UK MassResistance pressures Oxford University to remove “pride” flags from its churches

Church of England has succumbed to the LGBT agenda – but the people are fighting back.

Pressure from across the country!

August 15, 2023
ALT TEXT LGBTQ flag flew over a chapel at Oxford University - before activists got involved!

People in Britain lament how the Anglican Church – the Church of England – has been horribly corrupted by the LGBT movement. There have been widespread moves to integrate LGBT ideologies into the church institution and liturgy, re-interpret the Bible, and re-define marriage. The Anglican Church now allows openly homosexual and lesbian priests, and since 2013 priests may be in “committed” same-sex relationships. Earlier this year the church agreed to “bless” same-sex marriages, though is not officially conducting marriage ceremonies.

In 2017, MassResistance briefly interviewed a Bishop of the Church of England at the London “Gay Pride” Parade who discussed how the church’s theology had at that time “evolved” on the LGBT issue. He explained God made people "gay" (i.e., "born that way") and that the Bible is all about "loving all God's creations." He said the Leviticus passages are simply a few verses and are taken out of context:

VIDEO: Church of England Bishop defends LGBT in the church - at Gay Pride Parade (2 min 9 sec)

But now, some UK MassResistance Anglicans have had enough and are fighting back!

Fighting back at Oxford University

England’s Oxford University is comprised of 39 colleges, and within those are numerous stately and historic Anglican churches – most dating back hundreds of years.

In June and July 2023, local residents of Oxford were outraged to see LGBT flags flying over several colleges of Oxford University. But even more outrageous were large LGBT flags being displayed inside the churches!

About a month ago, one of our UK MassResistance activists in Oxford went to a church event where there was a large LGBT flag hanging inside. She was very upset and contacted us about what should be done.

ALT TEXT This is what she saw in the church when she came in that day.

We helped her organize an email campaign, mobilizing members of our UK MassResistance team across the country and their conservative friends.


Her “call-to-action” missive was very direct: The LGBT flags MUST all be removed.

There are countless reasons why we should object to this obnoxious flag being flown in a Christian chapel or indeed in any place of any university. It is contrary to Biblical teaching and advocates transitioning children, paedophilia, prostitution, promiscuity, surrogacy, falsification of sex, scientific nonsense, censorship, the destruction of the family, and open blatant violence.

Putting this inside a Christian Chapel is particularly offensive to women. As you know, the LGBTQIXYZ movement increasingly calls for violence against women. Last Saturday a convicted violent criminal named “Sarah Jane Baker” (a man) spoke in a LGBTQIXYZ Pride event in London and advocated punching women who disagreed with the transgender agenda.

She included the email addresses to:

For the next four weeks, our activists and their friends in the UK emailed the church leadership in Oxford to remove the LGBT flags.

On August 8, we received the following update:

Dear All,

I just went to a concert at the same College Chapel in Oxford. And the flag was gone.

I’ve been there twice more since and so far it has not re-appeared.

Thank God!

Since then, she told us that all the LGBT flags that she could see have been removed from buildings in Oxford. 

Clearly the Oxford University leaders were not prepared to defend their actions from this type of angry and persistent pushback!

ALT TEXT Can you imagine desecrating this space with a flag that celebrates sexual perversions, pedophilia, transgenderism, and violence towards women?

Final thoughts

It’s another relatively small battle – but with a much larger psychological effect. This kind of activism shows that no matter what the challenges one may face, no matter how pronounced or widespread the LGBT agenda in a country, people can still mount effective opposition. Even email campaigns can pressure leaders to do the right thing.

ALT TEXT UK MassResistance leader David Skinner (left) with Brian Camenker outside Buckingham Palace in London in 2017. The UK MassResistance logo was a big hit with people!
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