Wisconsin MassResistance chapter in Kenosha gets pornographic books removed from school library.

Successful pushback against officials & local leftists.

More to come. Activists not affected by attempts at intimidation.

November 13, 2023
ALT TEXT These Kenosha MassResistance parents are not shy or intimidated.

Part I of a series on the battle in Kenosha

Kenosha is a city in southeast Wisconsin, just north of Illinois on Lake Michigan. It recently became known for the horrible Black Lives Matter riot where Kyle Rittenhouse defended himself (and later was almost railroaded by a leftist prosecutor). It’s a fairly conservative area, though infiltrated with leftist politicians.

This past August 2023, some parents and activist citizens reached out to MassResistance requesting help. In particular, they were shocked and upset upon finding that the Kenosha Unified School District has a number of sexually explicit and obscene books in its libraries.

We immediately began working with them, and the new Wisconsin MassResistance chapter in Kenosha began to grow.


Libs of TikTok

Members of our Wisconsin team testified at the School Board meeting in late August, but were largely ignored.

So the team sent out a description of the books over social media. “Libs of TikTok” saw it and broadcast a full report of what the Kenosha Schools were giving to children.

The sudden national attention panicked the Kenosha school officials. The Superintendent quickly arranged for four of the books to be removed (though one of them was later brought back).

The MassResistance activists saw that they now had momentum.

September 2023 School Board meeting

The Wisconsin MassResistance team came back to the September School Board meeting more forceful than ever. They filled the room. They blasted the Board members for refusing to remove more of the pornography in the school libraries.

ALT TEXT Our people came and filled the room - overwhelming the leftist opposition!

Some local leftists – and members of the Kenosha Democratic Party – also came to defend the books and try and intimidate our people, but they were basically drowned out.

No one in the MassResistance team was in the mood to be silenced! Here’s one MR activist’s testimony:

VIDEO: Wisconsin MassResistance activist blasts School Board and leftists (1 min 46 sec)

This time the parents’ outrage made the local newspaper, and the news reverberated across the region.


The Kenosha Democratic Party (and their “Forward Kenosha” allies) seem even more bizarre, dysfunctional, and perverted than typical leftists. In reaction to our concern for children, they posted a graphic bashing MassResistance and stating that they believe “students can understand themselves better by reading pornography and sexually explicit books.” What a sick viewpoint!

ALT TEXT The Kenosha County Democratic Party's sickening social media post

Meeting with the Superintendent and School Board president

This time MassResistance parents got the attention of their school officials! On October 5 the president of the School Board and Superintendent agreed to meet with MassResistance team members to discuss the situation.

At the meeting, our activists again described the repulsive nature of the books. One of them, a grandmother, mentioned a book “about kids getting molested by their father or grandfather.” But neither of the officials were at all moved by that. Neither would agree that any of it was pornographic. It was eerie.

Instead, the Superintendent talked about “a wide variety of viewpoints” and said he’s “not saying one is right and one is wrong.” He said, “We all want what’s best for kids, but we’re going to disagree on what’s best.” What a shocking statement from the district’s head educator!

The only solution offered by the Superintendent was for the parents to follow the district’s “policy” which involves submitting a form for each book they object to. He said that the School Board has set up a committee to review the forms and decide which books to keep, and which ones to remove.

Whenever the parents suggested that there might be issues or problems with that approach, the Superintendent just repeated that they must follow the policy. (Even when the parents asked him how he got the books removed so fast after the Libs of TikTok flareup, he claimed that he had followed that policy, though that didn’t seem credible.)

Then the School Board president added that if anyone gets too “unruly” at the meetings over the book issue, she will simply adjourn the meeting right away. In other words, be polite and orderly when discussing the school’s pornography.

ALT TEXT Kenosha School Board President Yolanda Adams (left) and Superintendent Jeffrey Weiss have refused to label the books "pornographic."

The parents turn up the heat

After the meeting, our team of activists filed a flood of new book challenges. That apparently also got the officials’ attention! On November 3, the team was informed that more books have now been permanently removed from the school district!

This is the list of removed books so far:

All of these are depraved and obscene and have no place in the hands of children (or even adults, for that matter). For example, Push is about a sixteen-year-old girl whose father repeatedly rapes her.

It’s an impressive victory in a school system that didn’t want to remove anything. And the Wisconsin MassResistance chapter is just getting started!

Final thoughts

Kenosha has been a tough fight. But there’s a lot more we’ll be reporting!

Our Wisconsin team now has over 80 people. They are not going to settle for merely removing some bad books. They want clear policies passed to keep obscene materials out of the schools for good. Everything needs to be cleaned up!

The Superintendent said that the school librarians use two “journals” to select books from. Those “journals” and the publishers need to be scrapped from the school’s list.

But probably most important, the parents want the librarians and other staff – whoever brought those bad materials into the district and keeps them there – to be removed from their jobs. Those kinds of people should be nowhere near children. They should probably be in jail for corrupting minors.

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