MassResistance parent derails big “transgender” push in California elementary school district.

Horrible programs from “Welcoming Schools” and GLSEN targeting young children

Relentlessly confronting school officials -- and not backing down

Part 1 of 2

February 13, 2019
ALT TEXT This sign in the window of the Betsy Ross Elementary School in Anaheim, CA shows the direction they were going -- until an activist mother derailed it!

When a California school district began to implement a full “transgender” indoctrination program targeting their elementary school children, one of the parents became a MassResistance activist, organized others, and successfully derailed its big week-long propaganda push.

In the Anaheim Elementary School District, most of the families are Latino and over 80% are Spanish speaking. These are poor, immigrant communities where the parents work two jobs to make ends meet. They often don’t have time to attend school board meetings and keep track of what the districts are teaching.

In these environments, the LGBT agenda often thrives. There is little citizen oversight of the school board meetings. Some of the parents don’t even know what “LGBT” means. Most of the school materials aren’t available in other languages, and therefore homosexual activist groups like the Human Rights Campaign and GLSEN get away with pushing their agenda without opposition.

Moreover, the Anaheim Elementary School Board is made up of mostly left-wing local politicians bankrolled by the teachers’ union, with little incentive to stop their radical agendas. It’s a recipe for very bad results. But this time, they ran up against a MassResistance buzz-saw!

Bringing in the “transgender” agenda

The whole thing seemed to be right out of the LGBT playbook. As the 2017 school year began, the school administration announced that two children in the district – one of them a kindergartener – were “transitioning” to a different “gender.” It was sad and bizarre. One mother told us that the kindergarten “girl” looked, acted, and sounded like the boy he really was. “It’s so tragic that his parents are doing this to him,” she said. “There’s no question he’d grow out of it if he’s just left alone.”

The school administration quickly announced that these two children must be made to feel “safe.” So the entire elementary school district must undergo “transgender” training. Every adult and child must become appropriately “transgender” accepting.

ALT TEXT This is from a national LGBT group that the school district was using to justify pushing the "transgender" agenda on small children. Note how they make it into "anti-bullying" to intimidate parents who might question it.

By late September, 2017, a special district-wide committee was formed to plan the project. Not surprisingly, it included both LGBT-friendly school staff and outside professional activists.

To create and implement this, the committee decided to use local LGBT “experts” from nearby California State University, Fullerton. And the apparent leader of the project was Laura Kanter, from the LGBT Center of Orange County. Kanter had previously done work for the district. She was the on-the-ground liaison for this effort.

They decided to focus on one of the elementary schools, Betsy Ross Elementary, as a starting point. They figured that Betsy Ross would be an easy target because over 90% of the families are Latino and over 80% are primarily Spanish speaking. After that, they would extend the program to the other schools.

However, one of the Betsy Ross Elementary School mothers, Shanda, a trained social worker, immediately recognized what was going on and became alarmed. Shanda could see that the radical transgender agenda was going to be pushed in a district where the parents were completely uninformed. She began to gather information. She organized a group of parents. And she began to work with MassResistance.

Shanda is definitely not a parent the schools want to tangle with!

Transgender "training" for teachers and administrators

The first phase of the project was mandatory transgender “training” for teachers, staff, and administrators. These kinds of teacher indoctrination sessions were pioneered by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and GLSEN, both national homosexual groups. HRC’s national elementary school push is titled “Welcoming Schools.” They used sophisticated psychological techniques to bring teachers into line. When Shanda found out about this – and that the school board was paying the LGBT Center over $12,000 for it – she was livid.

During the teacher indoctrination sessions at the Betsy Ross Elementary School, the LGBT Center of Orange County banner was prominent on the wall. NOTE: Baby blue, pink, and white are the transgender flag colors.

The pro-transgender teacher training was very aggressive – and very radical. One of the teachers told Shanda that during the training sessions, LGBT Coordinator Laura Kanter told them, “If a child is struggling with their gender identity, don’t tell the parents.” Shanda brought this to a vice-superintendent, who confirmed it.

This is one of the books that the Cal. State Univ. - Fullerton group recommended be included

Then, in early 2018, the “Safe Zone” indoctrination in the elementary students began. Children were taught that any of them with homosexual, cross-dressing, or “gender” issues need places where they can feel comfortable acting out those behaviors. “Safe Zone” signs began to appear around the school, and many school staff word “Safe Zone” tags. In essence, the whole campus was to be a “Safe Zone.”

The "Safe Zone" signs were everywhere. They were even being worn by the teachers and staff.

Diversity Week – transgender propaganda push on the children

But the big assault on the children’s minds at Betsy Ross Elementary was to come with “Diversity Week” – scheduled for the end of April. Shanda found out that it was to be a week full of horrific programs from the Welcoming Schools and GLSEN training frameworks. In addition, the “transgender” children’s book “Jacob’s Dress” was going to be read to all the kids.

ALT TEXT This is what they had planned to read to all the children during "Diversity Week." Parents were furious!

(Welcoming Schools is particularly frightening. It uses psychological reconditioning techniques to cause children to accept and internalize cross-dressing, "gay" families, homosexuality, and a range of other LGBT behaviors.)

ALT TEXT This frightening material from Welcoming Schools advises schools how to change a child's name, pronouns, and what they call "gender" - boy to girl, girl to boy - in school without the parents' knowledge.

Parents would not be given the opportunity to exclude their children from this. In fact, they were not even told what it really was, beyond the bland title of “diversity.”

Shanda and her team were outraged. They were determined to stop it. And they did!

A big success against the LGBT machine

What Shanda and her team did was to treat this very seriously. There was no question in her mind that this must not take place. Too many of us are willing to give it the “old college try” but eventually give up. Not Shanda.

To put it mildly, Shanda was relentless. She came to the school and approached key administrators. She was calm and polite, but very, very firm. Over and over, she showed them that as onerous as California law is on LGBT issues, this was not legally required. The school was doing this on its own, spending taxpayer money on its own that should go for useful things, and they had no right or obligation to do that. And the people being brought in to present it were not officially qualified under state law, she said. At the same time, she repeatedly made them listen to the mental health implications of their crusade for gender dysphoria.

Then came the second punch. She showed them examples of the unprofessional behavior of the person who is in charge of their “Diversity Week,” Laura Kanter. The woman they have teaching children about “tolerance” has a history of sending out rather repulsive social media messages, such as “F—k Trump” and colorful descriptions of school board members in a nearby district. See some examples here.

Finally, Shanda and other parents met with and confronted the principal of Betsy Ross Elementary School. It was a meeting the principal had organized to allay concerns about "Diversity Week." But it didn't work out that way. The parents were outraged that material from national homosexual groups would be used. As we’ve seen so often, the principal tried to deny it and talk around it. But these parents wouldn’t back down -- they knew it was planned and kept pressing it even harder.

ALT TEXT At the parents' meeting, Shanda calmly but firmly unloads on the principal about the horrors of the upcoming "Diversity Week."
ALT TEXT The principal's face during the meeting -- she's not enjoying it one bit.
ALT TEXT Another upset parent addresses the principal about "Diversity Week."

Before very long, the school administrators decided that they’d had enough. They canceled the 2018 “Diversity Week” and its radical sessions. And so far it doesn’t look like it’s coming back in 2019 -- at Betsy Ross or the other schools. This is what pro-family activism looks like.

And more

Over the following months, Shanda filed several freedom of information (FOIA) requests, confronted the school board, and had even more successes against the transgender agenda in the Anaheim Elementary School district. At the same time, local LGBT activists tried to intimidate and harass her and her team to keep them from speaking out. But that didn’t work with Shanda!

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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