School district removes radical trans-activist psychologist as consultant/trainer for counselors & staff - after MassResistance leader confronts School Board!

Texas MassResistance leader Tracy Shannon presented shocking exposé. The School Board also backed down and voted to remove the psychologist.

November 20, 2023
ALT TEXT Dr. Megan Mooney trained school counselors and teachers how to "help" children with their transgender identities.

In schools cross America, counselors, teachers, and other staff groom vulnerable children to accept “transgender” identities. This often leads to mental health problems, hormone treatments, family disruption, and more. It’s a huge nightmare for parents.

But MassResistance has derailed it in one school district in Texas.

The Humble Independent School District (ISD) comprises parts of northeast Houston and adjoining suburbs. It’s also the home district of Tracy Shannon, our hard-hitting Texas MassResistance leader.

Most parents and taxpayers know nothing about the outside people who are brought in by district administrators to train school personnel and interface with their children. But Tracy Shannon pays close attention.

Tracy reviewed the School Board agenda for Humble ISD prior to the November 14 meeting. She found a radical trans-ideologist was providing services to the district. Dr. Megan Mooney, a clinical psychologist, was listed as an approved consultant for the district. And the Board was set to rubber stamp her (and the whole list) for another year (as it almost always does without any debate).

Tracy addressed the Board during public comments and presented them with a horrifying  “show and tell” describing just how radical Dr. Mooney is. It shocked the room. As a result, the Board immediately voted to remove Dr. Mooney from the approved list. This effectively stops her from coming back to the school district.

You can watch Tracy address the Board – and the Board’s subsequent vote – in the video clip below:

VIDEO: Tracy Shannon's testimony - and the Board's vote (2 min 51 sec)

A well-known radical in Texas

The administrators at Humble ISD could not have hired Dr. Mooney by mistake. It may have been under the radar of the School Board, but the school administrators obviously knew what they wanted.

Dr. Mooney sued Texas Governor Greg Abbott last year over his classification of puberty blockers, hormones, and surgeries of minors for the purpose of “gender transition” as child abuse.  Mooney has stated that these barbaric practices are “lifesaving.” The Doe v Abbott lawsuit was filed to block Abbott’s directive to Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to investigate parents who were facilitating these procedures for children.

Dr. Mooney made news in Texas earlier this year when she told Texas senators in a committee hearing that when children tell her they are trans, she believes them. When probed as to whether she has ever declined to provide a letter to facilitate “gender-affirming” medical procedures to a child claiming to be “trans,” she would not answer the question. Here is the video of that exchange:

VIDEO: Dr. Megan Mooney testifying before Texas Senate Committee (2 min 26 sec)

Mooney has been training Humble ISD staff for years

Dr. Mooney has provided training Humble ISD staff as far back as 2020.

ALT TEXT Tweet from Humble ISD Counseling and Behavioral Specialists showing slide from Dr. Megan Mooney dated May 2020.

According to open records obtained by Tracy Shannon, Humble ISD hired Mooney to conduct a training session for all their counselors in September 2022.

Below is one of the slides from that presentation in which she asks the counselors to consider a situation in which a student is having suicidal thoughts and has recently come out to friends as “transgender.” The family in the scenario is “very traditional.” Counselors are asked what their considerations are regarding this student’s “marginalized identities.” This appears to be a method to train the counselors to help the child accept the “transgender” identity and keep the child’s family out of the process.


Dr. Mooney’s presentation also listed the Trevor Project and Trans Lifeline as resources. The Trevor Project has been exposed for setting up chats between adults and minors. It also tells minors where to get breast binders and packers (prosthetic penises) online without their parents knowing.


Both the Trevor Project and Trans Lifeline sites have a warning pop up when the site is accessed telling users how to navigate away from the page quickly, presumably in case a parent walks in.

ALT TEXT “Quick Exit” popup on the Trans Lifeline site with instructions on how to exit quickly.

Trans Lifeline also states that they may provide a microgrant to minors who need money to cover the costs of hair removal and changes on their name and “gender marker” on their state identification, driver’s licenses, birth certificates, and passports.


Trans Lifeline is so insane that under their “Resource Library” tab they include an article entitled “Three Reasons It’s Totally Valid to Have Multiple Gender Identities.”


Mooney’s website features more radicalism

A look at Dr. Mooney’s website brought up even more concerns about this radical psychologist’s adherence to gender ideology.  Here are the “LGBTQ+ resources” that she lists on her website:

ALT TEXT Screenshot of the "LGBTQ+ resources" listed on Mooney’s website.

She also lists “Trans-Specific Resources,” including websites that provide “affirming appearance/shapewear options.” This means products such as breast binders (for compressing breasts), packers (fake penises worn inside a female’s underwear), and gaffs (undergarments for “tucking” male genitalia):

ALT TEXT Screenshot of websites Mooney lists for “affirming shapewear.”
ALT TEXT Screenshot from one of the websites recommended by Mooney.
ALT TEXT Screenshot from one of the "packer" resources recommended by Mooney.

The Trans Toolshed recommended by Dr. Mooney also sells packers for young girls.

ALT TEXT Fake penis for young girls.

Board member of “Gender Infinity”

Mooney is a founder and current board member of Gender Infinity, which hosts annual conferences in Texas.


In 2022, their conference at the University of Houston featured talks on puberty blockers, hormone treatments, and feminizing surgeries. They also run a camp for “transgender children” which hosts children as young as four years old.  Children over ten years old have the option to stay in a cabin with older youth and adult counselors.

Mooney also trained school counselors at nearby Pearland School District

This radical therapist has also trained counselors at the Pearland ISD, located in the south Houston metro area.

ALT TEXT Tweet from Pearland ISD.

Possibly, she has worked for other districts around Texas.

Final thoughts

There are some further questions at Humble ISD that need to be answered. Who decided to bring in Megan Mooney? Who kept her radicalism under the radar? And of course: Why did two Humble ISD School Board members abstain from voting her out? What moral problem do they have?

Parents are not just dealing with “bad books” brought into school libraries. School administrators are bringing in radical people to train the school counselors, teachers, librarians, and others. MassResistance is dedicated to rooting that out!

We will continue the fight in Texas and across the country! Citizens everywhere need to examine the roster of outside “experts” brought in to train staff in their school districts.

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