Texas MassResistance activists up against Corporate America – fighting to pass important “Save James” legislation at the State House.

Goal: To stop ghoulish “gender clinics” from mutilating and sterilizing children in “sex-change” procedures. A big money-maker for clinics and pharma industry.

Lobbying hard in the Capitol – and protesting in Dallas!

Public hearings coming up this week.

April 10, 2021
ALT TEXT Outside the entrance to the infamous "gender clinic" in Dallas. These gruesome "medical" procedures on children must stop!

MassResistance parents and activists across Texas are fighting hard to get their State Senators and Representatives to pass important legislation to protect children from bodily mutilation, sterilization, puberty blockers, and other experimental “sex-change” surgeries and procedures. Texas MassResistance, with help from some other groups, has taken the lead in tirelessly lobbying to get this legislation passed into law this year.

Dubbed the “Save James” legislation, six bills have been filed in the Texas House and Senate that would ban these gruesome procedures on minors. The bills are named for James Younger, a 10-year-old boy whom a judge has ordered to go through “sex-change” treatments against his father’s wishes, but with the blessing of his left-wing pro-LGBT mother. The father, Jeff Younger, has been very outspoken against what is happening to his son – and MassResistance supported him.

But our activists are up against a cabal of wealthy national corporations that are threatening Texas politicians – vowing to take action against the state if any of these bills pass. Performing these procedures on children has become a huge money-maker for hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry. And national corporations, whose leaders are pro-LGBT and have no morals regarding children, want to strongly signal how “enlightened” they are and thus aggressively support their allies in this radical agenda.

Press conference outside the State House

On March 10, Texas MassResistance kicked off the lobbying blitz with a press conference outside the Texas State Capitol. Jeff Younger gave a chilling speech about what the state has done to his son.

ALT TEXT Jeff Younger speaking outside the Texas State House on March 10.

Protesting the Dallas “Gender Clinic”

Then on March 19, MassResistance activists converged outside of the notorious Dallas Children’s Hospital “Genecis Clinic” (which performs so-called "gender-affirming" care) to publicly protest the terrible quackery that this “medical facility” is performing on children.

To the consternation of hospital officials, they brought signs and a bullhorn.

ALT TEXT Outside the Dallas Children's Hospital "Genecis Clinic" that performs "gender" treatments on children.

Several police cars came to disperse the protesters, but our people refused to leave and the police ultimately backed down and allowed them to stay until they were finished.

ALT TEXT Police were called to break up the demonstration ...
ALT TEXT ... But when the protesters engaged with the police and reminded them that public money helped fund this hospital, they backed down and let the demonstration continue.

Intense lobbying at the Texas State Capitol

After that, our lobbying at the Texas State Capitol intensified. A number of legislators and their aides are now working with us directly. The word is getting out that the people of Texas strongly support these protections for children.

ALT TEXT Outside the Texas State House, Texas MassResistance leader Tracy Shannon holds a sign showing young James with his dad - and the boy dressed as a girl with his pro-LGBT mother.
ALT TEXT Tracy and others preparing to go inside and lobby.

Corporations jumping into the battle – against parents and science

On Tuesday, April 6, the Arkansas legislature voted to override the RINO Governor’s veto of the Arkansas “Save Adolescents from Experimentation (SAFE) Act,” thereby becoming the first state to pass a law protecting children from being harmed for life by the LGBT movement. Immediately, the mainstream media began wailing about children being denied “gender-affirming care” – a monstrous corruption of the truth:

Forbes: Arkansas Passes Anti-Trans Health Care Bill After Lawmakers Override Veto

NBC News: Arkansas legislators override veto, enact transgender youth treatment ban

And a warning about Texas:

Chron: Texas could follow Arkansas in passing anti-trans health care bill

Two days later USA Today published an op-ed by a group of national corporate leaders announcing that they are organizing a corporate effort to target the Texas Legislature (and possibly other states) to stop the "Save James" legislation. Citing the recent Arkansas law, they intend to do whatever is necessary to stop similar bills from passing in any other state.


They plan to use not only threats of economic boycotts, but also absurd “studies” that “anti-LGBT” laws would have a negative impact on Texas’ economy totaling in the billions of dollars. And of course, they would bring in medical “experts” to support these lunatic procedures.

Parents fighting back as public hearings start next week

But our activists are pushing forward at full speed. We have just found out that two of the “Save James” bills will have public hearings next week in the Texas State Senate. (We don’t yet know when the other bills will be heard.)

SB 1311 – Hall – Relating to the provision of and professional liability insurance coverage for gender transitioning or gender reassignment medical procedures and treatments for certain children. (Senate State Affairs)

SB 1646 – Perry - Pediatric gender transition creating designation as child abuse. (Senate State Affairs).

We will have a team of true medical experts submit testimony to these hearings, as well as others who have personal experience with this horrible issue. Several will be there personally. We plan to be fully prepared to confront any and all misinformation and bullying that the other side uses.

Final thoughts

Corporate America is horrible enough. But it is truly frightening how thoroughly the medical establishment has bought into this destructive nonsense and complete medical quackery. Below is a letter that appeared in the left-wing Boston Globe on April 8. It’s an example of the toxic Orwellian drivel we get more and more of from the intellectual class. This “pediatrician” should have her medical license taken away.

ALT TEXT Letter to the Editor, Boston Globe, April 8, 2021

MassResistance will always stand for the truth, no matter what pressure there is to deny it.

This just in ...

After we posted this article, Jeff Younger, Tracy Shannon, and Robert Oscar Lopez posted this in-depth video explaining: What is happening behind the scenes, which Texas GOP leaders are caving in, and what the public needs to do to help push these critical bills over the finish line.

ALT TEXT This video gives you the important background!
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