Taiwan rejects same-sex “marriage” in nationwide vote. Huge pro-family victory.

Also votes to ban LGBT agenda in schools.

MassResistance started aiding Taiwanese effort in 2016!

November 28, 2018
ALT TEXT Telling it like it is. One of the many banners carried through the streets of Taipei in Taiwan. [MassResistance photo]

In early December 2016, MassResistance started receiving calls from Taiwan for help. The nation had become a testing ground for the global LGBT movement’s attempts to force its agenda into Asia. Leftist activists, taking advantage of the new left-wing government now in power, had been mobilizing to push the Taiwanese Parliament to pass same-sex “marriage.”

That effort was gaining momentum. If this legislation were to pass, Taiwan would be the first Asian country that enacted same-sex “marriage.”  It was evident that it was being forced by elite leftists – supported by the liberal establishment and the national media. And it was just the start of a bigger fight.

Stopping the same-sex “marriage” bill in Taiwan’s Parliament

Christian and pro-family activists had already been organizing, as the outrage against this being forced on the country continued to grow. On Dec. 3, 2016, there were massive demonstrations across the country, with 150,000 marching in Taipei and 80,000 in other cities, according to news reports.

ALT TEXT Thousands of pro-family people filled the streets across Taiwan demonstrating against same-sex "marriage."

But pro-family activists needed information to educate people on the effects of same-six “marriage” on society, so they turned to MassResistance. And we didn’t hesitate to help!

On Christmas Eve, 2016, the country’s state-run news agency, Central News Agency Taiwan, published an article about how MassResistance was helping educate people on ramifications for society if same-sex “marriage” was legalized. It referred to our video, “What ‘gay marriage’ did to Massachusetts” and our booklet, both of which had been translated into Chinese.

ALT TEXT A clip from one of several Chinese-language versions of our video, "What 'gay marriage' did to Massachusetts."
ALT TEXT The Chinese-language version (right) of our booklet.

Our point man with Taiwan was Arthur Schaper (then head of California MassResistance) who worked tirelessly with Taiwanese activists, expatriates in the US, and friendly news reporters to get the word out.

Arthur Schaper (left) with San Marino City Councilman Steve Huang, who has close ties to Taiwan.

Partly due to our efforts, the same-sex “marriage” bill soon got bogged down in the Taiwanese Parliament and essentially died.

The LGBT activists move to the courts

When the pro-LGBT forces found they couldn’t win in Parliament, they followed the strategy of their allies in the US. They filed lawsuits in the liberal Taiwanese court system. As we reported at the time, they would thus bypass the Parliament and the people.

Not surprisingly, it worked. On May 24, 2018, the Supreme Court of Taiwan “discovered” a new interpretation to the country’s Constitution – that it required same-sex “marriage” be allowed. Moreover, the Court ruled that the island nation’s Parliament had to enact legislation to officially legalize same-sex “marriage,” with all the rights and privileges which normally attend natural marriage. The court gave Parliament two years – until May 2019 – to enact the legislation.

MassResistance activists in Taiwan continued to use our material to educate people on what same sex “marriage” eventually does to a society.

Putting it to a nationwide vote

Throughout this process, the liberal Taiwanese media was claiming that same-sex “marriage” was now accepted by a majority of the Taiwanese people. However, the widespread opposition continued, and the same-sex “marriage” legislation continued to be deadlocked in the Parliament.

Christian groups decided to put the issue up for a nationwide vote. Even though Christians make up only 5% of the population in Taiwan, they were able to get the signatures necessary to do put forth three ballot questions: (1) marriage is only between one man and one woman; (2) have a “different process” other than the legal system for dealing with same-sex unions; and (3) ban the teaching of homosexuality in public schools.

The LGBT movement also put up two ballot questions: (1) Should the civil code guarantee the rights of same-sex couples to get married? (2) Should “gender equality education covering LGBTI rights” be compulsory in the public schools?

Last Saturday, November 24, 2018, the country voted. All three of the Christian groups’ ballot questions passed. The two LGBT movement’s ballot questions failed. The pro-family movement had won. The mainstream media around the world reacted with shock and anger. At this writing the Taiwan election authorities have not released the exact vote totals – except to say that they percentages were quite substantial.

The Parliament is now going to have to deal with conflicting mandates –the Court’s ruling versus the people’s vote. It may force the issue back to the Supreme Court.

How did this win happen?

A lot has changed since 31 states here in the US easily passed bans on same-sex marriage. The LGBT movement has become enormously wealthy and powerful, and most of the political establishment has caved to its demands. But they still haven’t been able to crack through to Asia. Taiwan held the line.

How did they do it?

First, although the Christians are not always on the same page on these issues, they did an excellent job of fundraising and organizing. They got people out, and they posted advertisements all over the country.

Second, the average Taiwanese is not afraid of the LGBT movement and mainstream media like the average American is. They are willing to protest in the streets (and everywhere else) fearlessly.

Third, the people were able to get information about the true nature of same-sex “marriage,” thanks to groups such as MassResistance. And it drove the media crazy. As CNN wrote:

Gay and lesbian groups in Taiwan claimed a flood of deliberate disinformation was spread to confuse the public ahead of the Saturday's vote … Across social media, rumors have circulated as to what could happen in Taiwan if same-sex marriage became legal, including false reports that other places that have passed the laws have regretted it.

Of course, to CNN and the others, “disinformation” is another word for telling the truth! Meanwhile, regular citizens are seeing how the resulting lawsuits, speech bans, forced public school programs, and so many other things are affecting people.

Final Reflection

This victory demonstrates that when pro-family movements stick to the truth and expose the lies and destruction associated with the LGBT agenda, they can win.

Notice also that even though only 5% of the country is Christian, this small yet organized and vocal minority was able to persuade the majority of voters to reject same-sex “marriage.”

This victory should embolden our ranks and force the pro-family establishment to rethink their strategy of accommodation – and follow Taiwan’s example!

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