How you can help two courageous people: A teacher and a parent who stood up to the aggressive LGBT push in their middle school.

Confronting the indoctrination of young children - and unfortunately paying the price.

Part 13 in a series. (See entire series here.)

Note: This is the last installment for the time being.

ALT TEXT The Baird Middle School in Ludlow, MA, has become infamous for the horrible treatment of children, parents, and a teacher who spoke out!

Many people are upset and speak out against the people in our schools who are pushing homosexuality and “transgenderism” on young, vulnerable children. But as we’ve reported in our previous posts about the horrible situation in the Baird Middle School in Ludlow, MA (where the children are ages 11-13), there are two individuals who boldly stood up and put themselves on the line. And now they need your help to continue.

1. Bonnie Manchester

Bonnie was a Social Studies teacher at Baird for over 20 years. She was well-liked and had an unblemished record. She holds very strong principles. For her, a teacher’s duty to “protect children” isn’t just a catchphrase. When Bonnie saw that the middle school staff had brought pornographic books into the school library and classrooms – many with homosexual and transgender themes – she didn’t just wring her hands. She raised the alarm.

ALT TEXT Besides being outright pornographic, many of the children's books had aggressive homosexual (and lesbian) themes.

She composed a letter to the Superintendent and got 18 other faculty members to sign it. When that went nowhere, she submitted a formal complaint to the School Board. Bonnie’s actions were cheered by parents, but angered the school officials. In retaliation, the school librarian filed a formal “harassment, bullying, discrimination, and hate crimes” complaint against her! It was so obviously phony that it was never adjudicated. It was meant as intimidation. But Bonnie refused to be intimidated.

Bonnie Manchester had a spotless record in over 20 years as a teacher at Baird. She laid it all on the line when she saw what was now happening.

The worst was yet to come. Starting in late 2020, teachers and guidance counselors at Baird took advantage of the COVID disruption to introduce radical “transgender” ideas to children. They persuaded kids that they might have been “born in the wrong sex” if they have certain feelings or interests. As the “transgender” confusion grew in some of the children, teachers assigned them opposite-sex names (to “help” them identify as “transgender”) which the other children and staff were told to use at school. All of this was purposefully kept from children’s parents.

In late February 2021, Bonnie saw that a sister and brother (ages 11 and 12) in the same family were now using opposite-sex names, claiming to be “transgender,” and on the road to seeking “gender transition.” She became very upset and informed the parents. Both parents were extremely grateful to Bonnie. And they were furious at the school officials for hiding this from them.

The school officials and staff were enraged that Bonnie had told the parents (even though she’d done what was legally and morally right). In retaliation, the Principal and Superintendent concocted a set of phony “charges” against her as grounds for termination from her job as a teacher – and formally fired her. At this point, Bonnie is without a job and income.

Bonnie has retained an excellent attorney, Frank McNamara, a former US Attorney. During the firing process, he wrote a blistering memo to the Ludlow school officials, thoroughly debunking and disproving every one of their phony charges. But the school officials still carried out the firing. We are told that further legal action is in the works.

Bonnie needs help to pay her legal expenses. Please donate to Bonnie’s legal fund here.

2. Stephen Foote

Stephen Foote is the father of the 11-year-old girl and 12-year-old boy whom the Baird Middle School staff had coached and groomed to believe that they are “transgender.” At one point his daughter– whom the school had persuaded to use the name “Raymond” – even got a card in the mail from one of the school staff.

ALT TEXT This teacher mailed the Footes' 11-year-old daughter (whom she called "Raymond") an Amazon card as "Congratulations."

For weeks after the parents learned of the violation of their children, the Principal and Superintendent refused to meet with them. Finally, in late March, the Superintendent agreed to a Zoom meeting with the parents (which Brian Camenker of MassResistance also attended). But the Superintendent was arrogant and refused to agree to stop the school from treating their children as “transgender”!

The brother and sister are now in professional care to help deal with the psychological and emotional trauma they suffered at the hands of the Ludlow school officials and the Baird Middle School staff.

ALT TEXT Stephen Foote addresses the Ludlow School Board on July 20.

Many, many parents would back down in this situation and quietly just try to pick up the pieces. But these parents are fighting back. A conservative legal group experienced with these issues is taking on their case! On July 20, 2021, Stephen Foote addressed the Ludlow School Board with a very powerful statement informing them, “You are going to be sued.”

Not surprisingly, the unhinged LGBT activists in the area have begun a vile attack on the Footes. It is a frightening window into how these people actually think. They are publicly accusing the parents of harming their own children by interfering with the “transgender” grooming by the school staff. They are also saying that their children should be given books promoting homosexuality and transgenderism, even against the parents’ wishes.

The family is courageously standing up to all of this. But they need your help in this effort. Although the lawyers are doing the work pro bono, there are other legal expenses that will be involved - and also a lot of expenses for the children's psychiatric care.

Please donate here to help Stephen Foote fight back against the corrupt Ludlow school system.

ALT TEXT Stephen Foote with Brian Camenker of MassResistance. We are supporting the Foote family 100%!

All of us should be extremely proud of (and grateful to) both Bonnie and the Foote family for their courage!

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