Wyoming MassResistance forces County Commission to threaten Library Board chairman: Clean up your act or face removal!

Fighting back against degenerate library officials and RINO politicians in conservative state.

RINO County Commissioner drops out of upcoming election over the pressure.

And more!

May 13, 2024
ALT TEXT A Wyoming MassResistance activist (lower right) describes the horrible material in the library to the County Commissioners. They aren't even paying attention. (See video clip below.) But we forced them to take action!

When taking on the Left in your area, it’s important to find a way to get things done!

Last year, a state legislator in Wyoming reached out to MassResistance for help. The legislator had been working with local activists in Fremont County on a number of issues. But the obscenity and pornography in the library (as well as in the schools) was a vexing problem.


Fremont County is one of the largest counties in the state and is solidly Republican. The Republican primaries basically decide the elections. It is also home to the Wind River Reservation (the only Indian reservation in Wyoming) which unfortunately has become a center for leftist politics and the LGBT agenda.

But the bigger problem is that leftists get elected as Republicans for many important local offices. And they appoint other horrible leftists for governing boards. People usually don’t realize what has happened until it’s too late.

As in many places, the library purposefully has brought in numerous sexually obscene books, particularly in the young adult section. Also, the son of one of our activists saw another patron looking at hardcore pornography on the library computers – but the library has refused to install porn filters.

We gathered a MassResistance chapter in Fremont County to push back. The leftists didn’t like it at all!

Confronting the Library Board

The activists began attending Library Board meetings and confronting them about these problems. It was shocking how condescending, hostile, and detached the Board members acted. For example, in the video clip below a group of activists look on while a mother reads from one of the extremely graphic sex books. The Board members looked uninterested and irritated that their time was being wasted, and simply told the mother to file a bureaucratic “book challenge.”

VIDEO: Library Board shows no reaction to sickening testimony about their books for kids (2 min 34 sec)

Confronting the County Commission

The Library Board members are appointed by the Fremont County Commission. The County Commission is made up of appalling RINOS with seemingly no moral compass except to stay in power.

Our MassResistance activists came and testified at their meetings. They would describe in horrible detail what’s in the children’s sections of the library. But the Commissioners simply sat stone-faced, hoping the citizens would finish quickly and not come back. This video clip is an example:

VIDEO: County Commissioners sit stone-faced as mother describes obscene content for kids in library (2 min 1 sec)

At one point, the County Commission decided they’d had enough “information” and began putting severe restrictions on public comment.

Violating its procedures to exclude conservatives from Library Board

Last June, two pro-family citizens applied to fill a vacating position on the Library Board. But the leftist Library Director labeled them “ultra-conservative” and told the Commissioners that they were not appropriate to be members.

According to emails that our activists received through a Freedom of Information request, the Library Director claimed that people who are (in her opinion) “ultra-conservative” would oppose “intellectual freedom” – i.e., obscenity and pornography for children – and that this would be a violation of the First Amendment. It’s the argument that pornographers targeting children have been making for decades. To claim it applies to libraries is particularly absurd.

To solve this “problem,” the Library Director violated the county’s own procedures and covertly allowed a previous Board member to re-apply after the posted cut-off date. Thus, the former member got re-appointed instead of the legitimate candidates. The Commissioners later stated they were unaware of that violation at the time. But they refused to do anything about it.

Our activists fight back

Our activists refused to give up. They made a huge effort to expose the terrible books, the appointment violation, and the other outrages of the County Commission and Library Board to the entire county.

ALT TEXT After uncovering what really happened, our activists made sure that the local media knew about it!

GOP issues “Resolution of No Confidence”

In particular, they strategically reached out to the Fremont County Republican Party Central Committee – and thoroughly educated them on the situation. That got a powerful reaction: In March 2024, the Fremont County GOP issued a Resolution of No Confidence to the four liberal County Commissioners, along with a list of reasons for doing so.

In an area where voters vote overwhelmingly Republican – but need to know which Republican to vote for – that information is very important.

County Commissioners swiftly react – and we get results!

There are two Commissioners up for re-election in the upcoming August Republican primary. Within days of the GOP Resolution of No Confidence, both incumbents announced they were not running again. (One of them, the Chairman, later changed his mind and decided to run. The other is still not running.)

But that was just the beginning. A few weeks later, on April 2, 2024, the County Commission wrote a blistering memorandum to the Library Board.

They demanded that the Board immediately address a list of problems that our activists were complaining about. Those included: the Library Director’s use of “labeling” people in her communications to the Board; age-appropriateness of books for minors; pornography filters on computers; making the Material Review Policy have public involvement, reflect local values, and not be unreasonably time-consuming or bureaucratic; and other issues.

To make their point, the Commissioners ended their letter with these strong statements:

We have witnessed inappropriate behaviors from the Board Chair, and members of the Library Board. This must stop.

If we don’t see the issues listed above addressed by the end of the May Library Board meeting, we will be forced to remove the Chair and place Commissioner Mike Jones on the Library Board for a few months to ensure these policies and concerns are addressed.

A victory for families versus leftists

This is a significant victory. Things are changing and the momentum is now on our side in Fremont County.

The County Commission is still too reticent to say the obvious: Such disgusting and sickening sexual obscenity has no place in any library – and that the people who put it there and defend it need to find other employment (and deal with their own likely personal pornography problems).

But that will come!

And more – important “Pride” victory in Fremont County

Lander is the county seat of Fremont County. For years, in June the Lander City Council would pass a very offensive proclaimation celebrating Pride Month. Here is a sample.

But last year (in June 2023), the City Council decided not to celebrate Pride Month after outcry from our Wyoming MassResistance activists. (Here is an example.) That was a very important victory for families – and society – that we’re replicating in many places.

The Lander City Council is expected to reject a similar Pride resolution for June of this year, according to sreports!

Little by little, the RINO public officials in Wyoming are getting the message from their constituents!

Final thoughts

We must always keep in mind that small victories lead to big victories. Across the country, MassResistance is focusing on moving forward!

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