Idaho citizens protest outside “Pride” event. Unhinged LGBT crazies try to harass and attack them, but they stand their ground.

A bizarre display of dysfunctional people and their weird, angry behavior.

A view beneath the façade of “normalcy” that the media and LGBT movement tries to portray.

June 17, 2024
ALT TEXT Our people demonstrated across the road from the park. LGBT activists came out to prance around, scream, and confront them. But the intimidation didn't work.

If you want to know what small-town “Pride Month” events are actually about, the one in Nampa, Idaho’s this year is Exhibit A. They violate all the norms for civilized public spaces.

Nampa is a city in Canyon County in southwestern Idaho just west of Boise. The area is largely conservative, as is most of the state. Known as “Treasure Valley,” the area has seen big population growth in recent years as conservative families have fled the left-wing West Coast states. But assorted Idaho leftists continue to push their agendas on everyone.

“Pride” event comes to Nampa

So when a group calling itself Canyon County Pride applied for a permit for a June 9 “Pride Month” event in a Nampa public park, people were alarmed. The vulgarity and sexual paraphernalia at the Pride event held last year in Rexburg, Idaho – and the MassResistance protest there – were fairly well known in pro-family circles in Nampa. Pro-family activists there reached out to MassResistance to help them organize and protest the event in their town.

Our activists and other residents asked the Nampa City Council not to allow the event. The City Council felt they legally had to give them a permit, but issued a statement regarding that:


Deranged LGBT activists come out to attack demonstrators

On the day of the event, a group of MassResistance citizens from the area came to demonstrate. They didn’t go in. They gathered and protested just outside of the park.

They thought the whole thing would be fairly peaceful. But that isn’t what happened. Instead, groups of abusive and clearly dysfunctional members of the LGBT “community” came out of the park and across the road to harass and scream at them, display lewd behaviors, and even assault them.

But our demonstrators stood their ground and didn’t back down – which seemed to anger the LGBT crowd even more.

ALT TEXT Our group walking over to the "Pride" event ...
ALT TEXT When they got there, an LGBT activist (in short skirt) ran up and assaulted one of our group and then attempted to take her sign.
ALT TEXT Then more weirdos came over to confront the demonstrators.
ALT TEXT People dressed as dogs came over.
ALT TEXT Skulls and Satanist imagery were popular that day.
ALT TEXT This very disturbed man with breast implants came to confront the demonstrators. Yuck!
ALT TEXT ... And our people showed him this sign: "Real Females Have XX Chromosome - Anything else is mental illness."
ALT TEXT This man who recently ran for Idaho State Senate (as a Democrat) tried to confront our people.
ALT TEXT This is their message for children, which they also brought over..
ALT TEXT This seems to be some kind of Satanist in a dog mask. Par for the course for "Pride Month."
ALT TEXT After a few hours of facing weirdness, it's really good to get out! Some of our group in the parking lot.

Final thoughts

This is a very sad situation. The media and LGBT movement go to great lengths to present “gay pride” events as fun, normal, loving, and peaceful – even family friendly. (There were certainly many children who were brought to this one!) On the surface it sometimes looks that way. But just beneath the surface there is anger, dysfunction, perversion, violence, and emotional or mental health issues. The Satanic inspiration was on surprisingly open display. Normal people don’t behave this way. These people need help, not pandering.

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