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Transgender agenda in the schools

Transgender rights law, and more in Massachusetts targeting children

FIGHTING BACK: MassResistance addresses State Board of Education meeting over directive to force transgenderism in schools
We did not pull punches! (See photos, video.).

Breaking: Did State Board of Education use radical transgender group's document to draft their directive for state's schools

Mass. state education officials release directive to force transgenderism into all schools
"Transgender" boys playing on girls' sports teams, using girls' locker rooms, name & pronoun changes, etc.

State support. Rep. Martin Walsh and Rep. Liz Malia
proudly pose with "female-to-male transgender" girl at
state-run home in 2004.


The State House event from hell: Homosexual and trans lobby celebrate "transgender law" with Mass. Governor and top politicians
Vocal anger & hostility toward pro-family citizens. (See photos & videos.) Coming to other states soon . . .

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Attorney General Martha Coakley (front row, center and right) pose with a woman dressed as a man and several men dressed as women.


Pushing the Transgender Bill: How the gay movement lobbies your state legislators
Pushing transgender bill through the Mass. State House: How the homosexual-transgender movement uses activists to lobby your legislators.


Coming to schools. Boy dressed as a girl at state-sponsored "youth pride" day in Boston. Annual event attracts teenagers from across the state and promotes GLBT identities and behaviors to them.


Shocking: How the Mass. 'transgender rights' law is changing the schools
Part 1 of 2-part series

Schools in Massachusetts will be seeing a lot more of these. And that's just the beginning.


"Transgender summer camp" for kids celebrated in Boston media
Disturbing descriptions of body mutilations. "If you disagree, you're supporting suicide," say gay activists.

Boston Globe celebrates sex-changes for children by major hospital on front page of Sunday edition.
Article too disturbing to read!  Is this America's future?