Father sues CA high school over rainbow flag in son’s classroom.

Years earlier, the father was victim of homosexual rape.

MassResistance helped him deal with school officials after they ridiculed him and refused to change the flag policy.

April 4, 2024
ALT TEXT Officials at Venice High School in suburban Los Angeles acted despicably toward a traumatized family that did not want the LGBT agenda pushed on their sons.

The LGBT rainbow “pride” flag is worse than just an anti-Christian political symbol meant to normalize sexual perversions and disordered behaviors. It can also be traumatic to those who have been physically and psychologically damaged by that “movement.”

A horrible story

In 2022, Brian Selem, a father in suburban Los Angeles, contacted MassResistance.

He had a horrible heartbreaking story. As a teenager he had been drugged and gang-raped by a group of homosexual men on multiple occasions. He was naïve and an easy target for the perpetrators who groomed him. It was such dreadful experience that it took years before he could even process what had happened to him. He is now married with two sons in school. But it continues to be a terrible debilitating nightmare that, despite counseling and support, has affected his life intensely and never leaves him.

Brian is not alone. Since the so-called “gay rights” movement became institutionalized in America, hundreds of thousands of boys and men have suffered homosexual rape, according to reports. Even the pro-LGBT New York Times admits it: More than 100,000 men have been sexually assaulted in the military in recent decades. Yet the problem of homosexual rape is rarely covered by the mainstream media.

So, when Brian sees the LGBT Pride flag flying, it elicits intense disgust and revulsion in him. Many people are willing to understand that and respond to his concerns. For example, Brian’s barber took down the rainbow flags in his shop out of respect for Brian’s pain.

At his son’s high school: more pain and demeaning treatment

Unfortunately, school officials typically have no compassion or interest in the feelings of anyone who disagrees with their agendas. That negligence has directly affected Brian.

Brian’s sons attend Venice High School in the West Los Angeles area. One of his sons was enrolled in an English class where the teacher prominently displayed the LGBT pride flag in her class.

When Brian visited that classroom during Back to School Night in September 2022, he confronted the teacher about the flag. He described to her what had happened to him and how that flag is psychologically and emotionally triggering to him and family members. His son should not have to sit in class and have to look at it, he insisted to the teacher. And if nothing else, he asked, why aren’t other viewpoints allowed?

Initially, the teacher acquiesced and said she would take down the flag, though Brian noticed she smirked at another staffer in the room at the time. But the next day, Brian’s son informed him that the flag was still in the classroom. Brian’s wife also contacted the teacher to ask it be taken down, but was ignored.

It got much worse. A few days later, the teacher brought in a “Restorative Justice” lecturer to talk to the English class. The message was that homosexuals and transgenders are victims who deserve apologies or reparations in some form from the rest of society. The speaker brought up Brian as an example of an offender because he opposes the school’s view on homosexuality and transgenderism, and even disparaged his son. It was clearly meant to humiliate Brian and his son in front of the class.

Brian was very upset. He arranged a meeting with the school vice principal and guidance counselor to discuss what had happened. But both officials refused to comment or take any corrective action. Instead, they insultingly referred Brian to the school district’s Diversity Department for re-education. (How outrageous that a high school has an office dedicated to indoctrination!)

MassResistance helps Brian deal with the school

At that point, Brian contacted MassResistance and we discussed the situation with him at length. Since the high school principal was the final authority in that building, we suggested he should insist on talking with her – even though she may want to avoid dealing with him. We worked with him on making the meeting happen, and also on the points he should bring up and how he should deal with any objections, purposeful misdirection, or double-talk.

Brian had also found out that both his sons had been given homework, surveys, and other materials referencing anal sex, oral sex, and other LGBT behaviors. But Brian had notified the school several times in writing, as California’s opt-out law allows, not to expose his children to any sexual content, imagery, or activism. That was also to be brought up at the meeting.

Brian was able to meet with the principal on October 14, 2022. He talked in detail about his emotional situation and what had happened to him. But she appeared unsympathetic and was very uncooperative. She refused to give Brian details about the Restorative Justice speaker’s agenda or background. She would not address his other specific complaints. She simply acknowledged that what happened was wrong, and again referred Brian to the school district’s Diversity Department (as the others had done).

We continued to work with Brian, but the school officials closed ranks like nothing we’d ever seen before. It reeked of ill will and even seemed demonic, given what had happened to Brian and how their actions served to torment him.

Brian sues the school district!

In early January 2024, Brian’s lawyer formally filed a lawsuit in Superior Court against Venice High School and the Los Angeles Unified School District. Technically, the lawsuit is filed by Brian on behalf of his son.

The lawsuit cites eight California statutes that the school has allegedly violated in their treatment of Brian, their refusal to comply with the opt-out laws, their refusal to notify parents regarding speakers, civil rights and disability obligations, and other blatant violations.

The suit is asking for damages, citing intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligence. It is seeking injunctive relief, including compliance with all of the California statutes – and also removing all LGBT flags and other symbolism from all classrooms unless the district allows flags and symbolism of countering viewpoints alongside them.

We are awaiting the school district’s reply to this lawsuit. It should be interesting! We will keep you informed.

Final thoughts

This lawsuit is a commendable development – and something that needs to happen across the country! Brian is a true hero for everyone.

A lot of parents would back down to the hostility of the teachers and the stonewalling of the officials. They would also be reluctant to reveal such horrible and humiliating personal experiences in public. But Brian is not backing down. We wish more people had his strong principles.

We all know that the environmental poisoning in the high schools of America goes beyond flag displays. The intense promotion of all things LGBT – via the curriculum, GSA clubs, brainwashed staff, guest speakers, etc. – is toxic to everyone and must be rooted out.

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