East Idaho “Pride” event was subdued and diminished – after organizers feared a MassResistance protest like last year's.

Fewer attendees; many vendors stayed away.

But Idaho MassResistance activists took a different approach this time!

June 27, 2024
ALT TEXT This year it was mostly just a bunch of odd people walking around - quite unlike the depravity last year.

What a difference a year (and great activism) makes!

Last June in Rexburg, Idaho, over 100 local Idaho MassResistance parents protested at the LGBT “Pride Day” event held in the main city park next to a popular playground. Their main objection was to the use of a public venue to expose children to the range of deviance that this event brings. (Unlike what leftists do, our protest was completely peaceful.)

ALT TEXT Last year, local Idaho MassResistance people peacefuly protested the LGBT invasion of their town park.

As we reported last year, the protesters’ concerns were warranted. At that Rexburg pride event sex kit packets were handed out (which included various types of condoms, lubricant for anal sex, “dental dams” for lesbian sex). There were perverted Drag Queens and other dysfunctional behaviors on display in front of the many children. Outrageously, several local businesses participated in support as vendors.

After the event, we published the photos of what occurred. It certainly raised a lot of concern in the Rexburg area!

Pride organizers feared that Idaho MassResistance would be back this year!

The Pride organizers were clearly rattled that local Idaho MassResistance protesters might be back this year. They put up signs at the entrances warning people about MassResistance, and telling people not to talk to us!

ALT TEXT As people entered the area, these "warning" signs were posted!

Even though the Idaho MassResistance protesters had been completely peaceful in 2023, the LGBT activists pretended that they were terribly fearful for their “safety” this year and were afraid of violence! So seven sheriff's cars were at the event. The Pride organizers also hired five private armed “security” people to be there. (This is a common tactic of the Left to portray conservatives as threatening, hateful, and potentially violent.)

ALT TEXT Armed security guards walked with groups of people to "protect" them. Of course, it was all nonsense.

They even brought in a professional photographer, apparently to document the “protesters” who showed up among the attendees.

ALT TEXT The videographer team they brought in holds up a "crowd release public filming notice" for the attendees. Somewhat unusual.

The “Pride” event was quite subdued this year!

The citizens’ peaceful protest last year clearly sent a strong message!

Unlike previous years, this Rexburg Pride event was pretty tame. It was held in a smaller area. There certainly seemed to be fewer attendees. If there were any “sex kit packets,” it was not obvious. There was only one tepid Drag Queen. A few men were walking around wearing dresses, but it was less flagrant and deranged than last year.

ALT TEXT This was their "Drag Queen" this year. Pretty lame.
ALT TEXT Even the cross-dressers were unimpressive.

Publishing the photos of last year’s deviance clearly had an effect. According to local news reports, several of the sponsors subsequently pulled out or “put distance between themselves and the event.”

Like last year, the attendees were mostly young adults dressed in weird clothes, colored hair, piercings, etc. – the usual LGBT adolescent “rebel” attire for these events. Like last year, they paraded through the event space, apparently to show their “pride.”

ALT TEXT Parading around the area. (Note the children's playground at left.)
ALT TEXT Instead of condoms, dental dams and sex kits, they were giving away krispy treats.

In many ways it was sad to watch. Normal people don’t carry on that way. The LGBT attendees seemed almost too eager to show their “happiness” and “pride” – while celebrating self-destructive behaviors.

ALT TEXT Of course, every LGBT event still has tables and resources for mental health and "crisis" issues. (Not surprising in light of the federal Dept. of Health and Human Services 2023 SAMHSA report documenting higher levels of mental health issues and substance abuse among the "LGB" population.)
ALT TEXT And no LGBT event would be complete without at least some weird sex literature.

Here’s what Idaho MassResistance did this year – they set up an information area!

The leftists all assumed that we’d be inside their event protesting. A few days before the event, a snotty local reporter even contacted us to ask questions about our upcoming protest – then published our purposefully vague response on their website – in a hostile article full of untruths.

But we didn’t hold any protests that day.

Instead, our Idaho MassResistance activists reserved a pavilion with a stage that was in the same park a few hundred feet from the Pride event. They put up a large banner, “Prideful no more” – a slogan of ex-gays and ex-transgenders.

ALT TEXT A few hundred feet away, the Idaho MassResistance reserved this pavilion.
ALT TEXT Almost immediately, people came up to hear what was said, ask questions, and offer support.

On the stage was a couch, two upholstered chairs, and a large TV screen playing a continuous video of “detransitioners” (people who have left transgenderism) talking about their experiences. We had a few activists on the stage, and other activists on the ground.

Throughout the afternoon, many people – especially many young people – came to the pavilion to talk. It seems that the signs at the Pride event warning people about MassResistance may have actually steered people over. Most of them had never heard our information before. Several of them thanked us for being there. No one was hostile toward us or our message!


Final thoughts

A key to winning “culture war” battles is having innovative strategies. Nobody was expecting this, and we brought a message to the “Pride month” event that people there needed to hear. All in all, it was a very successful day.

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