MassREsistance special report:

Bill Whatcott endures terrifying “hate speech” hearing before the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal

For passing out flyers (with Bible verses) during election campaign

People around the world should pay attention to what Canada has become!

Exclusive on-the-scene report

December 15, 2018   Updated January 4, 2019

It is breathtaking how totalitarian and vicious Canada has become against religious and pro-family beliefs. Its government has completely embraced the radical LGBT ideological agenda.

Whatcott, head of our Canada MassResistance chapter, is a fearless light in a sea of darkness in that country.

Whatcott's hearing was originally scheduled for four days – Tuesday through Friday, Dec. 11-14, 2018. Our MassResistance reporter Amy Contrada traveled to Vancouver, attended the trial, and also interviewed Bill extensively. During the hearing, the judges unexpectedly announced that they were extending it for one more day, Monday, Dec. 17.

Only Bill’s lawyer, Dr. Charles Lugosi, and two other “intervenors” (from the Canadian Association for Free Expression and the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms) were allowed to speak on Bill’s behalf.

Why should this Canadian trial be important to you?

Bill Whatcott’s “crime”: Passing out flyers (with Bible verses) that tell the truth!

The British Columbia Human Rights Code

The hearing:

Day 1: Oger makes his case against Whatcott
Judges dictate language to be used in proceeding: Tyranny starts as "prohibited speech," then becomes "compelled speech." Plus photos & video interview.

Day 2: Oger's complaint continues; then Bill's eloquent testimony
Two completely different worldviews. Judges abruptly cut short cross-examination of Oger by Whatcott’s attorney. Plus photos & video interview.

Day 3: The judges reject Whatcott's witnesses, including a well-qualified psychiatrist
Psychiatrist lacked specialty training on "love, hate, and social prejudice," they said.

Day 4: Oger’s closing arguments; beginning of closing arguments for Whatcott
Judges allow new evidence against Whatcott: His recent flyer, blog post, videos considered a "serious offense" against the Tribunal. Plus photos, etc.

Day 5: Whatcott’s closing arguments; BC Attorney-General’s case vs. Whatcott
Whatcott’s attorney: “At stake is the future of political free speech." Clear pro-Oger bias evident in A-G’s website. Photos.

The summary of the Whatcott's legal defense - submitted by his lawyer, Dr. Charles Lugosi
A brilliant response to the BC Attorney General.

Typically, these tribunals take approximately six months to announce their findings. Bill thinks his will happen as soon as January 2019 – because the three-judge panel had made up their minds even before the proceeding.

If found guilty, Bill could face fines of hundreds of thousands of dollars, and possible eventual jail time. We will keep you updated on developments in this very important case.


Media and Background on Bill Whatcott’s “Hate Speech” Trials

Bill’s speech on Dec. 1, 2018 before pro-family conference in Calgary
“The history of homosexual activism in Canada – and my upcoming trial.”

The history of homosexual activism in Canada
Transcript of Bill Whatcott’s Dec.1 speech


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