring it up! There was just silence. As one resident observed, they all lacked the courage to do what was right.

ALT TEXT This man presented the proposed ordinance and gave a detailed explanation of why it needed to be passed.

LGBT activists cave to MassResistance pressure and move Drag Queens to private venue!

It was well known in Rexburg that there will be a large peaceful protest at the Drag Queen event. LGBT activists were complaining about it on their social media. They don't like pushback from the larger community!

On June 9 - the day before the event - we noticed that they revised their program. The Drag Queens would be moved to a private venue in the evening where minor children would not be allowed. The LGBT crowd had caved to the Idaho MassResistance pressure! But there is still work to do.

ALT TEXT This "New" Pride Event Schedule was released on June 9. Note that the two Drag Queens have moved from the day's events at the park to the private "Afterparty" that night at a different venue.

Coming up on Saturday, June 10

There will still be a citizen protest at the "Pride Month" event at the city park. The police have been put on notice that they must not allow violence from the LGBT/Antifa activists. And we have been told there will be other surprises regarding this!

We will have a further report early next week on what happens at the event and protest. In any case, it’s very important that parents never back down.

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