Big battle in Texas Legislature over banning “sex-change” procedures on children. MassResistance lobbying hard – up against big corporate money and LGBT militants.

“Conservative” legislators quietly caving in to Big Pharma, but Texas MassResistance is stepping up the pressure.

Deadline looming as legislative session ends this month.

May 13, 2021
ALT TEXT On Tuesday, May 10, our Texas MassResistance chapter arranged for this banner to be flown around the State House!

Parents and citizens are facing off against wealthy corporations and radical LGBT militants in the battle to stop gruesome “sex-change” procedures (including castration and genital mutilation) being performed on children.

As we’ve reported, our Texas MassResistance chapter has been relentlessly lobbying at the Texas State Capitol and across the state to get this ban passed in the current session. People everywhere are outraged that children are being disfigured for life and sterilized to please a radical ideology.

ALT TEXT A Texas MassResistance flyer.

The legislative session at the Texas State Capitol finishes at the end of May. There are currently two bills in play (dubbed the “Save James” bills):

On April 28, SB 1646 passed the Texas Senate by a party-line vote, and has been sent to the House, where it must pass before the end of the month. That will probably be the big battle.

The immediate problem is HB 1399. It needs to pass the House this week to be able to go forward to the Senate. But it’s been purposefully stalled in the “Calendar Committee” from coming to a vote. The fight to move it forward has gotten nasty!

This past week: Fighting to keep HB 1399 alive

This past week, Texas MassResistance brought together several other pro-family groups in Texas and organized a full-court press in the State Capitol. Texas MassResistance Director Tracy Shannon, Asst. Director Kevin, and others have been going door to door in the Legislature. Other parents have been holding demonstrations in the hallways to make sure this is on everyone’s mind.


Rally and press conference. On Tuesday, Tracy and Kevin organized a rally and press conference outside the front of the State Capitol, along with other groups. Several prominent statewide elected officials came and spoke at the rally, demanding that HB 1399 be passed!

Texas MassResistance also arranged for a large banner to fly over the Capitol during the event. (See photo at top.)

ALT TEXT Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller speaks at the rally. Next to him (at left) is Weston Martinez, the State Real Estate Commissioner. At far left in back with glasses is Jeff Younger, father of James. At center in front are Tracy Shannon and Kevin Whitt.
ALT TEXT Rep Bryan Slaton, who is championing these bills and doing a lot of work to get them passed, was the first to speak.
ALT TEXT It seems that whenever there's a conservative gathering, a lot of State Police cars show up.

Here’s the video of the rally:

VIDEO: State House Rally and Press Conference - Pro-family parents and activists, plus statewide elected officials, demand that bill SB 1399 be allowed to be voted on. (39 min 48 sec)

Texas State Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, who spoke at the rally, also put out his own commercial blasting the chairman of the “Calendar Committee” for stalling HB 1399:

VIDEO: Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller's commercial demanding that phony conservative Rep. Dustin Burrows, chairman of the Calendar Committee, release bill HB 1399 to go to the House floor for a vote. (59 sec)

What’s going on behind the scenes

On paper, all this should not be difficult to get passed. The Texas Legislature has a reputation for being one of the most conservative in the country, and the ban is supported by citizens overwhelmingly, especially in conservative districts.

But these ghoulish “sex-change” procedures generate big money for hospitals and “gender clinics.” And the problem is growing. There are now 17 “gender clinics” for children in Texas. There were only 2 or 3 just a few years ago.

The concept of “transitioning” kids is also supported by big corporations like Amazon, HP, and others that have been moving into Texas – as well as the LGBT movement that continues to be obsessed with children. These groups are also very involved in the fight in Texas.

According to reports, many corporations have been threatening their donations to the GOP leadership and are putting other pressure on them. As a result, the Governor, Lt. Governor, and House Speaker have in turn been pressuring other GOP legislative leaders (especially in the House) to make sure the bills don’t pass.

Thus, many key “conservative” Texas Republican legislators are playing “kabuki theater” with their constituents. They publicly support these bills. Many have even co-sponsored them. But in the background they are slow-walking them in the “Calendar Committee” and other venues so they’ll never come up for a House vote. That way they can tell their constituents, “I advocated for these bills,” and at the same time keep the business interests happy. It’s a disgusting sham, but not uncommon in politics.

(At the same time that HB 1399 has been stalling, frivolous bills like making Dr. Pepper the official state soft drink are moving forward with ease.)

But our Texas MassResistance parents and activists are on to this fraud. They have been directly confronting the key “conservative” legislators and demanding that they stand up for the people, not the evil corporations. They’ve even been threatening to “primary” them in the next election – with real conservatives. Needless to say, the politicians don’t like that. But that’s what often gets results.

Final thoughts

Words cannot describe how disgusting it is that corporations would put so much effort into continuing these hideous treatments on children – and that so-called “conservative” legislators would cave in. But our Texas MassResistance parents and citizens are not standing for this. They’re taking off the gloves and giving the legislators treatment they aren’t used to from their constituents.

There are two more weeks to go. We’ll keep up the fight!


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