Parents in Maine oust vicious anti-family leftist from chairing school district’s budget board.

Unhinged woman led group that brutally attacked parents who objected to obscene library books in school.

Maine MassResistance is helping communities fight back!

January 9, 2023
ALT TEXT Recent School Board candidate Eric Bleiken addresses the School Budget Advisory Board about the revolting behavior of the person running for re-election as chairman.

Around the country, local politics have become frightening. In town after town, the LGBT movement and their radical allies recruit angry, emotionally immature, dysfunctional people. (This tactic was pioneered by Lenin.) These people viciously and irrationally attack parents, political opponents, candidates for office, and others who stand up to their agenda which includes sexualizing children, LGBT immersion, Critical Race Theory, and Diversity-Equity- Inclusion. But they can be stopped, and MassResistance helps parents counter them.

Maine is a mostly rural state. Yet even the more distant, less-populated school districts are facing an unprecedented onslaught from the militant LGBT movement. In the Bonny Eagle School District based in Buxton (in central Maine), a determined group of pro-family citizens is taking a firm stance against offensive materials in the public schools. And they are working with MassResistance – to take on the activists, sold-out politicians, bureaucrats, and local media pushing their perversions on the community.

It started with horrible books

Back in March 2022, one of the local parents contacted MassResistance for help. The parents had been trying to remove two offensive books from the local school libraries: It’s Perfectly Normal and Gender Queer. They followed the bureaucratic process and submitted challenges to the books. The school administration assembled a “material review committee” – composed entirely of school district staff – to look over the books. Not surprisingly, the committee voted to keep the books, claiming that they are “educational” for children. (We have explained elsewhere that the “book challenge” process is really a diversionary tactic devised by the American Library Association.)

A big part of the problem is that the School Board has hired far-left administrators. For example, the Assistant Superintendent is a “woke” pro-LGBT activist who very aggressively pushes the entire range of radical programs on young children, including gender ideology (which is kept secret from parents). Shrewdly, this person apparently works in collusion with a leftist law firm that “advises” the School Board on these issues.

In August, over two dozen parents appealed the review committee’s book decisions to the School Board which overwhelmingly denied the appeals.

Running for School Board – and a disgusting blitz of attacks

The parents were not stopping. Two of the parents in the group - Eric, a retired Navy officer, and Vickie, a local real estate professional - decided to step up and run for School Board in the June, 2022 elections. What happened next was repugnant.

Kate McDonald was chairman of the School Board’s Budget Advisory Committee. She is also a vicious LGBT activist and leader of a small but vocal group of unhinged leftists in the town. She set up a series of Facebook pages that purportedly were to “support” the current School Board, but were used to attack Eric and Vickie.

The Facebook group announced and relentlessly repeated that Eric had been accused of beating his wife and had an active restraining order against him, and therefore should not be on the School Board. Of course, those are complete lies. Eric was never accused of that, and has never had a restraining order against him.

ALT TEXT According to people in the community, "Sarah Demeter" is a fake name and is actually Kate McDonald. (Note lack of "Sarah's" photo.)

They also repeatedly posted that Eric and Vickie were racist, fascist, hateful, etc., and even set up petitions around town to denounce them as people unfit to be on any public board.

In addition, Kate McDonald used the leftist tactic of repeating an irrational point over and over. She harangued the community that by trying to protect children from sexually explicit and obscene materials, Eric and Vickie were “targeting children” whose families are “different.” That’s a complete inversion of the truth.

ALT TEXT This is one of McDonald's posts from her phony "Community Support for Bonny Eagle Schools" page.

In the end, unfortunately, McDonald was successful. With all those lies, even people who shared Eric’s and Vickie’s concerns did not vote for them.

But the leftists didn’t stop there. Months after the election, they became aware that Vickie’s employer is a political coward. So they threatened him for employing her, and he fired Vickie! (Luckily, Vickie now has a new job that is better.)


The Budget Advisory Committee vote for Chairman – Kate McDonald is defeated

The Bonny Eagle School District Budget Advisory Committee is an appointed group that advises the School Board. It’s comprised of up to 34 members including community members, the school staff, and others. Since it deals with money being spent in the schools, it attracts leftists.

For the last two years, Kate McDonald has been its chairman. On December 15, 2022, there was a vote for chairman and vice-chairman. McDonald was running again.

Being a leftist group, the committee has banned comments at their meetings that are “disparaging” against any person by name. This obnoxious tactic has apparently been declared unconstitutional by Maine courts, but the committee continues to enforce it.

Several MassResistance parents came and sat in the audience. Committee members had also heard from parents in the community about their outrage over MacDonald.

During the public comment section of the meeting (which took place before the vote), Eric and Vickie spoke and described in detail the repulsive things that McDonald and her group had done to them. Then, one of the pro-family committee members spoke about how McDonald’s vile work has poisoned the community, and how such a person should not be running the committee. (None of them mentioned McDonald by name, per the “rules.” Instead, they referenced “a person in this room.” And everyone knew who they were talking about.)

Then Kate McDonald spoke and talked about how she wants to continue doing a good job and not push her political views during the meetings.

When the final vote on the budget committee took place, the members voted 13-10 for someone else to serve as chairman.

Here's the clip of how it went:

VIDEO: Testimony and vote for Budget Advisory Board chairman (10 min 52 sec)

On top of that, one of McDonald’s supporters nominated her for vice-chair, but she quickly withdrew her name from consideration. She knew that she was not going to win – even with this friendly crowd.

Final thoughts

This was actually considerable psychological victory. The leader of the horrible attacks on parents was publicly embarrassed and humiliated – in her leftist committee – as a result of those actions. The news certainly got around town. Her “friends” undoubtedly know that at some point they’ll be next. (Looking back, we probably should have taken the offensive much earlier.) We have a strong feeling that the leftist venom will be considerably toned down, if not muted.

The goal of these people is to silence dissent of what they are pushing on children by using anger, intimidation, and terror. Normal people don’t act that way. But our side needs to understand that although their army of unhinged, dysfunctional people may strike fear at first, it’s a temporary façade. They depend on our fear and confusion. They are very vulnerable to a well-thought-out counter-offensive by rational people.

We think this will be the first of more wins to come for our Maine MassResistance chapter in Bonny Eagle. We are helping them put into place various aggressive strategies to push back on the LGBT activists and their militant agenda in the town’s schools.

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