MassResistance helping Sri Lanka activists block repeal of sodomy laws in nation’s Parliament.

UN and western nations pressuring country to decriminalize sexual perversions.

Would be the entry point for entire LGBT agenda into society.

August 10, 2023
ALT TEXT The UN and western powers are targeting Sri Lanka's culture. But pro-family activists there are fighting back!

The international LGBT movement, backed by the UN, US, and other western governments, is aggressively working to force countries around the world to change their laws that impede homosexual and transgender behavior. MassResistance is helping pro-family people to fight that push. The latest battle is in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is an island 19 miles off the southeast coast of India. Before its independence in 1972 it was the British colony Ceylon. The population is 22 million. The people’s religious affiliations are: 70% Buddhist, 13% Hindu, 10% Islam, 6% Catholic, and 1% other Christian. Over 90% of the people take their religious beliefs seriously, according to reports.

Laws in place holding back the LGBT agenda

Article 365 of the Sri Lankan Penal Code, which dates from the British colonial period, criminalizes “carnal intercourse against the order of nature.” Article 365A criminalizes “any act of gross indecency” between persons. The former offense carries a prison sentence of ten years while the latter is punishable by two years in prison.

However, these penalties are rarely imposed. As in many places around the world, these laws act as a barrier to keep homosexuality and transgenderism from being normalized and accepted. It cannot be taught in the schools or promoted to children in any way. It may not be part of any “sex education” curriculum. Even “gender identity” ideology is banned. There can be no “gay marriage” or even same-sex civil unions. There can be no gross public display of LGBT behaviors.

Even so, there are LGBT organizations operating openly in Sri Lanka. And for many years, the LGBT movement there has held gay pride parades. But those have been mainly people marching to demand “equal rights” – with no naked bodies or any of the other disgusting things one normally sees at those events in western countries.

ALT TEXT Gay Pride parade in Colombo, the capital city. It's officially named "Freedom Pride Parade," apparently to avoid any possible problems regarding the current laws - and to demand their repeal. [Photo: Kenya Christian Voice]
ALT TEXT The public propaganda - that it's all just harmless. [Photo:]

Of course, that isn’t enough for the LGBT movement. They want those protective laws taken down!

The push to repeal the laws

In 2018, the lesbian executive director of a Sri Lankan LGBT organization brought a complaint to the ultra-radical United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). She was assisted by an LGBT legal team in Australia. She charged the nation of Sri Lanka with “prejudice and discrimination” against women because it outlaws lesbian engagement in homosexual sex. She claimed that this violated an obscure international Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.

In February 2022, the CEDAW agreed with the complaint and formally issued a demand that Sri Lanka change its laws. This was the beginning of the surge.

Money began to flow to Sri Lanka LGBT groups and LGBT NGOs (international non-governmental non-profit organizations) from private groups and government agencies in the US, UK, Canada, and Scandinavia. The UK-based Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) even boasts that it funded a series of pro-LGBT propaganda films targeting Sri Lanka.

ALT TEXT USAID is a US government agency that pushes the LGBTQI+ agenda around the world. In 2020 they even published s special "Gender and Social Inclusion Analysis" on Sri Lanka and are funding LGBT groups there.
ALT TEXT The UK's Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office describes itself as working to "promote and protect the rights of LGBT+ people globally." According to reports, they are funding local LGBT groups in Sri Lanka.

A few months later, a member of the Sri Lanka Parliament filed a bill to amend Article 365 to limit the sodomy offense to bestiality, and to repeal Article 365A entirely. Shockingly, the President of Sri Lanka subsequently stated that the government would not oppose the bill.

The Sri Lankan constitution does not allow current laws to be repealed. So the activists did some “strategic legal work” and persuaded the Sri Lankan Supreme Court to rule that decriminalizing homosexuality and gross indecency are “not inconsistent with the Constitution.”

The bill is set to be voted on by Parliament this fall.

Help from MassResistance

In early June (2023), a Sri Lanka pro-family activist (who is also a PhD engineer) contacted MassResistance for help. He had heard that we’ve had some successes taking on these issues in other countries.

He was thrilled that we immediately agreed to help. He had tried to get the word out by writing Substack articles (see here, here, and here) but he needed organizational help.

He had previously contacted several other pro-family groups in the US and other countries, but none were interested in this effort except for Kenya Christian Voice – which has published some great information to support them and get the word out internationally.

VIDEO: Kenya Christian Voice: "Sri Lanka! Say 'No' to UK meddling!" (5 min)

This is clearly an uphill battle. Although the people of Sri Lanka are not requesting this change or particularly in favor of it, there are big forces at work. The media, the “elite” class, and much of Parliament is on board. As we know, the Left is masterful at generating intimidation. The churches and worship centers (and other pro-family institutions) seem afraid to take a stand.

Moving forward!

Soon the core group of activists decided to become a MassResistance chapter. They asked us to design logos in all three official Sri Lankan languages: English, Tamil, and Sinhala.

MassResistance logo in English.
... In Tamil ...
... and In Sinhala.

We got right to work! We made flyers for them to pass out. We armed them with a list of the medical dangers of homosexual behaviors. We put together an “information sheet” – to counter the LGBT propaganda – that describes the current laws and explains why they’re necessary and should not be repealed. We encouraged them to send out our MassResistance video, What ‘gay marriage’ did to Massachusetts. We helped them reach out to religious organizations to bring them on board. And much more!

On June 29, the leader of the group met with the Sri Lanka President Ranil Wickremesinghe at a gathering of corporate professionals. The president expressed curiosity as to why the bill should be rejected, we were told. At the meeting, a letter explaining the issue was given to him, and the objections were discussed. He apparently had not heard the “no” side of the argument before – but he has now.

ALT TEXT President of Sri Lanka (right) with Sri Lanka MassResistance activist at conference.

Momentum has been building. On June 30, we learned that the mayor of the capital city, Colombo, shut down several LGBT-themed programs in the city.

Hammering Parliament – and a nationwide petition

A petition was drawn up and is being distributed around the country. More and more people are contacting their members of Parliament to explain the issues to them and demand that the laws not be changed.

Final thoughts

It’s terrible that pro-family people in countries around the world are up against such huge forces pushing the LGBT agenda into their country – and there’s virtually no one on our side (except MassResistance) willing to help them. Unfortunately, unlike on the Left, most of the wealthy conservative foundations simply aren’t interested in this fight. They seem to have made peace with LGBT perversions in society.

But we will be there for the Sri Lankan people as long as they need us!

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