Exclusive MassResistance Interview: Top pro-freedom attorney in Canada tells what it’s like fighting for truth in that hostile environment.

Fascinating interview on what’s happening in Canada’s corrupted legal system.

Attorney is now representing Rob Hoogland, father of a "transgender" daughter, who's been banned by the court from talking about his family’s case – or even using his own name.

January 26, 2024
VIDEO: MassResistance interviews Attorney James Kitchen (35 min 27 sec)

Attorney Kitchen currently represents Canadian father Rob Hoogland. The courts require Rob to be called "CD" in discussions about this case.

Canada’s government, its civil society, and particularly its legal system have become a nightmare, routinely thwarting truth and justice. Its ruling class has adopted a brutal, woke/Marxist-like approach contravening liberty, morality, public health, and even public safety – far outpacing the US.

Earlier this month, one of Canada’s top pro-freedom attorneys, James Kitchen, spoke with Arthur Schaper of MassResistance about what’s happening in Canada and how the few remaining “sane” lawyers deal with it. We found this to be a truly fascinating and insightful discussion of the devolution of the legal system and Canadian society – and how principled attorneys are battling back.

Attorney Kitchen currently represents Rob Hoogland, the father of a “transgender” daughter in British Columbia. In February 2020, a Canadian court ruled that Rob could not interfere with his 14-year-old daughter's "sex-change" treatments being pushed on her by her school and pro-trans doctors.

The LGBT movement hired lawyers to help the girl sue her own father, and the courts imposed a draconian “gag order” on Rob. So he (or anyone in Canada!) has been banned from revealing the details of what happened to his daughter, or even from using his real name in conjunction with the case. (The courts have ordered that Rob be called “CD” when referring to this case.) Rob was even sent to prison for breaking the gag order. MassResistance – not bound by Canadian courts – has published the details which are illegal to discuss in Canada.

Rob is now out of prison. The daughter is no longer under 18, so the court’s excuse of “protecting” a minor’s privacy no longer holds. Atty. Kitchen is going to court to have the “gag order” finally lifted. But even that will be an uphill battle.

The interview

James Kitchen describes himself as primarily a civil liberties lawyer. “I’m passionate about people’s individual liberties to live their life as they please.”  That puts him at odds with the direction of Canadian society. “I’m very anti-Marxist and anti-Communist and all the rest of it. I believe in human freedom, which these days makes me a minority – especially among lawyers.”

Why has this happened in Canada? It hasn’t always been this way, he says. There’s been a shift in just the last 25-30 years. “Maybe it’s because Canada has moved to the left and people gravitate toward power. And if people have high individual rights, there’s less power [that can be wielded over them]. And it’s not just the legal profession. It’s most of the professionals, elites, and wealthy, powerful people. It’s why all our institutions in Canada have become Marxist.”

Kitchen has had considerable success in courts undermining tyrannical orders and oppressive dictates against individuals. However, he readily admits that he loses most of his cases. That’s because he doesn’t shy away from cases that are very difficult and controversial. He’s generally taking on something that’s unpopular in the courts, particularly among the judges. “Their worldview is they just don’t like the outcome that I am pursuing,” he notes.

He discusses the mindset of the overwhelming numbers of the legal profession in Canada today – and particularly the judges. As is common in Marxist thinking, they simply refuse to follow the law and legal reasoning as it’s always been understood. The political outcome trumps everything.

“Although the law may be on my side, although the facts may be on my side, I’m fighting an uphill political battle,” he told us. “Our position doesn’t fit their narrative or their worldview. So they’ll make up fancy reasons for why I’m wrong and they’re right, and they’ll subtly change the law to do so.”

He said most of his successes come by fighting hard, with persistence – and the other side simply gives up. They often tend to wither in the face of someone who has strong principles and courage. But that’s still quite a challenge because the other side has far more resources.

However, even the failures in court have had some positive effect, he says.

In one of his recent cases, a Catholic school in Ontario suspended a 16-year-old student and even had the police come and arrest him for saying “there are only two genders and you were born either a male or female.” The school’s trustees defended that action.

ALT TEXT Sixteen-year-old boy is brought into custody by police outside of St. Joseph’s Catholic High School in Renfrew, Ontario. His crime: stating in class that people can only be male or female.

Kitchen commented on why people like those school officials are doing these frightening things. “What are officials like these so-called Catholic trustees motivated by? They’re not motivated by good things. They’re motivated by power, status, money, or fear because someone’s controlling them, telling them what to do.”

It’s a big problem across the country, he says, as a result of the oppression and attempted brainwashing by the government, the media, and other social forces. “Your typical average person really struggles to have intellectual and moral clarity.” People unfortunately tend to be like sheep. Ideas feel good and sound good, but are really not good when you get a chance to think hard about them.” He added that probably 85% of the people just go along with it because it’s easier to do and most people are followers.

But the good news in Canada, he says, is that people are starting to push back. “When a few leaders do things, people begin to wake up and follow along with them.” More and more people “are no longer terrified.”

“I think that June 2024 – Pride Month – is going to be very interesting. You’re going to see the biggest pushback,” he predicts, because regular people are realizing how horrible for society LGBT normalization really is.

A major push by Kitchen and other attorneys is to force more of these cases to be dealt with in the open. Nearly all establishment attorneys in Canada prefer to have cases decided behind closed doors, or keep large portions of the court record shielded from public view. The written decision by the Catholic school trustees on his case was legally kept from the public.

Kitchen does the opposite. He insists that all his cases be public. “We must expose the corruption by litigating publicly,” he said. That is also an uphill battle. But he has seen that it really helps educate the citizens.

The community of freedom-fighting lawyers in Canada is quite small but is very tight and dedicated despite the hostile environment they’re in, he told us.

His immediate goal with Rob Hoogland is to free his name and identity. “He’s one small part on the big lie that is transgenderism. The best weapon against lies is truth.”

And Kitchen is not about to stop. “Professionally and personally I’m after truth, and justice, and the destruction of lies that are ruining society. I didn’t become a lawyer to get rich. I became a lawyer to serve my calling to actually help humanity with truth and justice. If you like truth and justice and you want to work for them, one of the best ways to do that is to become a lawyer.”

James Kitchen is a great inspiration to all of us. We will keep you posted on his progress on the Rob Hoogland case!

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