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Radical "pandemic control bill" before Massachusetts Legislature  S2028 / H4275

Could give MA broad powers to enter & search homes, take property, detain people without warrants, require vaccinations, and more.

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UPDATED: December 3, 2009

CURRENT STATUS: Separate Senate (S2028) and House (H4275) versions have passed. On October 9, 2009, both versions went to a 6-member Conference Committee to reconcile them into one bill, to then go to the Governor's desk. The bill is still in the Conference Committee. See 10/2/09 MassResistance Report: "Pandemic control bill" now languishes in conference committee

Below are links to information, bill text, and more about both the Senate and House versions of the bill.

A. The Senate version S2028 - Passed unanimously in April.

As fears of an H1N1 swine flu epidemic emerged, a draconian "pandemic control bill" that would give broad extra-constitutional powers to the state to enter and search houses, take property, detain people, require vaccinations, and set penalties for non-compliance at $1000.00 per day and jail time was passed unanimously by the Senate in April.

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B. The House version H4275 - Passed on October 8

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