In far-left San Francisco area: California MassResistance activists force Drag Queen Story Hour to clean up its act

Instead of men in drag reading offensive LGBT books to kids … an actual woman showed up and read normal children’s books.

When not afraid, pro-family activists can accomplish a lot!

December 8, 2023
ALT TEXT MassResistance activists in the front row of the "Drag Queen" event in Redwood, CA made a difference.

A dedicated group of pro-family people can make a difference even in difficult locales!

Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) is a loathsome propaganda routine where men dress up in garish women’s clothes and read offensive LGBT story books to young children. It’s showing up across America in public libraries and other venues. Its stated goals are to push “gender fluidity” on kids, give them “glamorous, positive, and unabashedly queer role models,” and help them be “their true selves” with “no gender restrictions.”

Far-left San Francisco is where the Drag Queen Story Hour movement originated.

Redwood City is located just south of San Francisco and north of Palo Alto. Not surprisingly, it’s a very liberal and strongly pro-LGBT area. But in fact, there is a sizeable (but mostly-silent) cohort of pro-family conservatives throughout the Bay area. MassResistance has connected with many of them in Redwood City and neighboring cities.

So last month when word got out that the Redwood City Public Library was holding a Drag Queen Story Hour, local conservatives decided it was time to do something effective. One of them contacted us. She told us that last year, some locals showed up and protested outside the library to voice their disapproval when the toxic event took place. But it had no effect.

We got right to work and helped them devise a new strategy.

ALT TEXT The Redwood City Public Library probably thought this year's drag event would be a breeze!

Sending a message that something was coming!

This time, we made it very clear to the library staff and the event’s organizers that pro-family activists in town were planning something in opposition.

First, one of our people specifically asked the library staff to give us as much information as possible about the event. Who was going to be the drag queen? (We definitely wanted to do a background check.) Who else was going to be involved? What books would be read? What else was going to take place?

No one at the library would reveal any of this. Instead, the library director said to contact the main organizer: Drag Story Hour in San Francisco. Our people (who identified themselves as MassResistance) emailed the San Francisco chapter and asked those questions. They never heard back.

But just asking those questions clearly alarmed the organizers. They surely already knew that MassResistance had a history of success derailing DQSH events across the country.

On the day before the event, our local leader went to the library to see where the story hour was going to take place. The staff directed her upstairs to the kids’ reading area, which had room for about 30 seats. The fact that we scouted the room signaled that some kind of bigger protest might happen.

The organizers apparently got the message and decided to back off from their extreme content.

On the day of the event – a good surprise! A severely watered-down “Drag Queen” reading

On the day of the Drag Queen Story Hour, about a dozen of our group descended on the library.

Half of them arrived an hour before the 11:00 starting time so they could get front-row seats. They brought small signs and prepared to hold them up when the event began. The first thing they noticed was that police officers were already in the otherwise empty room. But they did not prevent our people from going in and taking the front seats on one side.

ALT TEXT When the pro-family people showed up early there were two police officers stationed in the room. But that didn't stop our folks!

The police were there in the beginning, but left right when it started. As one of our people observed, it was clear that the library wanted to intimidate us from disrupting (which we weren't going to do anyway) or from being in there at all.

Our other activists arrived a few minutes before 11:00 am and held signs outside the front doors.

ALT TEXT Outside the library's main entrance just before the event was set to begin.

A handful of pro-LGBT activists with small children, about 25 in all, came to the DQSH event. (We suspect many of them most likely go to other DQSH events to show “support.”)

A severely watered-down “Drag Queen” show

The person who showed up to read to the kids was not a Drag Queen! Instead, it was a woman wearing lots of make-up and an outsized dress. She read two innocuous (and uninteresting) children’s books with no sexual or LGBT messaging. Between reading the books, she did lead the kids in “The Hips on the Drag Queen Go Swish, Swish, Swish ….” – a noxious version of a popular toddler’s song. (There was vague innuendo here and there – but no child would have noticed it.) She also sang an inoffensive song.

ALT TEXT This time the "Drag Queen" was just an odd-looking woman who read mundane books to the kids.

Everyone – even the leftists – must have noticed that it was starkly different from the usual DQSH event! We were certainly surprised!

Throughout the entire story time, our activists’ protest was restrained, low-key, civil, and without disruptions. This probably irked the leftists.

And some good cheer afterwards to celebrate

After the event, some of our MassResistance group met at a uniquely conservative coffee shop located not far from the library for a small celebration. Apparently, it even features guest visits by Republican politicians and pundits – and doesn’t get burned down by the Left!

ALT TEXT Celebrating after the watered-down "Drag Show."

Final thoughts

If pro-family activists can pull this off in a far-left corner of America, it could be done anywhere!

For a first-time protest inside the Redwood City Public Library, our California MassResistance team did a great job. As noted above, Redwood City is not much different from San Francisco itself: Residents, local businesses, and politicians wholeheartedly celebrate the LGBT agenda, along with all the other “woke” ideologies. In spite of that overall hostile atmosphere, our activists made sure that the opposition to Drag Queen Story Hour got through loud and clear!

As one of the MassResistance people who took part told us afterwards, “I firmly believe that if none of us had shown up the way we did, the drag queen would have been a man and would have launched right into children’s story books with homosexuality, transgenderism, and worse. We definitely got into their heads!”

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