MassResistance-UK activist confronts the limits on freedom of speech in Britain!

LGBT agenda in the schools becoming a forbidden subject for discussion.

Banned from a “free speech” conference for inquiring about the "wrong" topics!

But he charges ahead!

June 2, 2018
ALT TEXT David Skinner in a video posted last year on the nonsense of "homophobia."

Today the eyes of the world are on the United Kingdom. Most of you have probably read about Tommy Robinson, the English citizen journalist who was thrown in jail in London on May 25 for simply standing outside of a courthouse and reporting on a topic that the government didn’t want discussed (Muslim immigrants raping and “grooming” young girls). The goal of the UK government is to put fear into everyone else – to keep them from speaking out on politically-incorrect subjects.

Meanwhile, a MassResistance-UK activist, David Skinner, is reminding us that it’s more important than ever for all of us to continue fighting at every level.

David recounts how simply asking a question via phone before the event got him banned from a “free speech” conference. It exposes what frauds these British leaders really are – at a time of real threats to free speech. He also details his confrontations with his “gay” Member of Parliament over the government pushing homosexuality on schoolchildren.

As the “culture war” intensifies and issues like the LGBT agenda in the schools grows more and more radical, the left-wing establishment’s need to compel people to be silent becomes more necessary.

Because of this it is crucial for good people to fight back by telling the truth, boldly and fearlessly. As Pope John Paul II observed decades ago, that was the major force behind the sudden collapse of the Soviet Union. And it is the cornerstone of all success in the culture war. It chips away at the massive façade and house of cards that keeps it all going. Truth-telling will eventually cause it to collapse.


Our MassResistance UK activist challenges the insanity

David Skinner, a founding member of our MassResistance-UK chapter, is one of those ordinary people who is part of the solution. He jumps right in and shakes up the establishment.


Here’s David Skinner's description of what has
happened to him on the free speech front:

The so-called “Freedom Festival”

It’s a time of increasing lawlessness and loss of national identity as a Christian nation. Society is becoming more violent, unstable, and is losing social cohesion. At the same time, our government becomes more oppressive, invading ever more areas of our private and personal lives.

Thus, I was persuaded to pay £72 to attend a conference, organised by The Freedom Association (TFA), entitled, the “Freedom Festival”. This was held, on 23rd and 24th March, 2018, in my home town, Bournemouth, at the Miramar Hotel.

Its key-note speakers, those on the council and governors of the TFA, create an impressive list of some of the most prominent voices for freedom of speech and justice in the UK.

The TFA claimed the event to be:

 … an amazing two-day conference for anyone who cares about freedom and liberty and a place where one will be able to play an active part in discussions and debates about the big political, economic and moral issues of the day.


Over the course of two days, those who attend will rub shoulders with some of the most inspirational pro-freedom speakers from across the UK and overseas, including writers, politicians, academics, journalists, economists and philosophers.

It further claimed:

 TFA believes in the freedom of the individual in all aspects of life to as great an extent as possible. As such, we seek to challenge any erosion of civil liberties, and campaign in support of individual liberty and freedom of expression.

David’s first phone call

I was very much looking forward to attending this event since freedom of thought, conscience and speech are increasingly threatened in Parliament, on public platforms, in the media, in Universities, schools and even in my own street.

Two weeks before the festival I telephoned the Chairman of the TFA, Simon Richards, to ask whether there was any issue we could not talk about? Some might think this an odd question but seeing how I was spending £72 to attend the conference -- and there were issues such as homosexuality and Mohammedanism [Islam] which not even politicians, with their Parliamentary Privilege can talk about freely without being banned from political life -- I did not want to be wasting my money.

Simon Richards sounded irritated by the question and responded by saying that any issue that was sensitive or liable to cause offence would not be given a platform.

A second phone call

Somewhat disconcerted by this response, I was prompted to contact TFA’s Campaigns Manager, Andrew Allison.

He had posted an article about masked "anti-fascist" thugs who had stormed a lecture at Kings College London University, because they did not like the anti-feminist speaker. They assaulted security guards as they barged into the university building, smashed windows, hurled smoke bombs and set off a fire alarm.

Rightly he saw this as a threat, not only to civil liberties, but to a fundamental freedom of thought in our universities and educational institutions.

I mentioned to him that in November 2015 in the House of Lords, Baroness Deech also spoke about this during a debate, entitled “Universities: Freedom of Speech”.She said,

…never have the university authorities been so complicit in allowing the free exchange of ideas to be closed down…. Free speech is under attack because of a widespread culture of victimisation and grievance. People are fearful of the consequences if they express unpopular views and so they stay silent…. Speakers are banned for holding politically incorrect views about transgender issues or even for addressing the free-speech problem. The NUS have a no-platform policy that blocks what it defines as racist, fascist, transphobic and rape-denying speakers.

I shared with Mr. Allison my own experience of being silenced at Bournemouth University in 2012 after asking a question at a public forum. Without being specific as to what happened, the really shocking thing was how two Vice Chancellors, the Police, the Independent Police Complaints Commission, and especially the Crown Prosecution -- relying on fabricated evidence -- denied my complaints and blocked my proceeding with a Private Prosecution. I finally managed to bring the matter to court after a two-year battle, but a corrupt judge threatened me with an injunction: never to speak about homosexuality again.

Banned from the conference!

So, it came as another shock when on Friday afternoon 23rd March, just a few hours before the “Freedom Festival” was to begin, I received an email from Simon Richards, saying,

Dear Mr. Skinner,
As we have reason to believe that you might be a disruptive presence at The Freedom Festival, we have refunded your payment and are rescinding our invitation to you to attend it. I regret having to take this action, but, sadly, you have left us with no alternative.

Wow! I thought. I must be a really powerful person whose mere presence is enough to create panic in the camp. Reasonably, I thought, I was owed an explanation for such an extreme accusation. Simon Richards can give no evidence, such as smashing windows, dancing on the table or shouting out of turn, and yet he saw fit to exclude me.

I wrote to Simon Richards and Andrew Wilson, on Wednesday 28th March 20018:

Dear Mr Richards and Mr Alison,
…. I have no wish to be antagonistic or confrontational with anyone and so in the sincere hope of clearing up any misunderstanding and restoring the good reputation of the FA, I simply ask you, politely, to supply me asap, with detailed and documented evidence, giving proof of my being a “disruptive presence”, anywhere, anytime. Simply asking the question, ”Are there any issues we may not discuss?”, I am afraid will not qualify as being disruptive or in Orwellian language, “a revolutionary act”.

Not receiving a reply, after a couple of weeks, I telephoned the office of TFA to enquire why I had not at least received a courteous acknowledge to my letter. A lady who was manning the telephone answered by saying Mr. Richards was an extremely busy man and that my letter was probably at the bottom of the pile and basically not to bother them again.

In the absence of any other explanation, and based on past experience, it is my suspicion (though I might be wrong) that it was the key-note speaker of this Freedom Festival, my homosexual, Member of Parliament (MP) Mr Conor Burns, who was instrumental in my being banned from the Festival. He appears to have become paranoid by my mere presence and does not shy away from using bullying tactics to silence me.

David and his “gay” Member of Parliament

Last year, June 8th when Teresa May, the British Prime Minister, held an ill-advised snap election and Mr Burns came canvasing down my street with his entourage of Conservative supporters, one of them knocked on our door but my wife answered and sent him away. However, I felt I needed to warn them that I had seen the leader of the Labour opposition party, Jeremy Corbyn’s TV appearance, the night before and the way he had presented himself was as someone who was a people-person, someone willing to listen to the concerns of the people, which contrasted strongly with the Conservatives. I wanted to warn them that they may suffer in the election – which is exactly what happened.

When I caught up with Conor’s party, he had momentarily disappeared into a house, but as soon as he re -emerged and saw me, he shouted like a mad man,

This is David Skinner! Have nothing to do with him! Do not listen to him!

with the result that his whole party about turned and retreated from whence they had come. However, a lady hung back wanting to hear my message, but as I began to talk to her one of Mr Burns’ entourage, a tall man, interposed himself between us and shouldered me it into the road.

Somewhat stunned by this behaviour, I telephoned the Conservative Headquarters for Bournemouth West to lodge a complaint. I was told that Conor Burns had a very different version of what happened and not to contact them again. Well, he would, wouldn't he?

This was followed a few days later, June 7th by a letter from Mr Burns:

Dear Mr Skinner,
In the hope that I am re-elected in this general election, I write to set out the rules of future engagement between us.
I have no wish whatever, to receive any more of your offensive rants. I only wish to hear from you if you want to raise an issue that falls within my remit as a Member of Parliament and related directly to your personal circumstances . If you do wish to contact me on any such matter, please do so in writing.
Your sincerely C . Burns.

But in this incident he had come to my house, uninvited and demonstrated precisely the point that Jeremy Corbyn was making. I wrote back to him asking whether low level thuggery, bullying and intimidation formed part of his rules of engagement?

Later, in October 2017, a leaflet from Conor Burns was posted through my front door, entitled "Your Annual Report 2017”’, with a space on the back page headed, “LISTENING TO YOU and TELL CONOR, please use this space to raise issues or concerns directly with your Member of Parliament”!!!

I answered by reminding him that I had never received an apology for his outrageous treatment of me in June. I then raised all manner of issues such the rising incidence of mental and suicidal tendencies in children and the way Justine Greening, the lesbian Secretary of State for Education, was about to violate the intellectual and emotional development of 4-year-olds in schools with compulsory sex and transgender education.

His leaflet said that he hoped to communicate positively the things that he believed in. I also wished to communicate to him about the way Bournemouth Council are letting loose the most radicalising and militant gay lobbies in Europe (Stonewall) into our schools.

Actor Ian McKellen, Conor Burns, and the LGBT agenda being pushed at schoolchildren

Conor Burns and I arrived independently in Bournemouth in 2010, when I wrote to him expressing my concern over the possibility of Sir Ian McKellen CH CBE, a homosexual and founding member of Stonewall, coming to speak to children in Bournemouth. [McKellen is a highly decorated actor who most Americans know from his role as Gandalf in the “Lord of the Rings” movies.]

Since 2008, McKellen had been visiting many schools, brainwashing children into accepting homosexuality as being natural and normal.  He is probably the one person, apart from Roy Jenkins [who oversaw the decriminalization of homosexuality], most responsible for the moral corruption of our youth and the destruction of the family in Britain.

In 1988 Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher created Section 28, a piece of local government legislation which made it illegal to promote homosexuality in schools. At the time, sodomy was only legal if practised in private and between consenting partners over the age of 21. As soon as Tony Blair came to power in 1997, McKellen worked to get the age of consent for homosexuality reduced to 16 years. He achieved this in 2001 and then succeeded in getting rid of Section 28 in 2003, thus making children vulnerable to homosexual predators.

So when in October 2010 I raised my own concern of the possibility of McKellen coming to schools in Bournemouth, Conor Burns responded thus:   

Dear Mr Skinner,
Thank you for contacting me regarding Sir Ian McKellen and his role in helping children learn about the importance of tolerance. It is my judgement that each school should be responsible for who they decide to invite to visit, but many schools may see Sir Ian as a valuable aid in learning key social skills.
The government remains determined to take concerted action to tear down barriers to equal opportunities and to build a fairer society, and I fully support them in this aim.

I responded to Mr Burns’ comments about McKellen’s role in helping children to learn about the importance of tolerance and his view that McKellen was a valuable aid in learning key social skills.

Dear Mr Burns,
... I would like clarification regarding your assertion that “many schools may see Sir Ian as a valuable aid in learning key social skills."

I then proceeded to question these "social skills" which for the sake of brevity I have shortened:

Conor Burns replied,

Thank you for writing to me again.
Hatred and intolerance have no place in a civilised society.
This correspondence is now closed.

The so-called “Freedom Association, in platforming Conor Burns and completely excluding and discriminating against any discussion of homosexuality and schoolchildren (on grounds they only know) shows that they are a fraudulent and deeply hypocritical outfit, to say the least.


This is the state things in the United Kingdom. Similar to the silence on the Muslim “grooming” of young girls for prostitution that’s rampant in that country (which Tommy Robinson was arrested for discussing), the LGBT agenda in the UK’s schools is becoming worse than almost any country in the world. But discussion about it is being silenced. Yet It needs to be talked about.

Many, many British parents are extremely fearful. But we are hoping that David Skinner and our MassResistance-UK will help tear down the wall of silence!

ALT TEXT David Skinner (second from left) and Brian Camenker of MassResistance (second from right) with other leaders of MassResistance-UK meeting in Bournemouth, England last summer.
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