MassResistance citizen outcry stops June “Pride Flag” requirement for public buildings in Los Angeles suburb.

Statewide LGBT group & prominent politicians tried to keep the order alive.

“Gay” mayor goes on rant blaming MassResistance.

May 23, 2024
ALT TEXT MassResistance activists pose in front of Downey City Hall just before the City Council meeting where the "pride flag" vote was taken.

Dedicated pro-family citizens – along with the right strategies and tactics – can win even in leftist-dominated locales.

Downey, California is a suburb of Los Angeles and a predominately Democrat city. Its 5-member City Council includes two openly “gay” men, including the Mayor. The Mayor helps run the Los Angeles County LGBTQ+ Elected Officials Association.

Nevertheless, four years ago MassResistance had a surprising victory in that city! We organized Downey families to successfully force the School Board to completely remove a Planned Parenthood sex-ed curriculum from the school system.

Pride Flags ordered to fly during June for past 3 years

For the past three years, the City Council enthusiastically passed a resolution ordering City Hall and other city properties to fly the LGBT rainbow flag during the month of June to commemorate “Gay Pride” month. This outraged lots of families in the city who see it as a blatant act forcing the city to celebrate an anti-Christian movement pushing sexual perversions.

Last year, local MassResistance activists came to the City Council meeting and spoke out against the resolution. They urged the Council to adopt a “neutral flag policy” instead that would only allow government flags – US, California, Downey, and POW flags – to be flown on city property. But the City Council ignored them and passed the “Pride flag” order again for June 2023.

Getting to work fighting back!

Right after that, the MassResistance families decided they weren’t going to let that happen again in 2024 and got to work.

A few months later, in November 2023, there were two special elections – to replace City Council members who had left office before their terms ended. Our activists confronted all the candidates about supporting a neutral flag policy. Many agreed, and some even supported stopping city funding for the local Pride festival. In the end, one pro-family candidate won, though one “gay” candidate also won. It was a good start!

Starting in late November, our activists consistently emailed and called the City Council members to demand a neutral flag policy. If at first they didn’t respond, more calls were made until they did! Local activists also provided sample language for the ordinance.

In March 2024, nearby Huntington Beach, CA voters passed a referendum banning non-government flags on city property. And Joe Biden reluctantly signed a budget bill that included a ban on LGBT flags at US embassies. But getting this policy past the leftist Downey City Council definitely presented a challenge.

At the April and May City Council meetings

At the April 9 Downey City Council meeting, our activists came and spoke passionately in favor of the neutral flag policy. Why should one group get honored and everyone else left out? One of our activists pointed out that the whole LGBT movement is about people who suffer loneliness and a lack of love, and are seeking to meet their needs in unnatural relationships.

Our hard work clearly made a difference. After the public comment portion of that meeting, it was moved and seconded to put a neutral flag policy on the agenda for an upcoming meeting.

At the next Downey City Council meeting on April 23, more of our activists spoke out in favor of the neutral flag policy. The City Council reportedly had also been discussing it in their closed session. Things were happening!

A few days later it was announced that the City Council would take up the matter at the May 14 meeting – just days before “Pride month” was to begin.

The LGBT movement and the leftists were clearly alarmed. On May 5, the statewide LGBT group Equality California sent out an email blast telling their members to attend the Downey City Council meeting on May 14, warning them that “anti-LGBTQ+ extremists” are out to “silence your pride” and make the city “unwelcoming.”

ALT TEXT The Mayor had already organized a special "Pride Flag Raising Ceremony" - and then had to cancel it! [Photo: ABC News Channel 7]

At the May 14 meeting, it was clear that the political establishment did not want this to pass. Besides the LGBT activists who came (only two or three showed up), staff from the district’s State Assemblywoman and staff from a member of the L.A. County Board of Supervisors (who had pushed for a county-wide Pride Flag resolution) came to urge the City Council to reject the neutral flag policy.

Los Angeles County Supervisor Janice Hahn, who sent staff to the Downey meeting to fight the neutral flag policy, is shown here at a recent Pride event.

The policy was on the meeting’s agenda, but it was placed at the end of a very lengthy item that took nearly three hours to finish. Then there was an hour of public comment – which several MassResistance citizens participated in.

“Gay” Mayor makes nasty speech blaming MassResistance

Just before the vote, when it had become clear the neutral policy would pass, the openly homosexual Mayor made an angry speech castigating MassResistance. He started off,:

This motion strikes me as a direct attack on the Pride flag. Let’s be clear on what we’re doing. This motion came about because of a group called MassResistance. Some of their members are sitting in the back… It’s an organized group … This is a step backward for our city …

He went on to say that our two goals are “anti-immigration” (offering no evidence) and “anti-Pride flag.” Not surprisingly, he labeled us a “hate group,” which is a typical leftist and “gay” projection of their own hate. His rant bashed religious people who read the Bible as hypocrites who harm their children. He said the Pride flag needs to fly because homosexuals need to feel welcomed.

The Mayor’s statement upset some of the City Council members. One of them immediately spoke out:

I firmly disagree with that statement. This is not an attack on any one community. We stand united under the flag of this country. It unites all of us regardless of race, color, or religion. We are called to represent all of our residents.

ALT TEXT MassResistance activists gave strong testimony during the public comments and stayed until the end!
ALT TEXT Just before the vote, the Mayor (center) goes through his rant against MassResistance. The woman toward the right (in front of the white California flag) is the Council member who strongly disagreed with him — and voted for the policy.

The vote

The neutral flag policy passed 3-2. The two “no” votes were by the two homosexuals on the City Council. This was another stunning pro-family victory in a city dominated by Democrats, in one of the most pro-LGBT counties in the country, with a City Council headed by one of the most outspoken LGBT activists in the region.

ALT TEXT When the vote was displayed — 3 yes, 2 no, and 0 abstaining — the leftists were shocked and angry!

Final thoughts

Our MassResistance group in Downey has stuck together for years, and is willing to do what it takes to get good things done. A lot of activity went on (purposely) behind the scenes, which was part of the plan. And they’re not done in Downey. We see this as a springboard to even greater achievements there!

One more thing: To get an idea how shocked and angry this made leftists, one need only look at how the mainstream media in L.A. County (and beyond) exploded over this City Council vote. And the Mayor continued to publicly complain about MassResistance. We will report on that in our next post!

ALT TEXT Thanks to our activists' work, only the US flag, California flag, Downey city flag, and POW flag will fly over City Hall and other government buildings there!
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