December 2013

In Jamaica: MassResistance helps citizens confront ‘gay’ agenda. Speech at pro-family rally broadcast on national radio. 12-29-2013

Brian Camenker of MassResistance address Jamaicans

Federal judge who ruled against Pastor Scott Lively did not disclose outrageous background Should have been disqualified from case 12-20-2013

Federal Judge Michael Posner

Croatia votes overwhelmingly to ban 'gay marriage' despite intimidation tacticsVoters ignore pressure from government, media, activists (and even US State Dept).

Marriage supporters celebrate victory in Croatia vote.

Special MA election for Congress Tuesday Dec. 10. Pro-family Republican being snubbed by GOP (a disturbing trend). Up against radical anti-family pro-LGBT Democrat. 12-3-2013

November 2013

As 2013 draws to a close . . .
What can you do to help fight back?
At MassResistance we believe that good people must stand and fight back without compromise and without fear. 11-29-2013


Lessons learned from the Hawaii "gay marriage" fight Moving the pro-family movement forward . . . 11-24-2013


Hawaiian citizens confront legislators on gay marriage in State House hearing. Are ignored & insulted. House committee, and full House, ignore five days of powerful testimony against bill from across Hawaii 11-12-2013


October 2013

Ten thousand Hawaii citizens rally against 'gay marriage' outside of State HouseArrogant Senate cuts off public hearing to pass bill. Battle moves to the House.


Huge ‘gay marriage’ battle in Hawaii Legislature starts Monday. Pro-family groups out in force to stop it! Special session called by governor to push bill through House and Senate. 10-24-2013


Angry mother confronts Mass. Legislature over school referring son to 'gay' club Files bill in Mass. Legislature after son was referred to outside "gay" club by school. Gives powerful testimony at public hearing. 10-11-2013


September 2013

MassResistance creates powerful 28-minute video on what 'gay marriage' did to Massachusetts Responding to requests: A tool for individuals, groups, and churches.


Australia facing same-sex "marriage" legislative threat this month! Threat returns after being stopped last year. MassResistance helping activists. 10-9-2013

Hawaii governor calling special session of legislature on Oct. 28 to pass "gay marriage." Churches mobilizing to stop it. MassResistance working with pro-family activists. 9-17-2013

Website of First Assembly of God churches in Hawaii.

Plans to disrupt Olympics revealed at 'gay' journalists convention in BostonMassResistance Exclusive: Media, athletes, and even Olympic teams working with LGBT activists 9-6-2013

Pro-LGBT activist Patrick Burke reveals outrageous plans he "can't talk about publicly" at session of gay journalists conference

August 2013

Have some fun countering the "gay" agenda 8-30-2013

Tired of having the homosexual "equal" sign always thrown in your face? Stick it back at them -- and counter the gay agenda -- with MassResistance's stickers!

Federal judge's outrageous ruling against Pastor Scott Lively -- could have terrrible international consequences for pro-family movement! 8-23-2013

Pastor Scott Lively refuses to back down and is being bitterly attacked by the homosexual movement.

Slanting the news: Huge national LGBT journalist conference in Boston this week ALSO: See shocking 92-page report on Fox News' support of the homosexual agenda. 8-23-2013


Radical ay activists converge at public hearing in Mass. State House -- pushing bill to ban counseling on homosexuality for youth Part of national push in state legislatures 8-12-2013

"Out gay" Mass. state rep Carl Sciortino (D-Medford) is the national homosexual movement's point man in the Mass. Legislature, and is leading the charge.

July 2013

Special report:
How government traps young men in the transgender subculture
From schools into the streets. Crime, prostitution, and AIDS 7-24-2013

Two young men at "Youth Pride Day" in Boston 2013.

Hearing July 16: Bill to ban children from receiving vital therapy to help deal with homosexual issues or abuse.   Full report coming up! 7-14-2014

The public hearing from hell in Mass. State House How a third-world country treats its pro-family citizens 7-14-2013

As the hearing began, Gardner Auditorium was packed from floor to ceiling. But most of the people there never actually got to testify

Major public hearing on radical bills to change society - Mass. State House, Tues. July 9. A preview of what may be coming across the country. 7-8-2014

June 2013

Boston Gay Pride - Part 2: Attacking traditional religion and the Catholic Church


Analysis of DOMA and Prop 8 Supreme Court rulings: What happened and why -- and what's next Also: How the pro-family movement botched these cases 6-27-2013

The mainstream media reacted predictably.

What Boston "Gay Pride" reveals about the LGBT movement in America. Multi-part series begins. 6-29-2013

Boston Gay Pride. Part 1: Pushing the "transgender" agenda See photos, handouts, and more. 6-19-2013


GOP US Senate candidate Gabriel Gomez campaigns at raunchy Gay Pride Week event Claims to be a "new kind of Republican." See photos. 6-13-2013

"Transgender rights" madness continues:
Lawsuit forces Boston Police Dept. to implement outrageous transgender policy regarding arrests & searches 6-13-2013

Boston Herald article on Wednesday.

Russian parliament bill by 436-0 that bans giving homosexual information to minors or holding gay-pride rallies passes Violence erupts as gays stage "kiss-in" nearby before vote. 6-13-2013

More Gay Pride Week in Boston:

Raising rainbow flag over Boston City Hall - state & local officials gather for ceremony  Attorney General says: I'll help change laws to push gay agenda. 6-7-2013

Mass. Attorney General Martha Coakley tells homosexual activists she'll help mold "our laws, our opinions, and our culture" for the LGBT community.

Pride Week in Boston: A week of public homosexuality -- with new focus on kids 6-7-2013

Major Boston hospital holds "LGBT Achievement Award Ceremony" -- invites doctors & staff But telling the truth can be a firing offense! 6-7-2013

Boston Red Sox having "Gay Pride Day" at Fenway Park this Thursday, June 6! Take action. "Gay" basketball player Jason Collins throwing out first pitch. 6-4-2013

Fighting back:
Legislature in Nigeria passes bill outlawing gay marriage, gay activism, and public gay behavior. 6-4-2013

Cross-dressing "transgender" boy becomes prom queen at Mass. high school!Celebrated by school officials and local news media. 6-4-2013

VICTORY: Pro-family forces stop "gay marriage" in Illinois legislature as session ends for summer Defeated homosexual lobby despite overwhelming odds 6-2-2013

Lead sponsor of "gay marriage" bill concedes defeat on the Illinois House floor.

May 2013

Catholic activists stage effective pro-life protest at Boston College. Cardinal changes plans; international newspaper coverage; Boston liberal media inflamed! This is the way the pro-family movement ought to be working! 5-29-2013


Public hearing Thursday, May 30 in Mass. State House on school billsHomosexual lobby trying to "update" anti-bullying law; MassResistance bill to confront intrusive sex surveys pushed on kids 5-29-2013

Ground Zero this week in Illinois: Will there be a "gay marriage" vote in Legislature before session recess on Friday?  5-29-2013

Powerful pro-family coalition poised to stop "gay marriage" from passing in Illinois legislature! They are leading in House & keeping up pressure. Session ends in two weeks. 5-19-2013

Pastors fighting "gay marriage" in IL hold press conference

Parents' rights vs. sex-ed bills in MA Legislature - public hearing! Expect Planned Parenthood come out in force. 5-12-2-2013

MassResistance submits strong testimony on important school bill, despite attempts to derail pro-family voice
At Judiciary Committee hearing in Massachusetts State House. 5-12-2013

Vulnerable kids are persuaded to join "gay" groups at school. And parents have no power to intervene or even be informed.

Delaware Legislature votes on 'gay marriage' this Tuesday. It's down to one vote in Senate! Pro-family forces fighting hard. 5-3-2013

The Delaware Family Policy Council brought people out in force for traditional marriage.

Mass. US Senate primary results: A pro-family opportunity that went south. Sullivan gets 36 percent of GOP vote. Bloomberg News quotes MassResistance 5-3-2013

April 2013

Rhode Island Legislature votes for "gay marriage" after two "pro-family" Senators cave during Judiciary Committee vote. 4-25-2013

Analysis: What really happened -- how the marriage battle in Rhode Island was lost   4-25-13

Homosexual activists filled the hearing room for the Judiciary Committee vote on Wednesday.

Pro-family guide to next Tuesday's US Senate primary election in MassachusettsIs Sullivan a conservative we can trust? 4-25-2013

"Day of Silence" -- annual homosexual assault on children in schools -- taking place this Friday, April 19. Parents can fight back!  Also: "Day of Silence" organizers produce absurd video to attack pro-family activist Linda Harvey. 4-18-2013


Special: When the Tea Party loses its way by appeasing the Left. Rally on Boston Common this weekend illustrates huge split in movement. 4-10-2013

Analysis of the Prop 8 and DOMA "gay marriages" cases before the US Supreme Court  What's going on and what could happen. 4-8-2013

Homosexual activist taunts Christians gathered near US Supreme Court building during "gay marriage" arguments. Expect to see more of this if any of these cases wins

March 2013

Hispanic pro-family rally overwhelms Rhode Island State House at "gay marriage" hearing  Followed by 12-hours of testimony. Committee vote pending. 3-28-2013

When you entered the Rhode Island State House, this is the first thing you saw!

Public hearing in RI State House on gay marriage bill -- plus outrageous pro-gay Constitutional Amendment  Hearing will determine future. 3-21-2013

VICTORY: Radical transgender bill stopped in Maryland! 3-21-2013

Pro-family protesters stand tall against vile gay-themed anti-Bible school playUndeterred by counter-protest by homosexual activists 3-19-2013

Local parents protesting

Hateful school play mocking Bible & religion with blatant homosexual themes attracting national attention. Being performed this weekend in South Hadley, Massachusetts. 3-13-2013

School play retells stories from the Bible using homosexual characters in a pornographic and mocking fashion.

Huge "gay marriage" battle in Illinois legislature. Pro-family forces winning! Currently stalled in House as fight for votes continues. 3-8-2013

Pro-family citizens filled the hallways of the Illinois State House demanding legislators not change the marriage law.

FIGHTING BACK: MassResistance addresses State Board of Education meeting over directive to force transgenderism in schools  We did not pull punches! (See photos, video.). 3-1-2013

Did State Board of Education use radical transgender group's document to draft their directive for state's schools?  3-1-2013

February 2013

The State House event from hell: Homosexual and trans lobby celebrate "transgender law" with Mass. Governor and top politicians  Vocal anger & hostility toward pro-family citizens. (See photos & videos.) Coming to other states soon. 2-25-2013

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Attorney General Martha Coakley (front row, center and right) pose with a woman dressed as a man and several men dressed as women.

Mass. state education officials release directive to force transgenderism into all schools "Transgender" boys playing on girls' sports teams, using girls' locker rooms, name & pronoun changes, etc .2-19-2013

Rep. Martin Walsh (now Mayor Walsh of Boston) and Rep. Liz Malia proudly pose with "female-to-male" transgender girl at state-run home in 2004.

MassResistance files strong pro-family bills in Mass. Legislature to protect parents & citizens Taking proactive action. Bipartisan support among state legislators! 2-5-2-13

Gay marriage bill stalling in RI Senate after pro-family pressure MassResistance booklet cited in State House debate.  2-1-2013

Legislator holds up copy of MassResistance booklet on same-sex "marriage" during debate on "gay marriage" bill in Rhode Island House of Representatives.

January 2013

Powerful Rhode Island marriage rally at State House public hearing!  Hundreds fill State House to make a statement against "gay marriage" bill. MassResistance speaks at rally.  1-22-2013

Battle over same-sex "marriage" in Rhode Island Legislature begins with public hearing. Pro-family rally & press conference by religious coalition, with MassResistance. 1-15-2013

Web page of statewide religious coalition!

Federal Judge hears arguments on motion to dismiss "crimes against humanity" lawsuit against pro-family Pastor Scott Lively. Lively's lawyer dismantles plaintiff's points, despite unusual process by judge.  1-13-2013

>Homosexual activists hold rally outside Federal Courthouse

Huge gay lawsuit vs pro-family pastor in Federal Court. Soros-funded group suing Pastor Scott Lively for "crimes against humanity" in Federal Court. Punishing him for Christian, pro-family position on homosexuality. Oral arguments begin Monday morning! 1-4-2013


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